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Future Buick Names


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They could do better, I think.


I think we all said the same thing about the Enclave though, and now it doesn't bother me at all. It really will come down to whether or not they can make great cars to go with these names. Better to have a great car and mediocre name than the other way around.

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we complain because the names SUCK ASS

as in tongue in cheek way down far, if you know what i mean.

what sort of dip$h! came up with those?

marketing degree and nice clothes doesn't make up for being stupid.

Verano sounds like Murano and Verona mutated. I go to starbucks to get a Cafe Verona, maybe this is the angle they are after. Christ, how f.cking dumb are these people? WORK HARDER ON THIS YOU MORONS.

or, i could be the one who is effed in the head and it could turn out to be HUGE. BUICK VERANO, the car that brings GenY back to buick. record sales, wouldn't you really rather have a buick?

i always thought buick had french sounding names, now its italian? wtf? i thought buick was big in china?

well, this isn't as bad as "G3" or 'terrazza'

for the record, 'bolero', 'bengal' maybe not good for a compact but good names for buick.

i can see Encore from its so damn easy.....en-clave, en-core, en-core, ac-cord

can't they use 'rendezvouz' for something?

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Buick is not wanting to go with old names as they just do not fit these cars. Also we do not need a new Skyhawk.

The other issue is that names in this day and age are getting more difficult to get. So many are owned by some corp already or have some have some odd meaning. We have already seen the one that was slang for a sex act in French become a problem for Buick.

Coming up with names in not s short or easy task.

I am no fan of these names but I can understand why we are getting some lame ones anymore. In fact just look at how many have no real meaning and are just made up words.

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I'm just confused... Buick has traditionally used French or English words for their vehicle names, no? So, why verano? I'd say put that in French but then it becomes l'été and that's not going to happen.

I'd love to see Rendezvous used for the baby Enclave. It had a lot of followers and was smaller than the Enclave is, so I don't see why they wouldn't use it.

The compact, well, something better than verano.

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Verano sounds too much like the Suzuki Verona (seriously, took me two tries to NOT type Verona)

Encore sounds... too "cheap appliance" or "Hyundai".... but I repeat myself. Wasn't there a Renault or AMC Encore?

Edit: Yep! Renault/AMC Encore


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Verano sounds like it belongs on an Asian CUV....reminds me of Nissan's Murano. Maybe they can continue the upper Midwest theme they started with LaCrosse and build a Eau Claire, Racine, Eden Prairie or Minnetonka.. :)

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GM and Buick naming in general is about as conservative as the definition goes. They want to carry on the appeal of the old names while generating "excitement" with a new name. So we lose names like "LeSabre" but gain names like "LaCrosse" (although they capitalize all the letters often, you'll notice they take specific effort to make the "a" smaller than the rest of the letters in a lot of instances), is this because LaCrosse has a similar grammatical meaning to LeSabre? We all know Le Sabre is two words meaning "The Sword", but Lacrosse has been and still only is one word, but they had to try and carry on the LeSabre name as much as possible through a different model so it would still appeal to the traditional buyers, but not hold the same negative stigma. Same syllables, same flow, different word... and different car, but even with the Lucerne (which astounds me they dont call it LuCerne), but the idea is the same, starts with an "L", 2 syllables, European flow.

And so now there is a successful SUV known as the Enclave, and it's turning a lot of heads towards Buick, so what do they decide to name the mini-me version? The Encore. I mean they are virtually identical words, and this was done on purpose no doubt. Buick names are becoming foreign and flowery but I suppose it comes with the territory of attempting to compete with Lexus. Names that traditional Buick lovers like (including myself) are not gonna happen because they are more American and rugged and this compromises (to corporate execs) the pristine calm beauty of Buicks today. So names that many of us here would like to see - Roadmaster, Grand National, Wildcat, Skylark, Century, etc - are not something we should hold our breath on. They need to be mystically foreign. Not that I agree with it, but it's corporate execs playing a very careful game and Buick is at a very tenuous moment right now, and I have to say in order for the image to be right, this is the game they need to play. When Buick solidifies its outstanding (and the lineup is becoming truly outstanding) position, then I'd push for more traditional names to come back.

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So, some of us are going to believe something GMI posts, yet when C&G posts about the Z28 members start to say "I haven't heard confirmation"?

So, with that being said, I won't believe it till I hear confirmation.

Interesting point as the Z/28 is essentially ready, and this Buick is still vaporware.

Still, this car is worth doing (and worthy of a better name).

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