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  1. SoonToBeCFP

    2014 Review Wrap-Up: Sports Stuff

    For me, the miata has always seemed somewhat feminine. I think it's just how small the cab is, maybe. I'm a big fan of Lexus, though. The sporty exterior and elegant interior make for a great car to show off.
  2. SoonToBeCFP

    2014 Review Wrap-Up: Going Green

    I personally love the mileage that the prius gets! Being eco-friendly is just an added bonus. I've always thought that they had a different look to them. Not nearly as sporty or attractive as the Lexus, but for the right person, it's a good fit.
  3. I think it looks great! As for trucks, I usually stick to GMC. But I like the outside of this.
  4. SoonToBeCFP

    Detroit Auto Show: Chevrolet Bolt Concept: Comments

    The sky roof is awesome! I've never been a fan of the hatchback design, but this is interesting.
  5. SoonToBeCFP

    Detroit Auto Show Reveal: 2017 Ford GT: Comments

    I love this. Cars are starting to look so modern and different than what we've seen. I bought my first Ford two months ago. Although skeptical at first, I'm so happy I got it. The mileage is killing my lancer that I had before. I look forward to buying another Ford in the future - maybe this one!

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