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  1. If you've never had Jacobs Krönung Meisterröstung coffee first thing in the morning, then you are missing out on the nectar of the coffee gods!

  2. An absolutely perfect day outside. 



  3. Welcome to oblivion. 

  4. Karma is tasting sweeter by the day. 

  5. Such a nice day outside. 

  6. Wiping the slate clean. 

  7. Children need not apply. Take that to the other place where the other children play. 

    1. David


      You're not talking about that weisel web site for auto's that so many fled are you? ;)

    2. surreal1272


      Yep and while I realize that I have been sucked into that nonsense from time to time, it is coming to a halt. If only the trolls in question would the same thing, then this would be a better place than it already is. 

  8. The new site looks great Drew!

  9. As the wind blows.

  10. This place is starting to get a little stale, sorry to say.

  11. Trolly trolly troll troll.

  12. It is too damn early to even read the mindless bickering going on here.

  13. Nothing to say but you stalk anyway.

  14. When you think you're being clever, but you're just being a child.

  15. Guess some people had a big bowl of bitchy flakes this morning.

  16. Good grief. Change your diapers if you're going to just whine about it.

  17. When you're still mad about losing your one brand posting buddy. LMAO!

  18. The children should just go back to the kids table where they belong. That is all.

  19. Now offering free advice for those who have knotting panty issues regarding things that don't even concern them.

  20. Conspiracy theories are fun...until you have to back them up with actual facts.

  21. I need to invest in some automotive stocks so that I can be just as blind as some others here.

  22. Cowards are always exposed when they can't even man up to their obvious trolling.

  23. The silence of trolls is the best silence of all.

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