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  1. Fiat News: FCA Ends Right-Hand Drive Production of Chrysler and Dodge Models

    I wonder if they have a Dodge Journey replacement in's been around almost a decade...
  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes...ergonomics and cabin tech are the highest priority for many nowadays. 0-60 and gas mileage are secondary.. (as I get older, comfort and convenience trumps everything else..maybe I'm becoming a future Buick or Volvo driver..).
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    Well, the Cruze is's a real car for the real world, while race cars have no function off the track. 0-60 and quarter mile times are simplistic performance measurements that have limited utility when comparing cars in the real world. More important measurements of real-world performance are seat and steering wheel adjustment, cupholder capacity and adjustability, location and number of USB jacks, etc..
  4. October Car Spotters Thread

    Went up along the Lake Erie coast again today, to a couple beaches and various small towns up to the PA line. Maybe the last nice weekend of the year--70 and sunny. Great fall colors. Saw a variety of interesting cars out and about, a couple Model A Ford roadsters--one pale yellow, one black...I suspect the yellow one had been modernized because the tires and wheels looked more modern.. also saw a clean white '59 Thunderbird coupe. Saw about a dozen modded Wranglers outside a BBQ joint, must have been on a Jeep rally. Saw a clean blue '68 Camaro SS, and a what appeared to be a red w/ white stripes '70 Camaro Baldwin-Motion Phase III. Looked just like the photo..don't know if it was an original or a clone, but sounded brutal.
  5. Fiat News: FCA Ends Right-Hand Drive Production of Chrysler and Dodge Models

    Other than Jeeps, I wonder what the sales # of RHD Chrysler and Dodge models the few hundred per year, maybe?
  6. October Car Spotters Thread

    Took a drive along the Lake Erie coast yesterday afternoon, beautiful day...saw a white late model Jeep Wrangler in my rear view mirror with a modified grille that spelled out 'OHIO' (which read OIHO in the mirror). Also saw a clean red '75 Cutlass coupe on a small town used car lot. Heading to a beach today, may see more interesting cars.
  7. Audi News: 2019 Audi A7 Retains the Swoopy Hatchback Look

    Audi buyers don't want a Mercedes clone.
  8. Random Thoughts Thread

    Drag racing a Tesla seems as pointless as drag racing a Bentley. Probably violates the warranty. And by 'many' it's maybe 1% of customers?
  9. Audi News: 2019 Audi A7 Retains the Swoopy Hatchback Look

    Subtle the full width taillights and dash car.
  10. Nissan News: Nissan Suspends Japanese Production For Two Weeks

    Not Nissan, but how about that bizarre story about Kobe Steel falsifying product strength and durability specs...
  11. Random Thoughts Thread

    Doesn't matter, Tesla buyers aren't drag racing, and muscle car and exotic car buyers aren't cross shopping Tesla...just pointless comparisons.
  12. Soon to be gone; Arteon replaces it for 2018. I don't think the US is getting the Arteon. Both are on the VW UK site. Sometimes brands are slow to update their website, Dodge still has the Viper and Dart on their site.
  13. The CC is gone, replaced by the Arteon. The Jetta is a compact, the Passat is the midsize, and the Arteon is above the Passat....
  14. Quick Drive: 2017 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD

    Your are confusing 'good performance' with 'high performance'...a semantic disconnect. Engines can perform to spec and be class-competitive (perform well within their product class) without being considered high performance.
  15. Jeep News: 2018 Jeep Wrangler Owners Manual Arrives On the Internet

    I like the dash...steering wheel controls look familiar.