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  1. Single mothers would still miss them.
  2. Those numbers are simply amazing for a full-size truck. Hell, those would be great for a mid-size truck. There haven't been test for this yet, have there? I hope it isn't as slow as the Ram. I don't think it would be as it's more powerful on a much lighter truck. If it's a 15.5 second 1/4 mile truck(or better), that would be freakin' great. 16.0 is about the bare minimum, imo.
  3. We are no longer in an era of "a" car though. There are too many. Those past eras had those listed cars as completely stand-above-the-rest cars. Now there are 10 hyper-car-level-performance. And FWIW, collectors' perspective is total sh!t. Drive your cars. I know it was odd that Ford made people apply for their GTs but I love that they wanted their stuff driven and not just rolled into an underground garage and parked for the rest of the owners's life. Seeing people park cars with under 10 miles on them is infuriating as somebody who loves to drive and will likely never have the opportunity to drive anything special like what people park.
  4. Still more profits than Diamler... I didn't know they sold retail. I thought they were a rental car company, exclusively.
  5. It isn't like F40's and 959's were ever driven much either though so that's kind of moot. I'd disagree on the styling. The list I wrote out all look pretty unique. I don't think you could really see them all lines up and have no clue what brand was what. The two most similar, imo, are the Koenigseggs and SSCs. I feel like the rest are all pretty unique.
  6. That's pretty damn big because I remember reading about that being a pretty insane project itself.
  7. I don't think it should be canceled. It is an awesome halo car. As long as they're planning for all of the costs and the market decline, it's no biggie. Spend a billion and 5 years on it. Although, if I'm being honest, the hyper car thing has lost my interest once the first batch was replaced in only a couple short years. The 918, LaFerrari, and P1 were epic and amazing in about every way imaginable...then they were replaced not too many years later because technology is changing that fast. We went from F40 and 959 in the late 80's to the F1, F40, XJ220, Diablo, EB110, and now there are probably triple that that are in the hyper car game with Koenigsegg, Bugattis, 720S, One:1, SSC's, Enzo, Ford GT's, Paganis, SuperFast, etc... There are just so many out there that they no longer seem that special to me.
  8. The video was taken down...
  9. To the best of my knowledge, that has been a BMW-only thing.
  10. As far as I know, BMW has been charging for it for years and they're still the only ones with the rights to use it wireless-ly. Almost everybody has CarPlay, not just KIA. And everybody else has to use a wire to connect.
  11. AMG GT and G Wagen are priced high enough that their low sales shouldn't be an issue. You could probably average those 5677 sales at $150,000 per unit.. Oh that's a good way to lose some of the wealthiest people in the world as clients.
  12. I'm just giving @smk4565 a hard time because we all know MB is his baby. I know this is just part of the industry. There are highs and lows and getting ahead of those times is crucial. Please, Please axe the GLC Coupe and GLE Coupe.
  13. He is..sadly.. I was never a huge fan of his late night show but I've always loved him as a car guy. The one line that confused me because I know he has a lot of modern stuff, too, was when he was talking about the 8spd DCT transmission and he said he was surprised because a lot of other cars are using 4 and 5 spd automatics. That was a decade+ ago. Do you guys need pictures of the Colorado breaking in half as well? Or is that blasphemy because Chevy?
  14. I think I read yesterday they were only going like 4.2mph so I'd assume they just let it roll to a stop.
  15. Probably the same store they found an F150 rated to tow 1,250,000 lbs.
  16. So somebody who is 6'6" can have their head on their shoulders while they sit in the back.
  17. Literally everything you watch would be the exact same. Coincidentally, those teams are no longer around.. Do you also only want your Cleveland Browns players to have been born in Ohio?
  18. So? If I'm not wrong, all of the smaller budget teams are buying engines and/or chassis from somebody else. They're located in the US. They're still developing everything above the chassis. There is also no reason a team should only look for the best available driver in a certain country.
  19. If you only look at the engines then they are all using the same car but outside of that every F1 team has drastically different bodies. NASCAR isn't near as drastic but there is also freedom to do their own thing but when the fastest design wins.. you're not going to stray too far from that. If you don't have regulations like that you end up with BOP(Balance of Performance) changes and it turns into a sandbagging game in practice and qualifying. I love watching IMSA races and I watch as much as I can of them but the whole BOF, which is necessary, really sucks.
  20. I definitely liked the white with black but I didn't know they made a white top. The white on grey looks pretty sharp. I think I'd prefer a darker grey/silver though.

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