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Trivia Tuesday: January 6, 2015

Drew Dowdell

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I have a number of new features planned for CheersandGears.com for 2015. The first new feature comes to us from long time member Balthazar. He has cued up trivia questions for us to answer each week. Some weeks, we will be offering prizes to the first to answer all 5 questions correctly. We will reveal the answers to this week's questions in next week's post.

  1. In the long-running TV series "Married with Children", what brand/model car was Al Bundy always bemoaning?
  2. Name 3 makes of American automobiles that have had special 'Hurst' Editions.
  3. In which state was the 'Springfield' Rolls Royce auto built?
  4. What was the first model year of the Chevy Bel Air?
  5. Which 2 U.S. brands of autos presented "Daytona" models in the 1960s?

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1 Bundy had a Gold Plymouth Duster on the shows I saw.


2 Hurst Olds [442], AMC Hurst Scrambler, Hurst Chrysler 300, Hurst Pontiac GP for extra credit


3 Springfield Massachusetts was where the chassis and engines were built the bodies at Brewster in NY and other custom shop as done in the era.


4 Trick question as many will say 1955 but it was the 1950 Chevy with the new body style that was the first Bel Air


5 Dodge Daytona,  Studebaker Daytona and hmmm. Will you accept the limited edition Shelby Daytona Coupe? 

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