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  1. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Quick Drive: 2018 Chrysler 300S AWD

    Another recent Mopar color I like is a dark red I've seen on the Challenger and Charger. Octane Red.
  2. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    May Car Spotter

    The dash in these I think was a homage to the '63-65. I liked the tapered rear on these, looked like the longest rear deck in the 90s.
  3. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    May Car Spotter

    There is one of those in my neighborhood, same color. In good condition, see it driven occasionally.
  4. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    May Car Spotter

    Saw a dark blue C7 Z06 at the grocery this afternoon, white haired fellow who appeared to be north of 70 loading groceries into it. Also saw the usual assortment of Buicks, along with Pontiacs--a bright red 2nd gen Vibe (I forgot about those--rather clean w/ no cladding), a black Grand GT 4dr w/ scooped hood in good condition, a dark gray G8, and a black last generation Grand Prix.
  5. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Quick Drive: 2018 Chrysler 300S AWD

    I like that color. There was one at the Cleveland Auto Show on display in this color. The Challenger looks great in this color also...would love to see a GC in this color.
  6. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Industry News: U.S. Announces A New Probe Into Car Imports

    It's pretty clear Trump and the resource units that work for him have no comprehension of how modern global companies work.
  7. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I tried Google image search and the closest match it said was a C-47 Globemaster, but it doesn't look like one of those to me.
  8. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Tested: How Cold Weather Affects EV Range

    Hot weather also can have an impact, don't know about the Bolt, but I remember reading how the 1st gen Leaf suffered in the fecal Arizona summers, with range dropping sharply during weeks of 110+ degree horror...
  9. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Chevrolet News:Spying: 2020 Chevrolet Suburban Is Hiding Something

    IRS allows for a lower rear frame and lower rear floor--more legroom for 3rd row passengers, lower cargo area floor. Compare the Expedition vs the GM full sizers.
  10. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Dodge News: Rumorpile: Dodge Viper Resurrected from the Dead, Once Again

    There was some buzz a while back about a 2 seat Maserati sports car under development, with an EV version...I could see maybe a new platform being developed with a couple of models at a couple brands. I could see the V8 being part of a next gen replacement for the Hemi with a variety of applications. Or maybe this is just more random 'future product' stories that go nowhere from Sergio & co...
  11. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Anyone knowledgable about strange aircraft? Big bulgy gray plane w/ at least 3 engines incl. one on the tail (?). Looks like the wings have been clipped. My sister took this pic at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam yesterday.
  12. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Tesla's Model 3 Gets Even More Expensive

    Yes, a tall car, not a truck. CUVs are car-based. If it's got a FWD/AWD platform w/ a transverse engine, it's not a truck or an SUV.
  13. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Tesla's Model 3 Gets Even More Expensive

    No idea..IIRC, weren't the PT Cruiser and HHR also classified as 'trucks'? Makes no sense, it's just a subcompact hatchback..maybe a little taller than the Spark or Sonic, but the same form factor..not that different from the Trax, which is a short, tall hatchback...
  14. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    ^ Yum...now there is a business opportunity...a truck driving around neighborhoods in the morning peddling coffee and donuts..
  15. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    So, my take on the Diesel "Scandal"

    At least you don't need to use the A/C 8-9 months a year like I used to do in that desert place...(and of course the A/C failed on more than 1 car while living there).

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