Morgan Stanley Auto Product Guidebook (rumors)

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cmattson    0

Rumors of new product:

2013 - Buick Verano Hatchback

2013 - Chevy Orlando

2014 - Redesigned Caddy SRX

2014 - Possibly a Chevy Trax (small SUV)

2015 - Possibly a Caddy Fleetwood as a Ciel/S-Class fighter

2015 - Volt CUV

Take it for what you will.. I just stumbled across it and am passing it on/floating it in case someone knows more and would care to share..

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ZL-1    160

There's also codes for ATS coupe and ATS convertible; hope the 2 are still on. Interesting that the full-size cadillac is listed as Fleetwood: personally, I'd like to see the car lineup flagship have a real name (as the Escalade - the truck flagship - has a real name instead of the 3-letter naming) :AH-HA:

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hyperv6    774

Fleetwood reminds me of Grand Pa's car. I would fear a V Bro Ham, I know I am not being fair but I have had to work on too many ragged out trashed out Fleetwoods to the point they leave a negitive thought when I hear the name.

It might be worth looking back to the Eldorado name and offering a Barritz. They did have it as a high end 4 door back in the 50's that are very popular with collectors today. Also they could offer this car as the 2 door coup they showed and still use the Eldo name,

I am ok with names but some do not have positive memories for me and some others. I would love to see them dig deeper back for names that will seem more fresh and original.

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dfelt    1,774

I would love them to do a real Full Size Top of the line that has a real name. Agree with all stated here and that Caddy has a rich history to pull a real quality name for.

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