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  1. That is a real penalty if it comes to fruition. 500,000 at a market value of $10K would be a cool $5 Billion, and another reason why every manufacturer on the planet sees Sergio's number come up on caller ID and hits the "End" button sending that $h! straight to VM LMAO!
  2. 85,000 for a Cadillac - 75,000 for a Z-28...where's the little 'banging my head against a brick wall' emoticon?
  3. Happening to catch some of the Oscars when this commercial came on, I knew it was the new big Caddy - I like it, I think it looks sharp. If they make one in a RWD Big Block V8 Coupe, I'm liking it even more...
  4. Really - I had a vision the other day I was reading the window sticker on a GM car and it listed several recalls as standard equipment. I think this is overkill.
  5. These are nice sized SUV's - Really prefer the Encore, tho, it's very sharp. Wish Chevy would do away with that grill treatment. I am sure they will sell a bunch of them due to the price & size. I believe these are built on Gamma II
  6. Introducing the new Spark Denali ! Starting at only $49,995 (as shown, $72, 547.99)
  7. I HOPE you are being your funny self
  8. Everything in this world is a game. Just cancel the car now & save a lot of trouble. Probably only sell a handful of them anyway, being priced almost as much as an E Class Benz I'm sure.
  9. So, if you had a baby today...it would be in Kindergarten by the time you saw these pick-up trucks in a showroom? Wait, just want to get this right...So, If I had a kid and they started college this September I may be able to buy one of these new generation pick-ups for a graduation present?
  10. Seen a few on the roads here, actually, they look real nice...But 3,350 pounds? Seriously, that's crazy. At that weight, it ought to ride pretty nice.

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