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Well, now that all the balls have dropped, it seems like we're off to another interesting year of cool (literally!  burrr) and unusual vehicle spots.  Bundle up, intrepid reporters, and let us know what you see!

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Sorry for the grainy pics.. I did not have my iPhone with me either time and my Droid Maxx is a little outdated at this point.


Friday morning on my way to physical therapy I spotted this '60s/'70s International Harvester LoadStar in the town next to mine still working hard all these years later:




I've been spotting a lot of these old LoadStars within the past 5-6 months now.  If I truly desired one of these, now's the time to get one. But I only admire them at this time.


Sunday on the way to dinner I passed a storage lot for a business that outfits fire & police vehicles in the Cherry Hill/Pennsauken area on Route 70.  A friend of mine from the firehouse mentioned this lot to me two months ago but this was the first chance I had to drive by it.  There was an open lot with tons of new Chevy Caprice PPVs and another gated lot with tons more:





I really wish a civilian Caprice LTZ was offered, I like this design.

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Ford Model A pickup, green, mild rod, clean, on trailer whizzing down highway. 


Theres a car meet fortnightly in my town and one of the people owns a Ford Model A that they still drive to it. Next event is on Sunday and I'll see if I can snap some pictures. No promises as hes got about 6 cars he likes to show off and usually brings a different one to each event. Its been awhile though since he brought the Model A.

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In the wee hours of the first day of January, an abandoned factory in the next town over from me (Mount Holly, NJ) that used to make automotive headlights, taillights and other plastics (closed in '96) burnt to the ground.  Extreme cold temps and a windy night did not treat the neighboring buildings (houses and a church/shelter) and cars parked illegally on the factory ground.  Here are some pictures of what happens to automobiles parked too close to a very hot burning fire:


GMC Yukon Denali:



GMC Jimmy 2-door:




Chevy Impala:




Nissan Altima:


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  Here are some pictures of what happens to automobiles parked too close to a very hot burning fire:


I usually read threads from bottom to top (to read the most recent comments first) and my initial thoughts were that you either went to a junkyard and snapped pics of old cars (something I quickly dismissed) or you took pictures of cars that had been used as cover at a Paintball tournament.

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1946-ish Dodge pickup, white & rust, long-term parked behind gas station.

1952-ish Ford F-100, mostly rust, on inflated tires at small junkyard, out front, for sale.
Early 1970's BMW 633 coupe, a bland beige color, good shape, rolling. The Camry behind it DWARFED the 6-series. Man, have BMWs gotten fat.

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Saw my first 2015 Ford F-150 Sunday at my local Ford dealership. It was a Oxford White with Camel Leather Trim, 4x4 SuperCrew in the 157" wheelbase (long bed?), MSRP $56k:











And I know the GM full-size twins get slammed for their useless small sliding rear window, but I think the one on this new '15 F-150 is worse, if not as bad, as GM's:



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