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    LCD vs. LED

    Is there a slight possibility that someone out there has a life and doesn't rely on TV for his/her human interaction?
  2. Don't ever trust anyone whose eyes are so close together. Take a good look at that beedy eyed little toad.
  3. Both McCain and Obama rambled on and on, McCain a little more than Obama. Obama sat there with his "I'm Smarter than You" expression on. The country should be able to do better than these two. Obama is a tool of the extreme left and McCain is all over the place. We all lose.
  4. Quoting from an unreliable source should get you some kind of penalty, sort of like a time out, the kind we give the grandson when he misbehaves. Go sit in the corner for an hour and NO INTERNET!
  5. I know how you feel. But maybe they'll get Pelosi and Barney out of there and it'll get better.
  6. I agree, Well Done FOG! There are parts I don't agree with, but "a plan" is better than "no plan" which is what GM seems to be following. My biggest concerns are, "Do we really need Pontiac"? and "What is Anti-GM"? This is not criticism, but thoughts about the Future Of GM and where is it going.
  7. Actually - Obama would have a ZIL 41047 for the state limo.
  8. You are wrong. Just take a look at what happened after Bush announced that the ban on drilling would be lifted. Oil prices went down. Just think what would happen if the congress supported him. I don't think the administration has the balls to fight the congress, which is against drilling until Obama gets elected, and present a "coherent energy" policy to the people. If the administration and the congress stood together on an energy policy and gave the oil companies the permission to start drilling, the price of oil should drop to the $70 to $90 dollar a barrel price. A Coherent Energy Policy means: Drilling for oil. Drilling for natural gas. Funding tax incentives for wind farms, geothermal, clean coal, solar, non-corn ethanol, bio-diesel and conservation. Extracting oil from coal, shale and tar sands. Nuclear power. The current price of oil is being controlled by the commodities market. Traders bid the price up or down based on information gathered from arround the world. If our government made an announcement about adopting a "new" non partizan energy policy, the price of oil would fall.
  9. 1. '99 STS, 03 CTS 2. Yes, probably a CTS in about 1 year and a half.
  10. A long, long time ago, I was dating a woman I really liked. She had a raffle ticket for a Cadillac and said, "Wouldn't it be nice if we had a Corvette (which I already had) and a Cadillac? About a month later she broke up with me for a "safe" married man. I was heart broken and remembered the comment about a winning a Cadillac. I went out and found a year old, "Fire Engine Red" Sedan DeVille at the local dealer. I bought it and drove it to work the next day. Since we worked in the same company, it took her one day to call me and congratulate me on my new Cadillac. It took a while before I realized that she wasn't right for me, but my Red Cadillac got to be my trademark at work. It was also lots of fun to park next to my boss in his VW. He would comment that I must be making too much money and should cut my salary. I told him to try it, whatever I bought was my business, not his. I would sue him if he didn't pay me what I was earning. Besides, his boss controlled the raises and I was their best worker. I had three more Red Cadillac's after that before I bought my Black STS, then the white CTS.
  11. 1955 Almost all makes, GM in particular 1957 Chevy, Ford and Chrysler 1958 Chevy 1959 -1960 Mostly GM 1963 Ford I had one, bought the same one 20 years later
  12. "Michael T. Klare, the author of Resource Wars (2001) and Blood and Oil (2004), is a professor of Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass. His latest book, Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet: The New Geopolitics of Energy, will be published on April 15th by Metropolitan Books." While I agree with some of what was written, Michael Klare is selling his book. Those that can do, while those that can't publish. We all need to look at our lives and change them to make ourselves more energy efficient. It's truely stupid for us to blame Detroit, when they only reflect what most of us want and how most of us live our lives. Most of the car magazines and car fan internet sites focus on the high performance 400hp cars and trucks, not the Ma & Pa cars we need to drive to get to work. A large quantity of the fuel the US imports is from Canada. Should the US become energy independent and stop all oil imports or just those from the middle east? Would that force Canada to sell their excess oil to dictatorships around the world? How much are willing to reduce your energy consumption? Will you reduce your online hours by 50%? Will you go back to 1 bath or shower a week? Will you give up airconditioning, both in your home and in your car? Take a look at the size and weight of all the foreign vehicles imported into the US and Canada. Are they the same as they were twenty or thirty years ago? Of corse not. They are bigger, heavier and less efficient. It's not just Detroit. There are no easy answers. If we want to live in a democracy where people are more important than government and it's regulations, we all need to contribute and we all need to respect other opinions. There isn't one solution to energy independence, but lots of little solutions that all add up. End of Rant!
  13. For those of us in "Snow country", we'd have to find AWD or FWD bicycles. :AH-HA_wink: In fact, I'd probably want to have a bike with a strong "B-pillar" for rollover safety.
  14. You should have had it done when you were five years old like most people. That was before your tonsils and hoohaa got big. Do it all at once and get it over with.
  15. As a member of the Ralph Nader fan club (tongue in cheek), I demand that all Priuses come equipped with pedestrian avoidence radar. Said radar, must initiate a safety broadcast, when approaching a pedestrian or unleashed house companion. Said broadcast is to include a "Hybrid vehicle approaching, please do not step off the curb" message over the Priuses fender mounted, and recessed for safety, loud speakers. This is to be followed by a one minute global warming message from ALGORE. Sorry, no plan is without defects and we realize that ALGORE cannot be held to only a one minute message.
  16. Great pics! A father/son event is special and something you will always remember. So will your son. My Dad and I started at the Chicago Auto show in 1953. We went together for 12 years until my Uncle Sam needed me for a couple of years. Every once in a while I look at pictures of the nerdy little kid standing next to a 1953 Plymouth convertible it reminds me of what a great guy my Dad was. My auto show visit was cancelled this year when a nephew slipped on the ice and broke his leg on Monday. Surgery is scheduled for today and there's no time for the show. Your pictures are great. They give a real life perspective of the cars/trucks as opposed to the posed pictures on most web sites. Thanks.
  17. It's a real shame. Little by little our heritage is being dismantled by poor leadership in government, incompetence in our business leaders and stupidity on the part of the buying public. The "Jeep" was a part of the "Greatest Generation". Now it's just another American company to be sold off to the highest bidder. It's only a matter of time before most of the posters here will be sitting in a little cubicle answering the phone for businesses in India and China. "Patel (made up name to fit in with customer) Speaking, Jeep division service department, how can I help you?"
  18. We had to drive the grandson home (40 miles one way) through a mini-blizzard last night, so we missed most of the game on TV. Although we listened to the game on the radio in the car, we did get home to catch the last 6 minutes, which was all we really needed. Even though the Bears were blown away by the Colts last year, I think the Mannings are great people and Eli must have received some instruction from his brother this year. The Pats must have been listening to the media hype about the "Perfect Season" too much. The game is never over until Joe Buck finally shuts up! As an after thought, the Trailblazer was great to drive in the snow. It's one of the best auto purchases I've ever made. It must handle so well in the snow because of the strong b-pillar. :AH-HA_wink:
  19. Dodgefan wins. I had a '70 Cutlass ragtop that was a great little car. The only one that was better was my '66 Cutlass ragtop. It was fun to drive and practically bulletproof.
  20. My two step-sons are 30 and 36 respectively. I do not consider them to be men, because they do not accept responsibility for their actions, nor are they financially responsible. Both have had DUI's in the past year and because they have no money, they hit their mother (and me) up for money to pay court costs and for lawyers. The 30 year old has cost his mother (and me) about $45K in the nine years we've been married. Fights between him and his girlfriend (Mother of his 6 year old son) resulted in him being arrested more times than I can count. There were lawyer costs and court costs and money spent on sh*t he didn't need, but had to have. He was also without a drivers license for at least 9 years due to an accident with marijuana found in the car. Needless to say, there were 4 or 5 arrests for driving without a license. He is currently living in our basement, which he did finish for us, with a bedroom, bathroom and family room. The 36 year old is jealous of his brother and has a Napolean complex due to being only 5"9". Two years ago, he bought a new house that was bigger than ours, financed partially by his mother. He has to have a F250, Mustang GT, $2000 pool cues, a Honda SuperHawk and more than a few guns, yet he asked his mother to pay his heating bill recently, because he and his wife couldn't make the payment. Now his wife is pregnant and I honestly believe the baby will be more mature than it's parents. The only good thing is my 6 year old grandson is a wonderful kid. He believes in saving his money and always helps around our house, which he calls his house. His mother is also broke and doesn't clean house so he has to. He recently asked , when can I decide where I want to live? I believe that the 6 year old will be a man in my eyes before either his father or his uncle. Just my thoughts on what makes a man!
  21. God ... you must think we're real dumb. You just multiply F by 3/5ths or is it 5/8ths or maybe 13/16ths. Then you get C ... or is it big C or little c. Who cares. I'm not going out until spring.
  22. My local Chevy dealer had a "beautiful" blue 'BU in the parking lot on Monday. Yesterday it was white, with about 4" of snow on top. I'm sure it's been cleaned off by now, but it sure looked good when I drove by the other day. I couldn't see if there were any in the showroom, but I did see an Enclave parked alongside the Malibu. It's a Chevy/Buick dealer.
  23. Apparently, the commission that proposed taking over California's thermostats has felt the "Heat". I heard they dropped the proposal yesterday. Now .... the homeowners of California should find out who these people are and protest to the "Governator" and their representatives. Their presence on the commission should be "Terminated".
  24. In my personal opinion, it's strikingly beautiful. Another winner for Cadillac. I'm sure some changes will be made to the production models, but I'd buy it today if I had the cash. CR will hate it (no rear visibility, no B-pillars to hold up the roof in rollovers and it's not made by the Japanese). Car & Driver will hate it (it's not made by BMW). Top Gear will hate it (it's not British, but what is?). WPBHarry will hate it (cause that's what he does). The real car does not have a B-pillar. Check out the auto show pictures with Ed Welburn.
  25. I would be disappointed if this poster had written something "good" about the CTS Coupe. A Troll is a Troll, is a Troll...........

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