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Cadillac SuperCruise vs. Tesla Autopilot


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Outstanding write up on SuperCruise versus Tesla Autopilot and I can accept the reasons that the writer gave the win to Tesla on specific sections of Criteria. Capturing driving actions and feedback to enhance Autopilot where Supercruise does not gather that info to make it better is a big win.

Over all a tie depending on where you live and your road conditions, I totally agree that an extended drive in both is warranted.

I also like the clarity of why MB self driving system is terrible and how they have since buried the self driving mode of MB due to far to many issues.

Like @balthazar stated, long read, but worth it and all the videos that show just not Supercruise but the others out there too.

Thanks for Posting! :metal: 

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LOL, Driver uses Tesla Autopilot as defense for DUI.


Yes, self driving auto's should make DUI a thing of the past once it becomes standard and on every auto period, but we are not there yet and thinking you can get behind the wheel and set self driving mode is just stupid.


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This story nails why I do not think self driving auto's will be a hit for 20-30 years. 


As much as I believe self driving will give handicapped such as blind people better freedom to get around, we have a huge SCARED population that AAA has found are not wanting them on the road. AKA Baby Boomers fear technology.

Good read on the percentages they show as this is based on a survey of their 20 million members.

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