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  1. I want to see Tesla succeed, I look at them as a tech company first and car maker second, and I root for American tech companies...weird factoid--Musk and I share a birthday, though I'm a year older. He's an interesting Silicon Valley guy, a bit crazy and out there, as they tend to be. Running 3-4 companies, I wonder if he ever workaholic it sounds like..
  2. I really like these cars, subtle and kind of blend in..they are definitely enthusiast products that fly under the radar. There is a blue they had i like.
  3. It is funny, about cross shopping, etc. Though I've had a history w/ Fords and plenty of them in my family, I just can't get into their current crop of CUVs and SUVs. My past experience w/ the GC and fondness for the model steered me towards another GC without much consideration of other models. Though I briefly considered going new and getting an Equinox (because of my sister's experience w/ the Trax and the particular dealer), I found them too drab and dour inside. (didn't want a gloomy black or gray cave for NE Ohio). Also considered a used Tahoe, but the ones in Phoenix tend to be high mileage and 2WD. I know people that have had good experiences w/ Acuras, but just not for me.
  4. Forgot about the third row in the MDX, I'm never sure which have them and which don't since I wouldn't use one. The Ford Edge and Explorer seem so close, it's the 3rd row that differentiates the Explorer, for example.
  5. 1. Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4x4 (45-50k) (the SUV) 2. Chrysler 300C (35-40k) (the daily) 3. Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (65-70k) (the cruiser/GT) 4. Mazda Miata (27-30k) (the Ohio back road/track car)
  6. I love the 80s Ferraris...such as the 308 GTB/GTS, Testarossa, F40, and esp. the GTO....never really liked Ferraris after that era. I'd love to own one, though I know they are money pits. The Cutlass is nice, though for a convertible I think I prefer the '70-72 style. For a vintage Olds, I'd love to have a '66-67 Toronado..what a design.
  7. My 77yr old uncle and his wife have a '14 MDX, rode in it last year in Ohio. It's a pleasant, comfortable midsize SUV, but I wouldn't take it over my Grand Cherokee...
  8. These photos were taken 3 days apart, in March 2016. My old Jeep sitting in the driveway, a Phoenix sunset looking down my street, and the 2nd pic an Ohio sunset taken on the family farm...
  9. oil stains on the driveway courtesy of my old Jeep, which had a leak or two for years...
  10. The adventure continues. Pods showed up today to pick up full Pod #2 to ship off to Ohio (will be there in about 10 days), and drop off empty Pod #3 (the final one--will be mostly furniture). Had to unload #3 to the street, move #2 out to the street, then move #3 into the driveway, then load up #2. And the garbage truck was doing it's rounds, so the street got crowded...
  11. 'Bosch' season 3 just came out on Netflix last Friday, I binge watched it over the weekend. I've long been a fan of Michael Connelly's LA-set police detective novels, the TV adaptation is excellent, has several actors from 'The Wire' in various roles. Titus Welliver is excellent as Det. Harry Bosch. Another show I've been enjoying on streaming is the British-Belgian crime drama 'The Missing' with Tcheky Karyo as a veteran French detective investigating disappearances over two seasons. 'Code of a Killer' is a British drama with John Simm set in the 80s about forensic DNA breakthroughs from the science and police angles involving a serial killer in the UK. Last year I watched the original 'The Bridge' (Bron)--excellent Swedish-Danish crime drama, and it's UK-French adaptation 'The Tunnel'. Both were excellent, though 'The Tunnel' was diminished IMO since it was so derivative of the original.
  12. Cool. Looking forward to seeing pics, I haven't seen one of the new Compasses in person yet.
  13. Maybe they will do NISMO versions of the NV vans.
  14. Yep. The driver uses a remote control that looks like an R/C plane controller w a joystick to move it. Pretty slick. Now if their customer service and website worked as well...
  15. Just over 2000 miles.