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  2. Ugly as those are, somebody will still buy one of those. The Aztek was hardly attractive, but those sold quite well in its time.
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    Feel like it should play a song or something.....
  4. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    Valid points, although I do find him entertaining. We all knew the SS wouldn't sell because the G8 and GTO didn't sell. GM wanted those to sell but both were flawed and neither really geared to the American market. The SS wasn't really marketed, had bland styling, and had the same formula that doomed the GTO and G8. The SS had low volume expectations because GM knew it wouldn't sell after the last 2 Holdens flopped.
  5. Except that didn't work then, when pickups were far far far simpler.
  6. It is all new platform, and yes it should have way more space since it is basically like what Tesla has with the flat floor and all that. Rumor is 400ish hp and 500ish lb-ft of torque. What is interesting is I read the EQ C crossover is the size of a GLE which looks to be the case based on the size of the vehicle in the spy photo but then wouldn't it be an EQ E? or EQ GLE? A lot of speculation still on this thing. At some point these model lines will have to merge, because every Mercedes will be electric one day, not til the 2030s I imagine, but eventually.
  7. Ya. And maybe they can partner with Mistu to get a compact and midsize sedan to replace the Dart and 200...
  8. Those are so freaking ugly, remind me of the Fiat crap machines. Nothing desirable about those two machines IMHO.
  9. The Fullback is a rebadge of a Mitsubishi, which could work as a Ram, since in the 80s a Mitsubishi pickup was badged as the Ram 50...
  10. Yesterday
  11. I believe the C3 and C5 Aircross would sell well here, the rest of their merry band of hatchbacks I don't think so, but these 2 would sell for sure.
  12. Got it, yea that shot going into a 3/4 angle shot does make the nose look more FWD biased. MB says this is an AWD with two rear motors and 1 front motor last I read. Be interesting to see what it ends up with as a Powertrain. No mater what, it should have far superior inside space compard to the rest of their ICE SUV/CUV lineup.
  13. I thought Fiat had a pickup, good work on uncovering it. The Fiat Fullback: So they already make one, I don't see how Sergio can claim they can't find resources to do it.
  14. LOL, Except for Potus45 which I see more of a bully harassment of our great country, I do not see those working as being part of the baby boomers even if they are of the retirement age. Too me boomers are retired peeps, those that choose to work or have to work are the Gen X Awesome Crowd!
  15. Still plenty of boomers out there working--Sergio Marchionne, Jeff Bezos, Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, Donald Trump (though he golfs a lot), Tom Cruise, my sister, etc..
  16. Pretty close when you look at the side profile. They do seem to have nailed it. I do see where the front overhang is noticeably longer.
  17. Concept had a definite RWD profile, but the camo'd version looks to be FWD-based. Other than that- nothing exciting in the shape, but how could there be?
  18. Nice reliable correction. Yea, I know there are still plenty of 50+ year olds buying those reliable appliances. Just do not get the desire to buy a lemming mobile. I know I am the start of the Gen X crowd being born in 1967. But to me boomers are those in their retirement years now. Must be a mid west and east coast thing JK Yea plenty of Camry, Impalas, etc. being sold based on numbers. Lucky it is not as bad as those later years I mentioned.
  19. I don't think that's a significant volume of consumers. Immaterial- there's no 'floaters' left. Still sold 17.1 million vehicles last year.
  20. Fixed that for you. Baby Boomers still buy Camrys and pickups, though. It's funny, both my siblings are Baby Boomers and all my cousins are boomers (some have kids that are my generation). I've read that minivans are popular w/ many retirees, easy to get in and out of and room for grandkids.
  21. Seems the test mules are finally out and while heavily camo'd, you can see they do follow the concept EQ C that MB showed off. Autoblog has numerous pics of the beast doing cold weather testing. https://www.autoblog.com/2018/01/18/mercedes-benz-eq-c-electric-suv-spy-photos/#slide-7217532 Not Bad Looking, excited to see this hit the market.
  22. OK, guess I am off a bit as to me baby boomers are those in their mid to late 60's and older and they are not seeming to buy big ticket items like they did 10 years ago. With the fall out from our great depression of 2007 to 2012, I wonder just how many baby boomers can now really afford expensive new auto's, those being 62 or older in retirement. I get 53 years old might be the average age of auto buyers but the market has shifted considerably from the buyer days of float mobiles. Some one wanting an auto that floats like the 70's, 80's and early 90's I think is much rarer than those wanting an auto that is more of a driving machine!
  23. That's full on mid-size territory. Canyon: 1500-1620lbs Colorado: 1492-1574lbs Tacoma: 1100-1620lbs Ridgeline: 1447-1584lbs Frontier: 880-1500lbs
  24. My Dad last bought a new car at 76, but he passed at 79. Yeah, I don't see the Baby Boomers lessening car buying dramatically for a while. My generation is small (X), but we will still be buying for a few decades..
  25. Random Thoughts Thread

    MB 38,000,000SEL
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