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At Last. Cadillac, has leadership that inspires confidence

Cmicasa the Great

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Cadillac is back. The fact is that Cadillac’s resurgence as an automaker of exceptional prowess and producer of superlative automobiles is well underway, and this is reflected in many of the strong gains achieved around the world last year. Cadillac has never produced better product than is available today—and we have only just begun our product offensive—with a single-minded focus to stun friends and foes alike, with one fascinating new Cadillac after another.

While product fascination provides substance for our ambitions, we must also embark on a philosophical shift to match these ambitions.

To once again become the standard for excellence around the globe, we cannot follow any of the examples set by the luxury market "establishment," nor meekly succumb to preconceived notions about this great brand, or even perceptions about our rivals. We respect each and every one of our competitors, but Cadillac will chart its own course, and we will speak our own truth.

Cadillac is on a mission to shatter the status quo. Cadillac will lead with highly aspirational products packed with advanced technology, superlative craftsmanship and distinctive design. And a brand character that symbolizes quality and respect. We don't aim to be the biggest. We aim to be the best, the highly aspirational domain of the few.  So much MORE ON: https://www.facebook.com/cadillac/posts/10153164430639923:0








Finally Cadillac, has leadership that inspires confidence. I love it. Despite the constant berating of the detractors, Johan is seemingly pushing forth. Despite the actual desire of some for Cadillac to bow down to the Germans and except a place under them we have a foreign born leader saying "No.. We will rise back to our lofty position on TOP." 

It is impossible to compare ATS sales to 3series sales unless the variances of both are at least 80% the same. These type of things are only reserved for Cadillac though.. and never brands such as Audi or Jag. It is funny when U think about those two, as both are currently in a similar sales fashion as Cadillac, with one of them actually boasting double their line-up. I will, personally, put on hold any discussing sales as a given metric for this particular brand. Triumph or failing.. it doesn't matter because it is impossible to judge this brand on sales versus the two German brands at this point because of limited product and the ignorance of those who actually see the lack of presence in segments yet still attempt to compare the numbers.

I await the vehicles. The CT6, the CTS-V etc. The actually named I have designs on actually purchasing. I have actual interest in being a buyer. Their outcome actually matters to me in that regard. Their sales?? I am one of those people who hates to see another CTS-V Coupe pull up next to me. I hate to see my Stingray duplicated on the other side of the road.. so I am not lathered in pride when I see a plethora or sea of whatever car I am driving in droves all around. Save that for the Camry.. or at this point the 3series buyer.. as any chance of exclusivity is gone way out the window.

Yes. GM. Yes Cadillac. What I'm saying is prime. Make your vehicles desirable, but keep pricing in place setting a realistic sales goal for the allotted variances that U produce. Keep ATPs high. Trickle down technology and platforms to the lesser brands to gain profits thru mass mainstream in addition the top-end.

 My realization is that unlike BMW and Benz.. Cadillac has the upper-hand in not having to cater to the masses for survival, but it must make contributions like Audi does for VW.  The ATS will soon share in cost sharing with the 90K per year Camaro and the CTS to boot. I would love to see a Regal on Alpha, or a "Riviera." How can luxury truly be luxury if it is not exclusive?   

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I think he and Uwe Ellinghaus will pull this off better than any other team in the past. They also have Mark Reuss and Mary Barra clearly in the team's corner. Even Bob Lutz sung praises for their efforts recently in R&T concerning their desires to move forward with the original plans that were in place before the BK.


 as an optimist... and a person who thinks their cars are on the upside of being  class-leading in the segments that they compete.. I'd say that they will prevail. I simply see no reason why they wouldn't. Cadillac currently reminds me of Mazda. They are quite possibly the best in class in certain segments, but do not get the sales or recognition they deserve due to preconceived prejudices that have NOTHING to do with the products themselves. 

In another thread concerning the ATS/CTS I think Suavilo asked me why I tried to push the patriotism factor into buying Cadillacs. I didn't answer.. because its not patriotism I'm pushing, but the casting aside of anti-American sentiment when it comes to luxury (and some mainstream products) just because they are American. The origination of that mindset comes from Cadillac (or Domestics) having issues, or faltering in the 80 and 90s with mediocre or behind the times products that DIDN'T embrace the move to "Sport/Lux" as the Germans did. There is an automatic pass given to those Europeans despite their abysmal record concerning reliability and maintenance cost TO THIS DAY. It effects the perception of Cadillac's stature.. but America's obsession with anything foreign bolsters the foreign brands. The game is rigged and we're rigging it to our own detriment. 

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This guy is all talk, and little action.  Cadillac has talked about renaissances multiple times, and after 10 years they aren't really in any better shape than they were in 2005.  We'll see what he comes up with, but he even mentions how they will have a consistent naming nomenclature for their products, but then the Escalade which is their most recognizable produce is excluded from that naming system.  That makes no sense. 


Johan was in charge of Audi of America, but Audi perfoms better everywhere else in the world, and he did nothing with Infiniti.  If he couldn't tackle BMW and Benz with VW's resources, couldn't do it with Nissan's, I don't see why it will be any different at GM.  Granted Cadillac I think is a better brand name than Infiniti, there is a bit more potential there, but why there wasn't a GT-R powertrain Infiniti sedan to take on the M5 just shows how clueless Johan is.

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If you give him credit for ATS, CTS, even CT-6, which have been developed or in development before his arrival at GM, then you should give him credit for the garbage of alpha numeric and move to NY. Then again you defended those moves saying it was before his time at GM.


First, the guy has displayed incompetence in two previous brands he led and what is different with his helm at GM? Nothing until he proves it otherwise. I can forgive him for his stint at Infiniti as he was dealing with a megalomaniac narcissist as his boss so his wings were pretty much clipped to be a pet African grey. Ewe Effinghaus, based on his interviews, gives perceptions of a loose canon 6-foot barometer with a vacuum on top. Not a good perception for a brand with two stooges running the show, let us add another one and the comedy series would be complete.


Second, and I am not being sarcastic, what real technology, other than TTV6 and initial unveiling of Alpha platform, does Cadillac currently have that needs to trickle down to lower brands? You can argue about the CT-6's revolutionary metallurgy, but we are yet to see it. Honestly, as the cars in general become content oriented, the luxury brands are going to be less exclusive for content other than for prestige and perception. A loaded Mazda 3 at $25K has same contents like that of a BMW 335 at $50k. That is one of the reasons why VWdi, GMW and Chevroletdes Benz are going low down to seek volume while gaining economy of scales. The only thing separating them from pedestrian brands is high performance, mega horsepower vehicles, sold in limited quantities. Cadillac has to accept the fact that it will possibly be a glorified Chevrolet and target to achieve the prestige and perception without chasing volume. It needs high performance vehicles. Unfortunately, other GM brands have history and heritage of producing high performance vehicles also. Will that mean the two stooges with $10B in hand will force GM to suppress the other brands to promote Cadillac?


Third, Cadillac was on its upward move before those two joined. These clowns, if they stay longer, will be taking all that credit without doing ANYTHING other than taking the HQ to NY, destroying the brand's heritage and adding alpha numeric garbage. I guess America's blind love for foreigners indeed doesn't stop. And hey, I am a f'er also! I'll take that amore with tin foil hat.

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I mostly agree with Z06, the two clowns are going to try and fix Cadillac with naming schemes, the move to NY and a bunch of PR spin.  Marketing and Facebook posts aren't going to turn Cadillac around, product will.   These two guys aren't car engineers or designers. 


The Escalade is the only thing keeping Cadillac alive right now, maybe Alpha-numeric names are not such a good idea.

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You have to look big picture here. For how long has Cadillac tried to move up with GM trying to do it the cheap, fast easy way? Way too long.


Cadillac today was just given new leadership last summer and for the first time from GM full commitment to do what is needed to fix them. We have never seen that in my life time.


We have gone how long thinking that one model was going to turn Cadillac around and one that was almost as good or just as good as the others? Then we have the cry oh they cost too much from some who really do not understand where this is all going. These are the folks who love a good fake Rolex while the segment that Cadillac is targeting wears real Rolex's.


You can not discount your way to the top, you will not take leadership of the segment on just one or two good cars. You will not take this segment in just a year. Look back at BMW and Audi and neither were transformed on one single model in one year  as both took time and various models and variations.

BMW was not transformed over night on the first 3 series. It took years and variations to do so. Audi started to change with the 5000 from just a expensive VW rust bucket to a modern luxury performance car. They were stalled out with the Unintended Acceleration hoax that set them back 10 years but even then they worked another 10-15 years with the A series cars to respectability.


As of right now I see the right things being done to set the stage for the future. Cars like the present CTS, ATS and CT6 are all good cars but here you  have to be great to take the lead. As good here does not apply and you to build a clearly better car to win the image game.


You can not build as good then discount it to make people buy it in this segment. You build it clearly better and sell it at the same price. As the joke with 911 owners go the Boxster is the Porsche that tells the world you could not afford a 911.


The key here is image and pride in this segment. Anyone could buy an Impala that will take you anywhere these cars will but the impala will never salt the price or image as you pull up to the country club. To be the part you have to play the part.


For too long Cadillac has been discounted into too many trailer parks and it is time to stop.

As for the name you guys who want to complain on this need to wake up. No matter what you call it if the car is good it will sell. Names do not sell cars quality, Technology content and image.  The romantic notion of names no longer applies. Just look around at the best sellers.

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