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rhd saturn HUH!?


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ok guys i was driving to school today and i noticed that the car infront of me appeared to have no driver! then i realized that she was sitting on the other side and that the car was infact a RIGHT HAND DRIVE saturn. the car had absolutly no badges of any sort except for the back bumper that has saturn molded into it. Has anyone ever herd of a rhd saturn?
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Yeah, they sold like 14 cars in Japan back in 1995, nobody bought the rest so they sold them to post offices in the US. *Note: I'm not sure how much of that sentence is true. GM did try to sell Saturns in Japan, it didn't go over well.
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Japanese market Saturns and I'm pretty sure a few were kept in the states for mail carriers to use.


Exactly. I see more than a few mail carriers driving RHD vehicles, various manufacturers and models. It definitely grabs your attention when you first notice it. One of my mail carriers drives an old RHD Chrysler K-car wagon.
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I've seen a few old Subaru wagons, which really makes sense. They're already produced RHD, so there is no extra R&D costs, they already have cars coming over here, so shipping them was no biggie and they have AWD and a ton of room, both really helpful to mail carriers in crappy weather/road areas.
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