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Mercedez Benz News Mercedes-AMG A45 Turbo 4 To Be Used In Other Models

Drew Dowdell

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Back on June 7th, Mercedes-AMG unveiled their newest 4-cylinder engine, and their most powerful.  Producing 416 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft of torque in the S Version, it is currently the most powerful 4-cylinder engine currently in production.  AMG is also making a base version with 382 horsepower and 354 lb.-ft of torque, both in transverse applications. Initially, this engine will debut in the Mercede A45 S AMG and Mercedes CLA 45 S AMG.  According to AMG head, Tobias Moers, expect to see use of this engine expand to other product lines. 

According the Moers, the engine was designed from the start to be able to be mounted as longitudinal engines.  So while it probably won't become a C45 or E45, it could become the standard engine in the C43 or E53.  It is also capable of accepting electrification making for an even more powerful option. 

This strategy of combining a small displacement 4-cylinder with electrification could contribute to Mercedes' strategy of stopping development of new internal combustion engine families

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It makes sense to use it in larger cars, add a mild hybrid to it plus being around 380-400 hp depending on tune and this could be the E400/E450 engine and replace the six cylinder in C43 and GLC43.

Most car company people refuse to comment on future product, Moers always seems willing to offer it up.  Which I think is smart because they can gauge customer reaction before they do it.

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When has 370lb-ft in a compact car ever been considered "weak"? 

"However, it also generates higher amounts of torque between 1,000-2,000 rpm compared to the old engine. The most vigorous push comes as early as 3,000 rpm, the automaker promises, with the M139 shaping up to provide instant shove without the need to bury the gas pedal. And, since the engine torque is better distributed, you also get a driving feel more similar to that of a naturally-aspirated, big displacement motor."



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42 minutes ago, ccap41 said:

A45 AMG, another vehicle GM has no answer for in any of their brands. 

Smart to engineer it to be capable of being used pretty well across their lineup, if they choose. 

(Looks for FWD Cadillac that GM could produce this Transverse mounted engine for. Sees nothing because Cadillac doesn't produce FWD sedans anymore and hasn't for decades now).


In other words, bIG wHoOp.

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19 minutes ago, ccap41 said:

GM as a whole, not just Cadillac. As Drew has made it clear GM as a whole supplies competition to the single branded Mercedes. 

See Drew’s post on the CT4 thread regarding sales of certain AMG lines and why your assertion about GM is indeed a “big whoop”. 

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GM doesn’t need an A45 competitor, they could use a competitor to this engine for rear drive application.  Although look at the bulk of GM sales which is front drive crossover with a thirsty 300 hp V6.  If GM has this motor it could replace the 3.6 V6 company wide.

On the Mercedes side, I like them using what that have in as many places as they can use it, it would be a waste to only use this engine in A-class and GLB.  C-class and GLC can use it too.

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