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Nicknames for people you work with

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You'd be surprised that, even in coat and tie settings or in politics, people have always coined nickames for each other...be they good or bad. Some of the mumu ladies at the company I worked for in Atlanta called me the "crumb chaser" because I would "drop by" a buffet another department was holding...I was 5'10"/high 160s at the time, so they had room to talk (???)

Some are geographic:

"Santa Barbara" (G) - a spoiled, not a care in the world guy I work with who went to UCSB

"West Texas" (NG) - a dollied-up co-worker who looks like a beauty contest entry from a small West Texas town for whom that would be the high point of her life

"Reno" - (G) a lady with a husky casino cocktail waitress voice who smokes

"Westchester" - (G) a co-worker in Atlanta who went to Emory and came from the Westchester Co. NY suburbs

"Grand Canyon" - (N) a Hispanic lady in the mail room who looks like she might guide the donkey tour down into the Grand Canyon

"Miami" - (G) a Hispanic guy at work who looks like he might say "say hello to my little friend" at a moment's notice

Some are about physical attributes:

"Loogeyman" - (NG) raspy voiced guy that sounds like spit stuck is always stuck in his throat

"HM" - the "hose monster," (NG) for a promiscuous girl at work

"La tres" - Spanish for "the number three" - (NG) a girl for whom we estimated that the width of her rump was 3x the width of mine

"Hillary" or "la esposa del Presidente" - (G) interior designer who looked like a young Hillary Clinton

"el cocodrilo" - Spanish for "the crocodile" - (N) a person I worked with that had a physically very large mouth like a crocodile

"la comedora (de alfombra)" - Spanish for "the eater (of carpet)" - (NG) self-explanatory - very nasty temperment and rightfully fired for her discord with everybody she worked for, including me.

Most people's opinion of this person who were "in" on the nickname:

G = good person, generally / NG = not a good person, generally / N = neutral, generally

Some of these go back to the wonderful 80s.

Do you have any nicknames from work/school/the neighborhood? The explanation of the nickname?

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You have no idea. Over the years, I've had plenty of people whose names I didn't bother to learn, so they just got descriptions. Like "Generic tool" "Strange looking troll chick" and "Hot body, weird face chick."

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Not really at work, but my buddy had nicknames for people we regularly saw at the dining center during college (usually girls)

Here's a sampling of what I can remember:

Blue Shirt (hot girl that wore a blue shirt the first time we saw her, and the name just stuck)

Sixteen and Sixteen's friend (two really hot girls that always sat with each other and didn't quite look old enough to be in college)

Angel (self-explanatory, cherubs would sing when she walked in a room)

GWEA [Girl Who Eats Alone] (another hot girl that mysteriously always ate by herself

Retard pants (no idea how this one started...I wasn't there at the time)

Canada (she had a Canadian accent)

Dirty Face

And some of the not-so-pleasant ones



Pissy McGee


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Not really at work, but my buddy had nicknames for people we regularly saw at the dining center during college (usually girls)

That's hilarious. We had those. But one stands out as the funniest:

"The D.D.C." = "the demerol* dining club" (* an anesthetic)

4 very nice, but very boring girls who ate together in the grad school housing complex food service

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"Westchester" - (G) a co-worker in Atlanta who went to Emory and came from the Westchester Co. NY suburbs

Made me think of a girl I call Manchester.

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WHEN i was working


we had

LaWMAN- one of the bosses

BURRITO- the name did not stick because he didn't like it but he would eat at chipotle A LOT

and some code names for the ladees in the office we would use on email so as not to draw much attention to actual names to IT and HR. all complimentary of course.

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The place I worked in College, there was a girl that we called "Xbox" because the Xbox was a very large gaming system compared to the PS2 and the Game Cube.

My boss at the law firm we call him the General, the street fighter, or Lord Vader (one of his former attorneys paid for an article about himself in one of those professional publications and called working at our firm the 'darkside'). We use all these nicknames in jest with him, he likes to joke around.

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Oh lord, in undergrad there was so much fun with stereotypes and nicknames.

There was "Theta Girl"--any girl who embodied everything Kappa Alpha Theta--blond hair, always well-put-together, KAT or the letters adorning her oversized handbag/hoodie/ring/what-have-you, generally kinda ditzy.

"Mitzie"--Any girl who looked kinda like a spazz (frizzy curly hair and INTENSE facial expressions) I would always decide her name was "Mitzie"

"Newport's Finest"--any douchebag (usually, but not always a guy) who embodied the Orange County Lifestyle® and was often incoherent/drunk/high in class and acted, well, like a prime example of Newport Beach's finest.

"Valley Boy"--any dude from the valley who was high all the time and giggled a lot while generally acting very...vacant.

"FOB" (pronounced "fob")--anyone who was, or acted like he/she was "Fresh Off the Boat" aka Asian-acting to the max. "Fobby" is the adjective variant. 99% are TERRIBLE drivers.

"Little Asia" or "Little Miss Asia"--Asian girls who act reeeeeeeally Asian but not "fobby"

"Row Ho"--any girl who dressed like a ho and party hopped along Greek Row...or someone who looked the type.

"Beach-Cruiser Retard"--anyone (usually a girl) riding a beach cruiser-style bike on a cell phone or iPod, being a complete hazard to him/herself and others, blatantly disregarding basic bike traffic laws, and mowing through herds of pedestrians while wobbling on the bike going "Whooooaaaaa"

"Local"--someone who lived around USC but had no affiliation with the University.

"Waste-oid Consumer"--Male, very overweight, someone who did nothing with their life but from their body obviously consumed everything around them and packed it in like a black hole.

"Snobby Bitch"--any girl, usually in a sorority, who asked for your account balance before she'd look at you.

"Trust Fund Brat"--self explanatory, but stood out because these people somehow managed to be so self-made they were driving around in $60,000+ cars. In college. As freshman.

"BFA"--Bachelors of Fine Arts. Similar to a "Theatre Kid," these people are the most irksome, pretentious, obnoxious, ME ME ME! people you have ever met. There are very, very few exceptions to this rule.

"Theatre Kid"--see above, but actually IN theatre, so clearly they will be winning 3 Oscars within the next 18 months.

"Jazz Hands"--a complete flamer.

"Gaysian"--Gay and Asian--usually VERY pretentious with lots of over-the-top mannerisms. Speaks decibels louder than necessary, always in an affected, whiny tone. Think "Oh my GAWD! You're so bad!! Teehee!"

"Fat Cat"--Fat and VERY self-satisfied and/or smug.

"Stoner kids"--self-explanatory

"Nervous Nelly"--Extremely manorexic dude with tight, skinny jeans/girls jeans, usually gay, usually chainsmoking, who just seems to be constantly overwhelmed by everything that is happening around him.

"Crusaders"--They are in Campus Crusade for Christ, and you know it.

"Slayers"--See "Crusaders," but far more aggressive and irritating.

"Refugees"--These two specific midget girls, who were in a lesbian relationship all 4 years, who always ran around looking emotionally ravaged, like pictures of refugees from Bosnia.

"Crazian"--Any goofy Asian, who acts extremely "Asian." Oftentimes the sense of humor was just a bit "off" to any non-Asian, especially non-FOBs.

"Principesa"--My spelling might be off (Italian, think "Life Is Beautiful"), but any male, usually gay, who walks around like a little princess.

I'm sure there are more to come...and wow, my friends and I stereotype a LOT more than I would have thought we do.

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My favorite, and most memorable, from undergrad...

"Ho de Boulevard" - along the lines of "eau de toilette," we used it to describe a particular 'ho' and the stink of her perfume

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"Love" One of the hotter waitresses.

"Vladymir" My supervisor. She rounds up all the tips in this new communist way.

"Danika" My boss's name when i feel like testing him. (His real name is Dana)

"Go Diggers!" The other busser b/c he cheerleads. (But nor for the babes - he is not that smart)

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Well let's see.... at my day job a few old timers call me "Charlie Brown"

Why...? I don;t know, cause they're old enough to have been drinking

when my 1959 LeSabre was in a Buick showroom.... :P

At UPS I have several nicknames.... "Speedy Gonzales" for my 17mph

brisk pace walk. "Bread-Man" because I'm always eating hearty bread.

You know the European style baguettes or French Rolls, when you're

loading brown boxes like they're bombs going into the belly of a B-24

you work up an appetite, and so I eat carbs. like crazy.

My buddy at UPS has a long-standing nick-name that he got from a really

weird co-worker years ago:

"Hobby-Knobby" it's a playpff his last name... "Hoppler"

Then there's the Irish kid I used to work with who's got a curly white-fro:

he's "Fozzy-Bear" it work on SO many levels.

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