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A Change of Heart


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A thread about cars you used to not like and now like.


About cars you used to like but now dont like.


I felt I needed to come back and write about a car. This is more written for @Frisky Dingo as we go back a long time and I felt I needed to tell him that as of today, I like the  McLaren F1.

I didnt like this car then, but I stumbled on Jay Leno's garage and instantly, I have feelings for it. Enough for me to try and buy a 1:18 scale of it to add it to my collection.



I didnt need Jay Leno to tell me all that as I KNEW what the McLaren was all about...

What I did NOT know was that it won Lemans 24 hours in 1995. I knew that....what I did not know that it was the ROAD car that won it. A few mods....but it was essentially the ROAD car...a CIVILIAN model. That was bought at a dealership with a few mods to race and compete and ultimately win. Not a RACE version of a road car. THE road car itself.


Instant love!


I'm still working on liking BMWs....no promise there Frisky! I still need time!  Liking BMWs is....is...hard. 


Feel free to discuss and this car or others you have had a change of heart in.

I may be back. I may not. 


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My biggest one was Astons. When I was a budding car enthusiast in high school and thought I knew way more than I actually did, I thought they were for posers. I couldn't wrap my head around people spending Ferrari money on cars that performed no better than Porsches. And were probably rather unreliable.

Now that I've driven many of them, I totally get the appeal. They have incredible craftsmanship and just positively ooze charm and personality. They drive damn well, too. For the most part. Then there's the looks, of course. 

Now I'm a fan, and a V12 Vantage manual is one of my ultimate dream cars.

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I was all about Mustangs and Camaros growing up, probably due to working with my dad in his repair shop and building racers, but now I have little care for cars but love SUV / Trucks. Them along with EV CUVs is the future for me.

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