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GM Doesn't Plan on Providing the ICE MPG

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Of course, you assume the worst, instead of waiting for the facts.

Assume? The facts are pretty clear.

If GM has a good number they scream it from the roof top (See: 230MPG). If it is bad they delay and spin.

Lyle at GM-Volt.com already witnessed the Volt getting (IIRC) 16.5 MPG in the parking lot journalist drives (surely not the easiest situation to get good MPG, but if the Volt was really getting 50MPG I doubt it would have been this low).

GM is saying up to 300 miles on the ICE, and CR claims that GM confirmed the tank is 9 gallons so that is ~33.3MPG.

The Cruze is set to get high 30's on the highway (I know GM claimes 40, but GM's highway numbers on their recent models have proved a little unrealistic) and the Volt should do worse as it is heavier and has conversion losses.

Some months ago GM compared the Volt to existing conventional cars in away that seemed to strongly suggest mid 30's.

Even over at GM-Volt.com it is only the looniest of posters that is claiming higher than 30's.

No one has managed to report the ICE MPG.

But I never imagined that GM actually wouldn't disclose it.

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For some the numbers will never be good enough.

I figure if GM can get 290 HP out of 2.0 liters and still find 31 MPG highway in a 3200 pound vehicle they will be able to still have respectable numbers with the Volt.

No matter the numbers they will improve in the near future. The Gen one is only the first step. Two and three are not far behind.

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As always, your mileage may vary. Anyone can force crappy mileage out of a high mileage car. Find that video of the Pruis v. the M3

There's some truth to that. But the Volt's mid teen MPG was around a low speed parking lot course. Based on how GM was doing those drives to demonstrate the EV to ICE transition, there is good reason to believe it would even have had some electric miles included. It wasn't really worst case. Certainly not as bad a situation as the Prius you mentioned which was driven as hard as possible on a race course and still returned slightly better fuel economy. For comparison, Top Gear did what would be a similar type of driving around that course in some supercars and they were only getting 1.7 - 5MPG.

One more number to add to the mix... this one from Miss Electric. At ~3:04 of the GM PR-esque video on this page they show the fuel economy as 27.9MPG over 9.9 miles... no indication if that was boosted by any electric range. I'm guessing not.


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