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  1. It is a very nice skin and theme. Its simply and a classic color, not too over crowded with too many things like most forums are sometimes.
  2. Oh cause I was like, I have no such thing on my page...
  3. Nice changes, I can actually take note of them now that I know. Great!
  4. I've never heard of this. Well i hope we can get more information on it, after the testing.
  5. Hello, and welcome to the forum, it is so great to always have new people coming to talk about amazing cars. I have a Z in my name so welcome Z!
  6. dez97

    Dodge Rampage?

    Watch what you say about the Chrysler 2.2 'round these parts. I learned this lesson the hard way... HAHA!
  7. WOW!. what a video, that's quite the time it was back then.
  8. Agreed. If you overprice a car it doesn't make the car sell more, it just makes people not want to spend more money therefore they don't buy the car. It isn't like supply and demand where whenever your demand is more than the supply you have you raise the price to sell more cause its in demand. Its a car we are talking about, people buy what they can afford.
  9. That was my question on it as well. It is true though, Chrysler has really turned into one of those cars for sure.
  10. Now this I can say is a bit impressing for them this year...that one is very nice. However it just looks like the older model they have with a different face. I wonder how it drives though?.
  11. To be quite honest I'm not really that impressed...I figured something like this..everyone did. However they really could have done better.
  12. I must say that the challenger looks incredible. I'm already sold just looking at the photos, and hearing the remake of many things. They have done a complete 360...and it was very worth it. Now that's a beautiful car.

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