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  2. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants

    Cruze is probably cheap enough to buy new with incentives.
  3. They supposedly built 8 cars in yes, the product exists, but in insignificant numbers...again, nothing compared to the output of a real car company.
  4. Word Association

  5. Kia News: 2018 Kia Rio Begins At $14,795*

    Yep, just not in the US....well, not sure about the AM radio part....
  6. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants

    Yeah, it worries me a bit. Was looking into a older Cruze (15-16) to run in our fleet while we save for a larger SUV (really don't want to lease one), and compacts used are pretty cheap right now. Would like a southern one (no rust), but I worry it could be a flood car....
  7. Germany has a long history in the auto industry...Croatia--none.... I'm skeptical of some tiny company with no track record from a place with no reputation for autos....
  8. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Tesla's profit point is difficult to pinpoint, yes. But obviously it's well above the current scenario of losing three-quarters of a billion /yr. Adding a much lower priced model with a margin so thin they company decided to bar selling at the advertised base price for the short term is NOT a good sign. Further, continued development on other vehicles (Model Y, semi, small truck) will just continue to suck capital. Where did you get this 'information'?
  9. Random Thoughts Thread

    ^ Looking to get new tires for my Jeep before winter..the original Goodyear Forteras are pretty worn at 30k (pretty soft tires I've read). I want something that will be good in NE Ohio winters... will have to look into the Michelins..was thinking about Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs also. In 170k on my old GC IIRC I had 3 sets of Goodyear tires--one set of Forteras and 3 sets of Wranglers, and a set of BF Goodrich Long Trail (the last set, bought in AZ and never in snow). Got the BFs at Discount Tire in Phoenix, had great service and prices.
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  11. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants

    Yes they are all totaled by insurance companies, but we do not know if they will all get replaced. Also, I wonder how many will end up back in the Title Ghost pool and end up out of state after being dried out as a low miles car sold to some unsuspecting person because of the title wash. Buyer beware!
  12. Random Thoughts Thread

    Put New Tires on the Escalade and Trailblazer today. Michelin Defender LTX M/S Talk about a Quiet tire and looks sharp. Really like the quality. $929.15 installed on the Escalade $982.14 installed on the Trailblazer Got $140 in rebate visa cards. Free installation, road hazard warranty. Gotta say Discount Tire is beating Costco on price, service and customer experience. Loving it!
  13. Ford News: Ford Plans Downtime At 5 North America Plants

    I really really really really really really really really really dislike it when people blame GM and Ford for poor planning in terms of inventory. They are the only two full like manufacturing companies for vehicles in the US. A huge thank you to lengnert for a very rational post. The crusher will be very busy. Well, most of them are long, black and slow moving so there is at least a slight resemblance to the results of constipation.
  14. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Guess I have to disagree as Tesla to me is not a Gotta Have it Item. Exterior is boring, Interior is just as boring. They do nothing to make me want to have their products. Technology is cool and I love it, but I will wait to some other company builds an EV that I gotta have. I find the Bollinger B1 SUV a better EV SUV than Tesla. That is probably due to the more brick offroad look and functionality than the Tesla.
  15. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    We don't really know where Tesla's profit point is at. If the Model 3 gets the company profitable look out. And another thing to consider is Tesla has the badge not he front to get people to buy their cars. This is something that Nissan, Chevy, Ford, VW, etc don't have. A car that costs $40k to build, Chevy would have to sell at $40k, Tesla could sell that same car for $50k because it says Tesla on the front, and Tesla is the gotta have product to use a Bob Lutz term.
  16. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Im not allowed to order Rwd anything anyway...
  17. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    The question is, is the slicing off of the bottom S models indicative of a steady march upward on the Model 3 price? We already know there's no profit at the $35K level... maybe not at $40K. If the 3 is meant to save the company, will it have to primarily be $45-55K or more?
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  19. A company's reputation is built not on press releases and twitter feeds, but product. Despite some folk not believing the car or the country it comes from is "real", both do exist. Germany & Croatia share the same longitude.
  20. Random Thoughts Thread

    A smart man. That era 7 series was a terrible car, look at how ugly it is. The 90s 7-series actually looks newer if you put those 2 side bye side.
  21. Which is why we need to get rid of CAFE or seriously curtain its never ending noose tightening.
  22. Since it's not from a reputable existing car company, I wouldn't expect the Rimac to perform at all...a Rimac is what Richard Hammond crashed in Switzerland recently, went off the road and burst into a kit car, but more expensive..can't imagine anyone paying $2 mill for such garbage.
  23. Random Thoughts Thread

    He would burn those down too....engine oil sludge problems...that Toyota totally blamed the owners...
  24. Random Thoughts Thread

    What I don't get is why he is expecting BMW to responsible for issues with an old car...that 7 series is from about 15 years ago....the guy is obviously mentally ill, he should move on and buy a Toyota..
  25. Random Thoughts Thread

    @smk4565 You will love this, a guy who could not get BMW to fix his M6 and took a Sledgehammer to it then restored it to like new after BMW said they would look at his issues again, they must have come to terms as they put him into a E65 7 series and yet that also had issues that the dealership could not or would not fix. Finally after the last two years of hell he drove the auto to the BMW Corp Headquarters and lit it on fire. He is now driving a MB S350. He also in 2015 after BMW would not fix issues with his Z3 drove it to the company headquarters and lit it on fire too. Full Story here Police could not do anything since he burned his own auto and accuses BMW of Defrauding him and others.
  26. Considering so many sports cars have been around the 4200 mark till just the last couple of years, I would say the Rimac would probably perform not much difference than cars in the 2 door segment from the Italians, Germans, Americans and Asians. Being that it does not have to lug an ICE engine that has to be rebuilt every 30,000 miles, Lower cost to operate and already one of the fastest monsters out there. We will weight till the actual production of a Project One comes out and then see how it stands up.
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