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The GMX002 Ion, replacement that was supposed to be built in Lordstown was canned. The Ion replacement will be the Astra imported to the US from Europe, or built in NA but designed and engineered as an Opel.

Did that help?

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Lutz seemed pretty clear that the Saturn's would be built in NA. That said, the Saab built Astras wouldn't have any real relevance to the Saturn versions, unless it mean Saab would contribute to the design. (how much do Saab & Opel already cooperate on design? IDK) It would just mean that European Opel Astras would be Saab-built.

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I think the title to the article is misleading to some. Saab isn't actually building the astra. The workers in the trollhattan plant are building it along side the 9-3 and 9-5 exactly the same as in Germany.

To put it another way, it's like someone saying: Buick is building the Chevy Impala in it's factory. Since Buick and Chevy are both GM brands, they automatically use same factories and workers and they don't have independent control over any of the factories.

Last time I checked: Saab and Opel were both owned completely buy GM and both share platforms and technology.

So, instead of Saab building the Opel Astra, the headline should say: "GM is building the Astra in it's Trollhattan plant along side the Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5."

Get it?

It's like what Toyota is doing with the new Camry. They're building it at the Subaru plant in the states in order to keep the output high and to ease the workload at the Toyota plant that is producing the Camry.

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Looks like it's coming sooner then we think with GM having to suddenly speed up things!

Maybe, maybe not. BTW thegriffon is the one to ask on this one. You out there buddy?

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