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Daytona 500 2010


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Congratulations to Jamie McMurray! He drove a Chevrolet Impala to victory in an oft-delayed Daytona 500, holding off an unbelievable late-race charge by Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who came in 2nd in another Chevrolet. Jamie's tearful victory interview was touching and real.

It was the first race I've watched in a long time. I don't remember there being so many good looking folks involved in the sport. It makes me want to get caught up in it again, something I haven't done since Dale Sr.'s death, and the new rules seem geared toward more exciting racing.

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After the Daytona 500, the winner of the race for the last 2 years has gone on a victory tour. One of the stops is San Francisco Giants Ballpark in San Francisco. To be honest there are not that many Nascar fans in San Francisco. Also every year the winner comes is on a Wednesday at 1:00. So last year I went down there and got Matt Kenseth's autograph. This year I sent my brother down and got Jamie Macmurry's autograph. So there are no Bass Pro Shops within 60 miles of San Franciso nor is there any Jamie Macmurry merchendise on the shelves at Target or Toys R US. So the night before I bought a bottle of Crown Royal, which he was sponsored by last year, and had him sign that.

Also the official term for the race team that Jamie drives for is "Teresa Earnhardt and Chip Gannasii with Felix Sabates Racing" That is how there Lawyers drew up the merger and is the official name. So for short that would be T.E.C.G.F.S. Racing. Sad to see how far DEI has fallen. Teresea was basically forced to sell the team and now it is a shadow of what it was 3 years ago. But Tereas sealed her fate when she told Junior no ownership for you even though your name is on the building.

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