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Trivia Tuesday, May 26 2015


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Give these questions a try & see how much 'auto junk' knowledge you have packed in your 'brain shop'. :D


1.) What year was the final single-cylinder Cadillac built?


2.) The 2-seat version of the '62-63 Thunderbird was known as the ______________


3.) In the relatively short span of 4 years, the American auto industry moved from 6-volt electrics to 12. Name 3 reasons why.


4.) Most people are aware of the 1960s emergence on the Federal level of automotive industry standards & mandates. Sealed beam headlights in automobiles were a mandate that pre-dated the Federal 'Thumb'; what year did all U.S. makes incorporate them?


5.) Pontiac sold 32,450 GTOs in it's first year of 1964. What was the proposed sales goal for that model prior to it's introduction?

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1) 1908 OR 1909 was the last year I think.


2) Sport GTO


3)  a - Standardization of voltage b - Radios were becoming standard and had moved to 12 volt and c - engine starters needed 12 volt to turn over bigger engines.


4) 1965?


5) 15,000 ?

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6.) This gentleman fell asleep in his Pontiac, and for some reason someone snapped a pic. Perhaps they were admiring his snappy attire, or…?




Was he being buried in his car?



From the surrounding scene, that'd be my guess, too.....



Cort :) www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

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All righty then, let's wrap this one up.


1.) Cadillac built 1,482 single cylinder units in 1908 over 3 models, this out of a total model year production of 1,689. There were (2) 4-cylinder models that year also.

A single Model M 1-cylinder was listed for 1909, but production is "questionable"… so the top answer here is 1908. dfelt is correct. 


2.) William Maley is correct on #2.


3.) dfelt has this partially correct. The move to 12 volts in such a short timespan (all domestic autos were 6-volt in '52, and all were 12 volt in '56) was a.) to improve starting power for cranking larger engines, b.) improved ignition power for higher compression, and c.) cost savings due to smaller gauge wiring, smaller connectors and less windings in starters & generators.


4.) Sealed beam headlights became a 1-yr industry standard WELL before there was a Federal voice to require them, in 1939.


5.) William Maley is correct also on this one; Pontiac set a goal of 5000 GTOs sold in the first year. You can see how everyone got on the bandwagon in a hurry once 32K sold.


6.) GMTG74 is correct; this gentleman was buried in his 1973 Pontiac Catalina 2-dr hardtop.

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