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  1. I'm excited to see what it looks like but I don't think it will look much different than any other mid-engined cars. The proportions are all about the same with similar venting...
  2. I know on Ford it's a higher trim thing. "Privacy Glass" as they word it. I think base Lincoln's do as well even though that should be a small part of the luxury experience, imo, and it should be with Cadillac as well. I don't THINK it is a dealer thing unless they're only ordering lower trims. I think once you step up to a mid or higher trim package it's just something that gets thrown in. Maybe that's part of the selling feature because just looking at two vehicles, one with tint and one without, one looks so much better and most people aren't about going and having their vehicles tinted. Yeah, i definitely did not think it was a Ford thing. Here in IL the fronts are only supposed to be 35%. I've done all of mine to 20% and never had issues with law enforcement. I've looked up the laws and it seems like every state has different laws. Some allow anything, some allow none at all on the fronts and all sorts of mixtures in the middle.
  3. So again, it is a vehicle with options you cannot get for cheaper. I'm not sure where the argument is coming from. Why would somebody be cross shopping mustang and camaros with a 4 door sedan? Not to say it never happens but I would think most that are looking at one is not in the market for the other. Also, Mustang and Camaro are down on sales...maybe it is stealing them..
  4. There are a lot of vehicles that come with factory tinted rear windows. I would assume that'd be available here as well.. maybe not? My Escape and Lincoln both came with factory tint behind the driver's row. I can't believe that's a Ford thing. Don't the GM large SUVs and trucks some with tint on the rear windows in higher trims as well? While 13.7 isn't huge, 3+ cubic feet more is a good amount difference.
  5. This thing is so ungodly ugly but I get it for the people in the back.
  6. Honestly, I would still just rather have an older model for the V8 noises in a car like this. The sound they make is a whole part of the experience, imo.
  7. And still none of those offer AWD or hatchback space in those trims you pointed out. Now arguing a Scat Pack(485hp) Charger starts at 41k is another story. I would definitely argue that is a fantastic value at 41k vs the Stinger GT at 39k.
  8. It's priced more like a cheaper sports sedan, obviously. It's cheaper and roomier than a 330i that starts at 40k with a 2.0T. Stinger GT(TT3.3):$39,300 BMW 330i(base price): $40,250 The 3.3 Stinger has 64hp and 109tq more than a V6 Camry. The Camry also cannot be optioned with AWD. As @surreal1272 has pointed out, it's considerably larger than a 3 Series. Stinger passenger volume: 93.8 cu.ft Camry passenger volume: 100.4 cu.ft. Stinger cargo volume(seats up): 23.3 cu.ft. Camry cargo volume(seats up): 15.1 cu.ft. Stinger total interior volume: 117.1 cu.ft. Camry total interior volume: 115.5 cu.ft.
  9. Yeah, @smk4565 you're comparing two very different sized vehicles. The Stinger is priced very well compared to the luxury sport sedans. GT(with the 3.3TT) starts at $39,300.
  10. I would literally take a less powerful V8 simply for the noises.
  11. Yeah, depreciating asset vs maintaining/appreciating in value..
  12. Those mass produced movements aren't near as high quality as an in-house movement from a company like Rolex. They also don't hold their value whereas there are plenty of Rolexes in high enough demand you can pay MSRP and make money off them. Those 1/10th priced watches lose 75% of their value as soon as you look at it.
  13. This is the best I could find considering they didn't announce anything yet. "Look for High Performance 2.3L Mustangs to hit dealerships this fall. Pricing will be announced later this spring, but expect to pay more than the $2,495 charged for the outgoing EcoBoost Perf Pack. But rest assured that even with the handling package, it will undercut the $8,960 premium charged for a base GT by a significant margin." https://www.motortrend.com/cars/ford/mustang/2020/2020-ford-mustang-high-performance-ecoboost-23l-first-look-review/
  14. I have a feeling that if the Aviator's plug-in hybrid does well this'll come here. It could just be a first couple model year thing. I can't imagine it will never show up here, especially with fuel prices going up.
  15. Overall, I like it. It doesn't look like anything special and there's definitely zero "wow factor" to it. You'd think they wouldn't have wanted to succeed to Lincoln in the interior game..but they certainly did. It's definitely an upgrade from the current one but it isn't a game changer. Also, that green might not sell but boy-oh-boy is it pretty. I'm quite obsessed with dark "colors" lately. Dark green, dark blue, dark red... Love'm.
  16. I'll never warm up to the C-pillar but it also wouldn't stop me from buying one.
  17. IMO, if they want to target the performance/luxury market with a Corvette branded SUV I think their 3.0TT would be a great base engine and then the 4.2TT as the top engine. This is a performance-first brand, in my theoretical eyes. Looking at a Corvette, the base model is 455hp so 400hp/tq shouldn't sound too outrageous as a base for a Corvette-branded SUV. If they're just going to make any GM CUV but with a V8 then there's no point in giving Corvette its own legit brand. It would just be another badge-job. I understand it would theoretically come from an in-house-already chassis.
  18. Sorry, I thought responding about the Macan was being civil.. I definitely wan't looking for a rant as a response. I thought we were just talkin' automobiles.
  19. 252hp 1600rpm - 4500rpm is their peak torque plateau. Don't forget these are German horsepowers. Have they ever not underrated them?
  20. Doesn't the EU Ford have a top trim that's supposed to be quite luxurious? Vinegal, that's what I was trying to think of. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a15347682/ford-unveils-new-edge-s-max-and-mondeo-five-door-in-upscale-vignale-trim-kuga-vignale-concept/
  21. While I would prefer 50 as well, 30 would be more than enough for almost all of my driving. My typical drive to the bus is 5 miles. Most of my trips around town are a combined less than 12 'round trip. To and from work, 10 miles. Plug in when I get home. Make short trip somewhere else, plug in. It really would be just fine for me even if I wanted more range.
  22. The require more revs than I like. None of them are making peak torque under 3000rpm. In the case of the Tacoma its a hybrid response. It doesn't like to rev, at all, but at the same time it doesn't make much power down low, imo. For a smaller engine, I prefer forced induction for the simple part of low and mid range thrust. If it were a toy I would gladly enjoy something to freely rev. I've mentioned it before but as a Ford guy the 6.2 in the Camaro better suits my conservative driving style with its gobs of low end vs the 5.0 which wants more revs. Yeah, I feel like it is a wash in which item do you want to wait for? Turbos require boost and revving engines require a downshift.. Both take a second or two for the computers to sort out the input and realize the necessary output. Personally, on a daily driver, I like the lack of revs and it just feels like it isn't working as hard waiting for a turbo for a couple seconds going up hill or speeding up to pass. As for a toy.. It completely changes. I want it a manual and revs aren't a bad thing. They are thrilling and fun to hear going through the gears.
  23. You're comparing V8 to turbo 4's.. and almost all turbo 4 engines now aren't high revving. GM's LTG makes peak power at 5600rpm Ford's 2.0T peaks at 5500rpm Jeep's new 2.0T peaks at 5200rpm BMW's 2.0T peaks from 5000-6500rpm FWIW, I complain about all n/a V6's. GM just happens to come up the most around here. I know I've also complained about the V6 in my dad's Taco as well.

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