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Blake Noble

Suprise! Something of Moderate Worth on Reddit

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Reddit if you actually stay awake and pay attention to what's what around the world wide web is typically a festering rathole, good for hosting line after spewing line of junk data. As a website that idenitfies itself as the leading middle-man for quote-unquote "social news" it brings the concept of citizen journalism to an all-time record low, and any content of actual relevance and solidity seems to give Gawker and its network of bastard children CSPAN-like levels of credibility in outright comparison. It's a forum for the huddled and uninformed, unwashed masses of the world with a hi-speed internet connection to make a poor and weak-hearted attempt to be informed and educated. Indeed, if the internet does in fact have a back door, I'd like to imagine it as the world's $h!tiest set of French doors with Reddit comprising one side and 4Chan the other that would spit you out into Ed Gein's kitchen.

Grandiose ranting aside, I do especially dislike Reddit, as well as Gawker Media, and yet I still somehow manage to do my part in feeding both beasts, skimming through their content on an infrequent-yet-frequent basis. I don't know why. Perhaps I'm a closet masochist and I secretly like the pain of wasting any of my spare time between my college classes in the morning behind a cigarette, wading through a river of digital crap that just keeps getting deeper and deeper. Perhaps I'm actually looking for real content, because I'm so pessimistic concerning humanity that I fully expect seeing a useful, relevent, or wholly entertaining post on Reddit as an indicator that we really are living in the End Times and I should shave my head and wait for Jesus to beam my brain aboard his flying saucer.

However, much to my chagrin, I litterally found a blue rose growing out of a trash heap today. As it turns out, Reddit has an entire section dedicated to mechanics and the outrageous crap they have to put up with on a daily basis. It's absolutely hilarious, eye-opening, and terrifying. It will make you completely understand why most used cars are piles of rolling junk and why you've had issues with your brand-new pre-owned daily driver since the day you stupidly signed the papers for it.

I won't speak another word about it, though. Instead, I'll let the following image and caption just do the rest of the talking for me.


Just Rolled Into The Shop is the name of Reddit's interesting and relevant subsection and you can go there by clicking the link. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go shave my head and wait to be beamed home now.

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It really is amazing how people can be so stupid in regards to driving and taking care of their auto.

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It's understandable, though in an era where most cars are just appliances. Most consumers don't maintain their dishwasher, washing machine, etc until they break, no different w/ their garage appliances...

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