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  1. Cubical-aka-Moltar


    I think I have a set around somewhere.. Sony wired earbuds w/ a microphone have been fine so far for phone calls.. though when I'm walking and talking as I often do the wire gets tangled up on stuff...
  2. Cubical-aka-Moltar


    I'll probably get some wireless ear buds eventually to try.
  3. Cubical-aka-Moltar


    That's what my new 8 is on. Because I couldn't get iOS to update, I couldn't run my Chase banking app any more since they updated to support 11.x only, etc. Just got to be a hassle dealing w/ it. So far the lack of the headphone jack is not a big deal (have a dongle for that--though when I'm working on my Mac laptop I listen to content on it rather than the phone).
  4. Cubical-aka-Moltar


    I figure I'll look at this years new phones in 2 years...no rush. My old one only had 64gb ram, kept filling up, it would hang, and every time it would try to update the OS it would fail...was stuck on iOS 10.x. I'm glad I replaced it.
  5. Cubical-aka-Moltar


    You need one of these...
  6. Cubical-aka-Moltar


    My sister loves her Galaxy 7--the Samsungs do seem to have great battery life and great camera.
  7. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    With work, I stay in touch w/ colleagues in AZ via email, daily phone calls and Skype messenger (text only). For my teams in India and Barbados it's too unpredictable for video, so we have conference calls, with the occasional WebEx to share desktops. I've been working this way for over a year now, took some adjustment, but since I've been working w/ this team almost 4 years it was a pretty smooth transition.
  8. Cubical-aka-Moltar


    Finally replaced my iPhone 6..had it almost 3 years...battery wasn't holding a charge, and it was starting to randomly hang/freeze up and not take input from the touch screen. Ordered an iPhone 8 w/ twice the capacity and had it in 2 days, was easy to set up and re-sync everything w/ iCloud. Working great, much better battery life.
  9. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Ya, I definitely find myself staying in touch by phone much less than in the past. I have friends in Colorado I still call once in a while to talk with, but we mostly exchange email or texts or FB comments. My sister and I stay in touch w/ texts & FB messenger when she is out of town or out of the country for work. About the only people that I only use the phone to stay in touch with are my brother and an uncle. And I think the generation younger than mine rarely ever uses a phone to make calls.
  10. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    July Auto Spotter

    The GTO convertible is a '69...sharp. Engine would be a 400. Not sure what green that is, lighter than Vedoro.
  11. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Ford News: Rumorpile: Fusion Name To Live On As An Outback Rival

    No se No sedan version for the US, the GS is a hatchback.
  12. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Ford News: Rumorpile: Fusion Name To Live On As An Outback Rival

    Ok..I see where you went with that..the Regal nameplate was sedan only at the time, and now they have an off-roady wagon version. In that context, yes, they were first before the Fusion, since AMC, Subaru and Volvo already had wagon versions of model xyz before they offered the off-roady versions. Of course, there are already wagon versions of the Regal and Fusion, just not in the US market (Insignia and Mondeo).
  13. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Ford News: Rumorpile: Fusion Name To Live On As An Outback Rival

    Couldn't remember what year the Outback came out without looking... close, though. That GAZ definitely fits the 'CUV' definition, though it lacks plastic fender arch trim and a roof rack...;) I bet it doesn't have cupholders either.
  14. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Ford News: Rumorpile: Fusion Name To Live On As An Outback Rival

    Well, the Outback was just doing the same thing AMC did w/ the Eagle decades ago, and Volvo did w/ the Cross Country 20 years ago..
  15. Cubical-aka-Moltar

    Ford News: Rumorpile: Fusion Name To Live On As An Outback Rival

    So basically the same idea they have with the Focus for the US... a Fusion Active. It's too bad regular wagons won't sell in the US...the regular Mondeo wagon looks pretty sharp in brown.

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