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  1. The Bolt is more of A Leaf competitor a mass market commuter EV. The Cadillac EV CUV could be GM’s real Tesla competitor.
  2. Cue Matthew McConahughey... 'The new Lincoln Elevator....luxury elevated.'
  3. I'm wondering if this is an all new EV-specific platform or a variant of the Explorer platform---unibody RWD/AWD, similar wheelbase, and it's been said the next Mustang would likely be based on the Explorer platform...
  4. Yeah, I remember back in the mid-oughts the bloviating defecators online were whining about the 4dr Charger when it came out...same kind of thing. F' em...
  5. I wonder if we will see a Lincoln version announced soon...different styling, more luxury, more $$$. EViator
  6. I do use sarcasm IRL with care. I've had people say they don't get when I'm being sarcasm or facetious because I never change my tone of voice. In writing I do use <sarcasm> </sarcasm> html tags sometimes, if I know my audience well.
  7. It's definitely a marketing move. Gets more attention with the Mustang name than it would otherwise. But will it be a successful gamble? Only time will tell. Yes, you do tend toward the loquacious. I strive for short and pithy, sometimes veering into sarcasm and absurdity.
  8. As with anything, the loudest complainers get the most attention. Reality will show in a couple years with sales results as to whether Ford made a good or a bad decision....
  9. 'Trolls on teh internets' have been a truism since olden days..they were there on CompuServe and Usenet newsgroups 30 years ago when I was but a skinny teenager with a Mustang (2 actually) and learning the computing game on computers that seem primitive compared to my phone today..
  10. Sunday evening I was out and about and saw an Amish buggy with a light bar on the front roof, like something off those brodozer trucks. Green and white lights.
  11. Products evolve over time...at least they aren't making a 4cyl FWD Mustang...imagine the uproar that would have caused. Since there have been rumors the next Mustang will be on an Explorer-based platform, that opens up lots of possibilities incl. AWD... I like the idea of a future Mustang GT coupe or convertible w/ a 5.0 V8, manual, AWD and 4500lbs. That would be tight. Or a Mustang 4dr coupe w/ V8...
  12. @Drew Dowdell Good luck. I'm sure you'll find something good.
  13. Though this might be a good addition to the US Chevy line, it looks more appealing than the Bolt.
  14. Going to try for next weekend. Was too busy this past weekend.
  15. I'll admit to being a Mustang fan since childhood, and have owned multiple Mustangs. I'm also 'EV-curious'...not likely to buy one any time soon, but I'm not rabidly anti-EV like some. Looking forward to seeing this one in person. The performance and range sound great at first read.

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