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  1. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    It would have to be restyled for the US, though...the Asian Colorado-based Trailblazer is hideous in side profile, IMO...would need new rear doors and side quarter windows..
  2. ...and keep in mind the Merc GLE (formerly ML) is based off of the WK2 Grand Cherokee platform...I'm not sure what all is in common--presumably floorplan, firewall, various dirty bits... there appear to be interior hard point similarities I've noticed as well (position of door releases, dash vents, light switch, etc)...I know MB has it's own engines and transmissions.... Don't know about the suspension, though. The GLS (formerly GL) is on a stretched version of this platform, I think?
  3. Honda News: Honda Teases Us with the 2018 Accord

    As an aside, looking at photos of the new Camry, the basic shape is decent, but there are some weird details...the higher trim versions have those weird Lexus-like chrome 'tears' angling downward from the taillights, and why are their black (plastic?) trim pieces on each side of the rear window? The overall shape is pleasant enough but the detailing is overwrought, IMO...
  4. Honda News: More Civic Type R Variants Are Being Considered

    It's definitely far as hot hatches go, I prefer the more serious styling of the Golf and it's variations. As an aside, it would be interesting to see Toyota do something in the hot hatch space again...for conventional powertrains, maybe something based off the Corolla iM....or if they want to be more radical, a performance version of the Prius or the Mirai (now those two are distinctly styled)..
  5. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    They haven't made an El Camino in 30 years, so who cares? Your external dimension approach doesn't account for downsizing..what is full size today isn't the same size it was 40 years ago and definitely not 50 years ago...length and width is one measure of size, but it's too simplistic. What is more important is how the automakers themselves define the cars and the standard, commonly accepted categories they fit in...
  6. I like both generations... a beautiful car, IMO..esp. in the arched roofline. very dramatic..and they've been available in brown.
  7. Random Thoughts Thread

    Thursday evening randomness...been full time in NE Ohio a little over two weeks...after 20+ years away, forgot how nice June can be here..some rain, a bit of humidity, blue skies and sunshine...walked out on my back patio a few min ago, deer in the back yard, fireflies...out front, deer strolling through the front yard and down the street...everything very green...such a different reality from the dusty hell of Phoenix in June. Gets dark pretty late here also. 60 degrees at 6 am while driving w/ the sunroof open and windows down is such a novel idea.. I'm adjusted to the 3hr time difference; working remotely is a bit strange the last couple weeks w/ my Scottsdale client--I was off for a week, came back to find out a major go live date has been pushed out 3 weeks and my department is in chaos because the development manager--my manager--abruptly quit last week--went to work for one of the vendors. So I really don't report to anyone right now but have a number of tasks I'm working on...pretty low key, couple daily status calls.
  8. Interesting...I assumed the CLA's average age was about 30 at most. It seems like an entry level youth model, like the BMW 2 series, Audi A3, etc.
  9. Both of us are way too old for the CLA--it's aimed clearly at Millenials... the only current Mercedes I really like strongly is the CLS---out of my price range new, and I wouldn't seriously consider one as a CPO without a really long, full warranty...
  10. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    ^ 'your book' though is your opinion--your 'facts', not commonly accepted reality. In the reality I'm aware of, a Taurus today is full size, a Fusion is midsize; an Impala is full size, a Malibu is midsize...(though rental car companies fudge the definitions and routinely push cars up one size class).
  11. Those are 2 seaters, I'd consider the Mustang, Camaro and Challenger also as coupes....I think the loose definition of coupes today (2dr or 4dr) seems to be frameless door glass with a lower/sleeker roofline than regular 'sedans'... The Olds Aurora would have been likely been labeled a 4dr coupe today, as it had frameless door glass and was sleeker than the Olds 88/98 sedans of it's time..
  12. Jeep News: Spying: 2018 Jeep Wrangler Now In Two-Door Form

    It is funny that up until the current generation Wranglers (and their CJ predecessors) were all 2drs...I assume the 4dr outsells the 2dr?
  13. I suppose by using old-time designations it could be called a 2dr sedan.
  14. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    ?? Where do you get those arbitrary numbers from? It's not 1977... mid-size, full-size, etc designations are made based on interior volume, not arbitrary length...
  15. June Car Spotter Thread

    Saw this pale blue '71-72 GMC pickup at the Post Office this afternoon...had rust on the doors and rockers, but looked straight overall...