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GMC Terrain webchats

Drew Dowdell

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Susan Docherty will be hosting a series of webchats on the 2010 GMC Terrain.

The dates/time are:

September 28 at 1:00 PM EDT

October 1 at 8:00 PM EDT

Information on how to access those chats will be posted at http://www.gmcterrain.com/.

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i sat in a new terrain today. FANTASTIC interior. the dash is excellent. my only complaints are cheap faux leather inserts on the door......cheap leather on the seats, and a cheaply trimmed trunk area. but this is simply one of GM's best interiors. Its dynamic. the nav display is great. the center stack is fashion leading and easy to operate. the whole thing has a cockpitty feel. space and comfort are abundant. ford edge doesn't have that much more real seating space.

interior is a knockout. i wish i could say the same about the lacrosse. talk about underdelivering on the interior hype.

love this vehicle. too pricey, but that can be said about any new vehicle these days.

i hope GMC moves a truckload (sorry no pun intended) of them.

and on the same lot, 5 or 6 new g8's. wanted so bad to drive home the white one. dealer was unrealistic however. no dealer discount. idiots, price gouging as usual.

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I'm in on the webchat right now... sent in a half-dozen or more questions and finally one got picked:

1:15 [Comment From Roger Roslowski ]

Will the Terrain design/styling influence any other GMC products soon?

1:16 Susan Docherty: The bold styling with muscular stance is definitely a key dna element to what makes a GMC a GMC. Stay tuned on how Terrain's styling influences the rest of our lineup.

In other news... stopped by the dealership I use to work for back in '99-'00 this morning to see what Terrains they had available (just one AWD SLE-2 in Cyber Gray). The sales manager (a former salesperson-turned-manager I worked with) gave me one of the desktop GMC Terrain tee-pee tents, a small tri-fold brochure, and a large wall poster (no full model brochure was available yet). I was in the area for an ultrasound appointment, otherwise I'd probably never make it out there that early in the day (or night, it's about 25+ miles away from my home & work).

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I guess they're reading my questions now...

1:19 [Comment From Roger Roslowski ]

For those living in the Northeastern part of the country, AWD is usually a 'must have' option. But for those not needing it as much, how is the FWD Terrain set-up for those snowy/rainy days?

1:20 Susan Docherty: Roger, FWD with stabilitrak, ABS traction control as standard equipment makes our FWD system very capable for those snowy/rainy days. But importantly we offer AWD across all 4 trim levels for those who really need it.

1:20 [Comment From Roger ]

The new GMC Terrain is just awesome. Any plans for a Denali model using the 3.6L V6?

1:21 Susan Docherty: Roger, no current plans for a Denali version but your powertrain suggestion is a good one.

And a another person's Terrain Denail question was posted before mine:

1:16 [Comment From Lou Bilancio ]

Hello Susan, and thank you for taking the time to answer questions today. I have two burning questions: 1. Why isn't the Terrain available with duel-zone climate control and power adjustable pedals? These are two very important features to me, especially when I'm looking at a $30,000 vehicle! Question 2. Speaking of feature upgrades, will the Terrain be available in a Denali trim? This option excites me, especially if it comes with a more powerful engine and more luxery trim/features. Thanks!

1:19 Susan Docherty: Lou, you have some great questions here. First, Terrain includes tilt and telescoping steering wheel so that adjustible pedals are not required, the consumer can get the perfect fit with the steering wheel. Our single zone system is terrific for this size of vehicle. Thanks for the suggestion. In terms of Denali trim for the Terrain, something to consider, however we have packed Terrain with lots of standard features and equipment that would appeal to a Denali buyer.

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I participated in the online webchat last night (October 1, 8:00-9:00 PM). While many of the comments were similar to the other day's webchat (September 28, 1:00-2:00 PM), there were some new questions, like if a more "off-road" ready Terrain is in the works (the answer was "no"), if special editions of the Terrain were planned (again, "no"), and then the floodgates opened on if a Denali version would be made available (Susan Docherty was floored by the amount of requests for a Denali version of the Terrain; she basically said that the SLT-2 is well loaded as it can get and she sees no reason for a Denali <I posted that the Denali could use the 3.6L V6 engine>). She did go on to mention a bit about the upcoming Acadia Denali, though she wouldn't indicate the powerplant its going to use. I saved the webchat at home, so later tonight I'll copy & post exactly what she said about the Acadia Denali (she's very excited about its arrival it seems).

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