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cruze coupe


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I did see a spy photo of a Cruze wagon. and there was a story that said they are working on a 2 door Cruze as well. I think we see the sedan this year and the 2012 model will bring the coupe and wagon versions. Id like a Cruze but im in the market for a 2 door coupe. I am looking to replace my 2003 Cavalier in the next few months. looking at eiether a new Cobalt coupe or a new Camaro LS. I know I can probably get the Cobalt for ALOT cheaper than the Camaro.

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Keep your eyes on Europe and China. They will see anything first.

Note they have already stated new sub models will be add as time goes. The norm will be a new sub model every year or two and not intro'ed all at one time anymore.

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