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  1. Let me make it clear that despite our many philosophical differences, I do wish for a speedy recovery from that. I get it from time to time and it is absolutely no fun. I will say to look into the diet and exercise option because most meds for that condition come with a host of nasty side effects. It has helped me.
  2. Guess you’re just doing what narcissists do. Don’t ever accept your role in anything that you call out on others. Enjoy your recovery.
  3. GTFO with that. The folks that you back have been taking part in cancel culture for decades. NFL kneeling? Cancel them? Gay couples on tv? Cancel them? Gays adopting? Cancel that too. We go even farther with conservatives going after music in the 80s (PMRC anyone?) and religious groups trying to cancel things like Dungeons and Dragons. Let’s not forget the rampant censuring taking place amongst the GOP ranks, all because they are mad at other GOP members voting country over party. Just shut the entire F up with your hypocritical nonsense already. No one is buying it. Please though, tell us how
  4. Per Rivians website about the R1-T ”For maximum length, we developed the tailgate with a gooseneck hinge system, extending the bed floor to 83.8 inches with the tailgate down. With the tailgate up, the bed length measures 54 inches, making it easier to get around and park every day.”
  5. That’s the problem here. He did not specify full size trucks when he said “4.5 or 5.5 ft” (and it was pretty obvious that was an estimated number to begin with because how much difference is there really between 4.5 and 5 ft) beds. That was aimed at all trucks, not just full size. Everyone knows that there isn’t a full size with a 4.5ft bed but there a bunch with 5.5ft beds. I’d like to add that after 12 years in Arizona and a state second only to Texas in terms of the percentage of vehicles that are pick ups there, I can honestly say that they are VASTLY underused because most fools there are
  6. Yet no AWD while the Pacifica and Toyota Sienna offer it. Seems odd to not have that as an option since it really is just a taller FWD based CUV.
  7. And it perfectly illustrates why you don’t take car buying advice from just any stranger on the internet lol.
  8. Matte finish paint chips easier as well. It is not a friendly finish in places like Arizona (road rock debris). Can't beat a good clear coat finish in 99.9% of the color spectrum when it comes to cars IMO.
  9. On a side note, how in the hell did autocorrect change “I” to “the” (While “I” get the...)? Man, I have to stop typing before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee.
  10. While the get the “paying homage” in the design, I would sincerely hope that Hyundai was not channeling that legendary POS Excel in that. My old guitarist had one in the 90’s and under that hood was the most Mickey Mouse clusterf*** of bad wiring I have ever seen in my life. Hyundai has come a long way since then but playing homage to that car is like Chevy paying homage to the craptastic Chevette. Otherwise, this a nice looking car (sorry, but I don’t see the CUV part in this currently).
  11. Honestly, I think Drew covered it best as just narrowing down to the choices you’ve given is too simplistic although I get what you were going for here. It is a very complicated situation in that regard.
  12. Today would have been my dads 76th birthday so in honor of his love of music (and especially this band), I spun this on the old record player.
  13. Same problem I have with the Trailblazer. Nice looking enough but around $30K, reasonably equipped with only 3 cylinders under the hood. Just a hard pass for that kind of coin. Way better slightly used choices to be had for that kind of money.
  14. I have two female cats. One is a total diva and one is a total thug. Mallory (Diva) and Lana (Thug)

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