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  1. Scottsdale. (I commuted on Camelback Road for 3 years from Central Phoenix to downtown Scottsdale)
  2. My favorite flavor from Heinen's is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup...have a tub of that and the Sea Salt Caramel Toffee in the freezer now.
  3. No one seemed to have posted the 2nd quarter sales number results in the Sales Ticker forum like they used to, but from what I’ve seen elsewhere the numbers were down, more for some makers than others.
  4. There is no US version on sale now, so it's a moot point. There is an E-Golf in the low 30s, but I think it's range is poor compared to the Bolt and Leaf.
  5. The European version of the Bolt---the Opel Ampera-e---starts at about 42k euros, so same ballpark. https://www.opel.de/fahrzeuge/ampera-e/uebersicht.html
  6. Sounds like the Cupra el-Born will start at around 45k euros. https://ev-database.org/car/1178/CUPRA-el-born
  7. Had a very wet April/May/early June here, but been very warm and dry the last two weeks.
  8. Looking stormy here..I've been moving hoses w/ sprinklers around the front and back yard and trying to keep it from completely going tan...been a hot, dry stretch lately.
  9. Yeah, but OJ was bigger than those two.
  10. Chevy really needs a good crossover coupe--I think they need to be bold and do a Corvette crossover coupe....a rugged mid-engined 2 seat SUV--that would be bold. Something that would make the Lambo Urus look weak.
  11. 'twas but a typoe.. Hadn't heard of Turkey Hill, have had Blue Bunny somewhere before. My favorite home ice cream around here is from one of my local grocery chains, Heinen's.. Their ice cream is delicious.
  12. Yes, that would be an automatic down vote.
  13. Sounds like we may get the Corolla Cross. https://www.autoblog.com/2020/07/09/toyota-corolla-cross/
  14. I wonder if they will do a white OJ Edition of the 2dr.

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