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Kia News: Kia EV6 Crossover, EXCITEMENT in the 21st Century of Electric Driving


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Kia EV6 First Edition introduces the world to all-unifying all-new "Opposites United" design language delivering crossover functionality. Combing classic sports car with high tech cues, modern CUV styling and couple-like profile is the visual language Kia brings to the EV game.

The EV6 rolls on a 114.2 inch wheelbase, the same as the Kia Telluride and comparable in width of a Ford Mustang Mach-E and the ground clearance of a Tesla Y.

Enabling jaw-dropping performance, AWD capability, ultra-fast charging times is what this BEV platform enables. Estimated up to 300 miles of electric range for RWD models, V2L functionality and flat floor interior utilizing sustainable materials throughout the cabin. The EV6 offers a wide array of advanced driver assistance systems, unprecedented level of connectivity and safety.

The first EV6 models will go on sale early 2022 in all 50 states with the GT arriving in late 2022.



Opposites United design language delivers the following:

  • "Digital Tiger" grille form serves as Kia's new tiger nose design
  • Headlamps offer sequential dynamic light pattern
  • Flush exterior door handles
  • High rear deck serves as a spoiler
  • Cross-car rear light cluster
  • Wheel sizes available in 19, 20 or 21 inches.

Kia enters the electric age with the following foundation:

  • RWD bias with AWD available capacity
  • Body structure utilizing 75% high strength steel
  • Five-link rear suspension
  • World's first mass-produced integrated drive axle to enhance ride comfort and handling. 
  • Long wheelbase, short overhangs maximizing interior space with flat floor, no tunnel layout.
  • Underfloor mounted battery placement enabling low center of gravity for enhanced stability.

Kia Battery Tech for superb performance, fast charging and innovative V2L.

  • The EV6 is an energy dense Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese (80/10/10) battery pack that the US market will use in a 77.4 kWh size for both RWD and AWD electric motor configuration.
    • RWD will use a 160 kW motor yielding 218 horsepower.
    • AWD will use a 70 kW front motor paired with the 160 kW rear motor for a yield of 313 horsepower.
      • Estimated 0 to 60 performance of 5.1 seconds.
  • AWD GT model will use a 160 kW front motor and 270 kW rear motor yielding 576 horsepower.
    • Estimated 0 to 60 mph performance is less than 3.5 seconds.
    • Available late 2022

Battery charging embraces both 400-V and 800-V charging systems. When using an 800-V system, 70 miles of range can be added in less than 5 minutes. Up to 210 miles (10 to 80%) added in under 18 minutes. An on-board 11 kW charger (OBC) allows Level 2 recharging from 10 to 100% in about 7hrs.

Vehicle to Load (V2L) functionality allows the EV6 to be a power source, providing power to computers, home improvement project, tailgating and even camping. Customers will find both inside the auto and using the adapter outside 110V outlet. With a full batter, power can be drawn from the auto for 36 plus consecutive hours. Vehicle to Vehicle charging is capable at a 1.1 kW charge, equal to being plugged into a 110V outlet.


The EV6 is a modern eco-friendly cabin having both standard and available upgrades as follows:

  • Extensive use of recycled plastic throughout interior.
  • 100% vegan surfaces on trims
  • 100% LED lighting inside and out
  • Slim modern front seats
    • Thin seat frames us ultra-light "giga-steel to maximize rear seat space and knee room
  • 27.7 cubic feet of cargo space behind the 60/40 split folding bench seat.
    • Second row folded down grows cubic feet space to 53.5
  • Hands-free Smart Power Tailgate for easier cargo access
  • Storage space for small items in Frunk (front trunk)





The dash modern dash incorporates dual 12 inch TFT screens for drivers cluster and infotainment. Blue light filtered screen to reduce eye strain and fatigue. AR Heads-up display (HUD) system with advanced 3D imaging and advanced driver assistance systems. EV6 has both a standard audio system and a premium Meridian 14 speaker audio system available with Intelli Q technology auto correcting audio voludm and sound as the vehicle speed changes.


EV6 has a slew of standard and available enhanced safety features along with a wireless connected auto for regular updates.

  • UVO link connected vehicle experience:
    • Kia Pay: Enjoy an in-car commerce experience. Allows the user to transact conveniently from inside the vehicle with a growing number of merchants and popular outlets
    • Available Add-On customer convenience Map and Infotainment Over-The-Air (OTA) capability
    • Available Wi-Fi Hotspot: Allows customers to connect their personal devices and enjoy streaming
    • Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Peace of mind for owners with the capability to assist law enforcement agencies to recover a stolen vehicle
    • Connected Routing: Uses the cloud to calculate the optimal route using real-time maps, predicted traffic info based on historical information and AI to learn the preferred routes of users
    • Smartwatch accessibility: Provides battery status, vehicle notifications and certain vehicle control through Apple and Android smartwatches
    • Connected Weather: Provides weather information for more than 25,000 cities
    • Enhanced voice assist feature allows voice control of the vehicle’s climate, seat and steering-wheel heating, audio system, and other functions
    • Smart Speaker Integration: Lets customers use Amazon-Alexa or Google-Assistant enabled smart speaker or device to remotely control certain vehicle functions, such as remote start
    • 911 Connect and Roadside Assistance: Automatically calls 911 via the built-in modem if an airbag deploys. For non-emergencies, it can connect with 24/7 roadside assistance and share the vehicle’s location
    • On-demand Find My Car with Surround View Monitor: Uses the vehicle cameras to capture images of the vehicle’s surroundings and then displays them in the UVO link App or Portal
    • Last Mile Navigation: Provides walking directions to the driver’s actual destination if the vehicle is parked between 0.1 and 1.2 miles away
    • Integrates owner’s personal calendar and shows calendar events in the navigation system
  • Surround View Monitor (SVM): Utilizes four cameras to provide a 360-degree perspective around the vehicle, enhancing driver confidence in tight parking situations
  • Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist-Reverse (PCA-R): Detects certain objects behind the vehicle, issuing an audible warning when an obstruction is detected and will automatically assist with emergency braking if there is a risk of collision
  • Rear Occupant Alert (ROA)12: Upon exiting, the vehicle provides a reminder to check for unattended passengers that may remain in the rear seating area
  • Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA): Allows remote parking or exiting a parking spot with the driver operating the EV6 from outside the vehicle 
  • Safe Exit Assist (SEA)13: Audibly alerts the driver or passengers opening their door not to exit the vehicle when the system detects approaching traffic. The system can intervene to lock the rear doors when the vehicle is equipped with available Power Child Lock
  • Blind-Spot Avoidance Assist (BCA): Under certain conditions, can detect vehicles traveling in the next lane. When a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, the vehicle brakes the outer wheel under certain conditions to help return the vehicle to its lane
  • Driver Attention Warning (DAW)14: Senses inattentive driving patterns and sends an audible/visual warning to alert the driver
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA): Assists the driver when braking to help prevent a collision or lessen the effects in certain conditions if a vehicle is detected in front. Uses automatic braking to avoid or mitigate an impact
  • Other standard iterations of FCA include FCA-Ped (Pedestrian), FCA-LS (Land-Change Side), FCA-LO (Lane-Change Oncoming), FCA-JC (Junction Crossing), FCA-JT (Junction Turning)
  • High Beam Assist (HBA):  Detects oncoming traffic and automatically switches off the high beam headlights then turns them on once traffic has passed
  • Highway Driving Assist II (HDA 2)15: This system is the evolution of HDA, which is a driving convenience system that keeps a set distance from a car in front and centers the vehicle in the lane. HDA2 will additionally assist with lane changes and adjust the lateral position of the car within the lane
  • ISLA (Intelligent Speed Limit Assist): Recognizes signs and provides relevant feedback in the cluster and augmented-reality head-up display (AR HUD)
  • Navigation Based Smart Cruise Control-Curve (NSCC-C): Leverages the navigation system to lower the vehicle’s speed proactively before upcoming curves in the road
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist (RCCA): Helps detect most approaching cross traffic when in reverse.  When approaching cross traffic is detected, the system alerts the driver and applies the brakes




All-new Kia EV6 crossover ushers in new era of electric driving excitement (kiamedia.com)

Kia EV6 redefines boundaries of electric mobility

Photos & Videos - Kia America Newsroom (kiamedia.com)

All-New 2022 Kia EV6 Crossover | Meet Your Future Electric Car | Kia

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