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  1. That is a real penalty if it comes to fruition. 500,000 at a market value of $10K would be a cool $5 Billion, and another reason why every manufacturer on the planet sees Sergio's number come up on caller ID and hits the "End" button sending that $h! straight to VM LMAO!
  2. Can't wait to see the all new Camaro in person!

  3. 85,000 for a Cadillac - 75,000 for a Z-28...where's the little 'banging my head against a brick wall' emoticon?
  4. Happening to catch some of the Oscars when this commercial came on, I knew it was the new big Caddy - I like it, I think it looks sharp. If they make one in a RWD Big Block V8 Coupe, I'm liking it even more...
  5. HURRY UP Alpha Camaro !!!

  6. Really - I had a vision the other day I was reading the window sticker on a GM car and it listed several recalls as standard equipment. I think this is overkill.
  7. These are nice sized SUV's - Really prefer the Encore, tho, it's very sharp. Wish Chevy would do away with that grill treatment. I am sure they will sell a bunch of them due to the price & size. I believe these are built on Gamma II
  8. Introducing the new Spark Denali ! Starting at only $49,995 (as shown, $72, 547.99)
  9. I HOPE you are being your funny self
  10. Everything in this world is a game. Just cancel the car now & save a lot of trouble. Probably only sell a handful of them anyway, being priced almost as much as an E Class Benz I'm sure.
  11. So, if you had a baby today...it would be in Kindergarten by the time you saw these pick-up trucks in a showroom? Wait, just want to get this right...So, If I had a kid and they started college this September I may be able to buy one of these new generation pick-ups for a graduation present?
  12. Seen a few on the roads here, actually, they look real nice...But 3,350 pounds? Seriously, that's crazy. At that weight, it ought to ride pretty nice.
  13. Really? To be honest, who cares? Nice to watch one fly off of a cliff in a James Bond movie - that's about it. Unless you have crude oil flowing threw your family history... I mean, really?
  14. I swear I look at these recalls and expect to see 'Vega', 'Chevette', 'Corvair', 'Fiero' Truly out of control.
  15. "Impeccable manners that make it suitable for daily driving." - Cool, as long as they say I can use it for a grocery getter, that's good, OK, I will get one then. Cool, just wanted to make sure...OK, whew...! OK, that's good....How much are these anyways?
  16. I say I say, C'mon Generation 6 Camaro...!

  17. I say I say, C'mon Generation 6 Camaro...!

  18. I'm surprised he didn't say anyone considering buying a FIAT shouldn't buy one...
  19. Assuming it's a 2010 out of warranty, now under recall, and you HAD to get it replace because you could NOT shut your car off? I'd say it means you get a 400 dollar refund.

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