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Wal Mart Bingo...

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:rofl: That is too freak-in funny but true as I have seen everyone of them the few times I have gone. I hate to admit it, but I think we all go as they do have good prices on stuff.
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Pretty much the same story at WMs in the Southwest, except you would need to add things for people speaking in non-English languages, wearing cowboy boots and hats, etc..

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Too South & Mid-West oriented. We'd need a different card for the North East.

So what other options do we need? Conservative Tight assed thumpers? ;)

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Morbidly obese woman in worn out pink house slippers.

Stretch pant pajamas with obvious skid marks in the rear.

Child playing video game in electronics department for over an hour, already on level 15 of said game.

At least 2 aisles that look like they were hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Open and empty box of condoms on the floor of the pharmacy department

Free Square: The smell of fried chicken upon entering the store.

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I was thinking:

somebody wearing a 3-sizes-too-large t shirt with an overly-embellished painting of a wolf/eagle/hawk/owl/dragon

somebody with an article of clothing with a major swear word on it

somebody with mutton chops (extra points if it's not a dude)

teenagers hooning the electric scooters; employees turn a blind eye

trashy couple creating a scene with a very loud, screaming, tactless argument about their sex life

extremely backed up check out lines, only one or two register(s) open; manager simply standing around trying to look important.

rotting package of ground beef, still on the sales shelf. (extra points if packaging still intact)

obviosuly mentally disturbed cashier that's pissed off that you got in HIS line.

free space: elderly greeter that thinks they need to check every single bag with sales reciept as customers leave building

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