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  1. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    ^ Hi there, Olds..nice to see you back here...
  2. What Are You Listening To?

    I went to a couple of concerts during the middle of the week a couple weeks ago--2 guys I've liked since the 80s--Steve Winwood and Howard Jones. Winwood played a lot of his '60s Traffic and 80s songs in a jazzy style--his backing band was solid. Howard Jones was solo with an electric piano, not all his synthesizers. His current tour was 'stories and songs'--him talking about the stories behind his songs, was fun in a small venue in the Cleveland Flats. I've had both of their 80s work stuck in my head the last couple weeks, been listening to them both a lot at home and in the Jeep..
  3. Cadillac plans to produce the Escala

    As far as the Escala goes, I could see it as a nice CLS/A7 competitor...3 sedans--CT3, CT5, CT6 plus the Escala and a coupe would be a nice car line for Cadillac. The CUV fad is going to fade eventually, so they will need sedans..
  4. That illustration (European source?) has a lot of Jeep styling cues to the sides--the wheelarches, greenhouse, etc. will be interesting to see how it turns out. It will be interesting also to see what the next 4Runner looks like..the current one is so ugly IMO.
  5. Ford News: Ford Teases New Bronco and GT500, Drops Other Tidbits

    We'll see..I doubt it.
  6. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    In a world of generic sedans and CUVs, a stylish 2dr with a V8 is a good thing, IMO...
  7. Ford News: Ford Teases New Bronco and GT500, Drops Other Tidbits

    Well, it won't be a 2dr, and will probably have normal bumpers. I do wonder if will have a retro look. The original Broncos were neat little wagons.
  8. Ford News: Ford Teases New Bronco and GT500, Drops Other Tidbits

    If the Wrangler-esque silhouette under the cover is credible, then the Bronco won't be a rebadge of the Everest as I assumed...
  9. Lincoln News: Rumorpile: Lincoln Continental To Be One and Done?

    Was behind one on the road the other night..they have a great taillight pattern...
  10. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    The LC looks great in brown...(everything looks better in brown, IMO).
  11. I've rented trucks and vans from uHaul a few times over the years when I needed to move content from the house to storage and vice versa. Cheap and effective. As far as services like ZipCar, I could see using something like that if I lived downtown in a large city and didn't drive very often, had access to public transportation, etc. I would probably use Uber a lot in such a context. Out here in the burbs I don't need such services. When I lived in Phoenix, I did frequently rent vehicles from my neighborhood Enterprise for weekend getaways to San Diego, LA, the mountains, etc. since my previous Jeep was old and I didn't trust it on road trips.
  12. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    Invalid analogy. The CTS-v is a trim level of the CTS, while the LS and LC are two different models. The LS is considerably larger than the LC...the LS is V6 only, the LC is available w/ a V6 and V8.
  13. Review: 2018 Lexus LC 500

    That's an LS500. The full size 4dr.
  14. A steering wheel coming off whilst driving would be a lot of 'not good', I would think.
  15. It's a really stupid idea, IMO. Since I work from home, I don't use my Jeep every day, but I wouldn't want some unknown rando driving it. It's as stupid an idea as airbnb; I wouldn't rent my house out either. What's mine is mine; it's not community property. If I want to rent a car, I go to Hertz or Enterprise...

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