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  1. It seems every few months we get a rumor coming out of the woodwork about the upcoming Land Rover Defender. That time has arrived once again thanks to Car. They're reporting that Land Rover is planning a family of Defender models like they have done with the Discovery and Range Rover. We know some of them such as a pickup we brought to light in April. But Car says there is an electric variant and what is known as the Defender Sport in the cards. The report doesn't provide many details on the former, but we know that Land Rover has floated this idea back in 2013 with a Defender EV concept. As for the Defender Sport, Car states the model will be take on an "on-road and lifestyle flavour," something akin to the Range Rover Sport. Production is expected to begin in 2020 with the two-door soft and hard tops, and the four-door hard top. Other models like the Sport aren't expected to arrive till later on in the decade. Source: Car
  2. The next-generation Land Rover Defender has had quite the lengthy development with various changes taking place. We have reported that the new Defender will not look like the DC 100 concepts shown earlier this decade. There is another change afoot. According to Autocar, Land Rover has decided to make the new Defender to debut the Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA). Previously, the Defender was expected to use the Premium Lightweight Architecture (PLA) - what underpins the Discovery and a number of Range Rover models. But MLA will be replacing PLA as it will be lighter and offer more flexibility to be used in more models. Using the Defender makes sense as its being redone from the ground up, and may explain the lengthy delay in development. One other interesting tidbit is the Defender will be built in Slovakia, not Great Britain like the previous model. Autocar says the Defender will begin production in 2020. There are some other tidbits concerning other Land Rover and Jaguar models in Autocar's report The next-generation Range Rover Evoque is said to be debuting later this year at the LA Auto Show, with sales beginning in the new year. It will use a heavily reworked version of its current platform that will be known as Premium Transverse Architecture (PTA). This will allow a new plug-in hybrid model that will use a new three-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine - don't expect to see it here. Jaguar's large crossover, known as J-Pace will go into production in 2020. It is understood it will use MLA. Another rumor about the Ingenium straight-six. Reportedly, JLR will use a high-performance version with electric turbochargers to replace their V8 engines. Source: Autocar
  3. A new report from Autocar says that Land Rover has filed a trademark application for "Road Rover". It could be that Land Rover is keeping prospective or like-sounding names under their umbrella, not leading to a new model. But in the case of the Road Rover, there might be more to this. Back in September, we brought to the light the Road Rover project. This model is being aimed at the likes of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and is reportedly being developed alongside the next-generation Jaguar XJ. As the name suggests, the Road Rover will focus primarily on on-road performance but still have some off-road chops. Power is expected to come from a set of electric motors. Autocar says the model could debut at next year's LA Auto Show. Source: Autocar
  4. Land Rover is planning an onslaught of new models. The company has already revealed the limited-run Range Rover SV Coupe and is expected to debut the next-generation Defender in the near future, which could include a pickup. There is talk about three new entry-level models joining the lineup. Autocar reports that plans for these entry-level model came to light in 2014, but have been shelved and revived within the past few years due to concerns about making a profit. The concerns are still there, but Land Rover is reportedly moving forward with the plans as growth is continuing in the segment. Plans still need to be signed off by the top executives, however. If approved, the first of this trio is expected to arrive in 2021. But it is unclear which model lineup - leisure, luxury, or utility it will appear in. Leisure: Expected to sit below the Discovery Sport. Could wear the Freelander nameplate which was last used in 2014. Luxury: Expected to sit under the Evoque. The Range Rover family has been the one where Land Rover introduces the brand into a new segment. Utility: Entry-level model for the Defender family. Out of the three, the leisure model has the greatest appeal as it would fill in "an obvious gap" in Land Rover's lineup. The compact Defender has some supporters with Land Rover's executives to be first as the company is wanting to build out a family of Defender variants. Whether Land Rover decides to go with one or all three, the platform will be a re-engineered version of the D8 platform known as D10. D8 underpins a number of models including the Discovery Sport and Evoque. Source: Autocar
  5. Land Rover is expected to finally show off the new Defender sometime this year as part of the brand's 70th anniversary celebration. But there is already talk about adding more variants, one of those being a pickup. Autocar reports that Land Rover will launch this model in 2020 to go up against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, Toyota HiLux, and others. Unlike most trucks that offer a range of cab styles, the Defender pickup will only be offered as a regular cab. This is due to the Defender's unibody structure as it is easier to adapt a regular cab layout then a crew cab. Engines are expected to be 2.0L gas and diesel engines from Jaguar Land Rover's Ingenium family. Land Rover is expected to offer a wide range of specifications from a spartan work truck to a very luxurious to take on the X-Class. The model is expected to be sold in Europe, Africa, South America, and the U.S. The last one is interesting as the majority of pickups sold in the U.S. tend to be extended or crew cabs, which could hurt the Defender pickup if it arrives. Source: Autocar
  6. Waymo is expanding its partnership with automakers. On the eve of the New York Auto Show, the company announced a new partnership with Jaguar Land Rover that will include rolling out a fleet of more than 20,000 self-driving, fully electric I-Pace SUVs over the course of the next two years. Waymo CEO John Krafcik describes the new addition to their fleet as being the "world’s first premium, electric, self-driving car." The I-Paces will be part of Waymo's upcoming self-driving transportation service that will launch later this year in Arizona with the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Prototypes of the I-Pace with Waymo tech will launch towards the end of year. Waymo is planning on having a broader spectrum of vehicles in its autonomous fleet from small cars to semi trucks. "With the Jaguar I-PACE we have a world-beating car that’s captured the imagination of customers around the world. Our passion for further advancing smart mobility needs expert long-term partners. In joining forces with Waymo we are pioneering to push the boundaries of technology. Together we will deliver the self-driving Waymo Jaguar I-PACE with the grace, space and eco-pace that customers expect," said Jaguar Land Rover CEO Ralf Speth. This announcement comes at a very awkward time for self-driving cars. Last week, a pedestrian was killed in a collision with an Uber self-driving vehicle in Arizona. Since then, a number of companies have suspended testing on public roads. Arizona has also has suspended Uber from conducting self-driving tests in the state. Source: Jaguar Land Rover Press Release is on Page 2 WAYMO AND JAGUAR LAND ROVER ANNOUNCE LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP, BEGINNING WITH SELF-DRIVING JAGUAR I-PACE Jaguar Land Rover and Waymo today announce a long-term strategic partnership. Together, the two companies will develop the world’s first premium self-driving electric vehicle for Waymo’s driverless transportation service. Jaguar I-PACE will be the first premium self-driving electric vehicle in Waymo’s fleet First Waymo self-driving I-PACE will start tests in 2018, and become part of Waymo’s driverless fleet from 2020 Up to 20,000 vehicles to join Waymo’s fleet in the first two years of production Jaguar Land Rover and Waymo to explore other future collaborations Jaguar Land Rover and Waymo today announce a long-term strategic partnership. Together, the two companies will develop the world’s first premium self-driving electric vehicle for Waymo’s driverless transportation service. Jaguar Land Rover and Waymo (formerly Google self-driving car project) will work together to design and engineer self-driving Jaguar I-PACE vehicles. This long-term strategic collaboration will further Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover’s shared goals: to make cars safer, free up people’s valuable time and improve mobility for everyone. Waymo Jaguar I-PACEs, equipped with Waymo's self-driving technology, will start testing later this year. On-road testing and capturing real-world data will allow Waymo and Jaguar Land Rover engineers to refine technology and deliver optimum safety and reliability. Up to 20,000 I-PACEs will be built in the first two years of production and be available for riders of Waymo’s driverless service, serving a potential one million trips per day. The Jaguar I-PACE was launched earlier this month and is the company’s first full-electric SUV. It is all-new from the ground up and is a no compromise, desirable and practical electric performance car. Jaguar Land Rover is committed to investing heavily, becoming automotive leaders in autonomous, connected and future electrified technologies. To date, Waymo is the only company with a fleet of fully self-driving cars — with no one in the front seat — on public roads. Later this year Waymo will launch the world’s first self-driving transportation service allowing members of the public to use Waymo’s app to request a vehicle. "With the Jaguar I-PACE we have a world-beating car that’s captured the imagination of customers around the world. Our passion for further advancing smart mobility needs expert long-term partners. In joining forces with Waymo we are pioneering to push the boundaries of technology. Together we will deliver the self-driving Waymo Jaguar I-PACE with the grace, space and eco-pace that customers expect." PROF. DR. RALF SPETH JAGUAR LAND ROVER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER "While we've been focused at Waymo on building the world's most experienced driver, the team at Jaguar Land Rover has developed an all-new battery-electric platform that looks to set a new standard in safety, design and capability. We're sure Waymo riders will enjoy the safe, premium and delightful experience that the self-driving I-PACE will provide." JOHN KRAFCIK WAYMO CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
  7. When Land Rover first introduced the Range Rover back in 1970, it was only available as a two-door model. The last two-door model would roll off the assembly in 1994, never to be seen again. But Land Rover is planning to bring back the two-door Range Rover as a limited-run model. Yesterday, Land Rover dropped a teaser picture of the upcoming Range Rover SV Coupe. The picture is an overhead shot of the SV Coupe's interior which looks like what you'll find in a highly-spec Range Rover. The front seats are upholstered in white leather, while the back seats come in blue. The dash appears to be from the new Velar with a similar center stack layout. “The Range Rover SV Coupé is a highly compelling design with peerless refinement and uncompromised sophistication from its breathtaking exterior proportions to its sumptuous, beautifully appointed, interior. This is a vehicle that will resonate on an emotional level,” said Land Rover lead designer Gerry McGovern. Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) will be tasked with building the SV Coupe. The plan is to only build 999 models for worldwide distribution. We'll have more information when Land Rover debuts the SV Coupe at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6th. Source: Land Rover Press Release is on Page 2 LIMITED EDITION RANGE ROVER SV COUPE SET FOR WORLD DEBUT AT 2018 GENEVA INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW Land Rover announces the introduction of a new addition to the Range Rover portfolio – the Range Rover SV Coupe Coupe design pays homage to the original Range Rover during the Land Rover brand’s 70th Anniversary year Limited to 999 units, the Range Rover SV Coupe will be offered to buyers worldwide, each hand-assembled by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations in Warwickshire, UK The all-new model will make its world premiere at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show as part of the Jaguar Land Rover press conference at 11:45 CET, live streamed on www.landroverusa.com (MAHWAH, N.J.) - January 23, 2018 – Today, Land Rover announces the introduction of an all-new full-size luxury SUV coupe. The Range Rover SV Coupe will be a dramatic and desirable addition to the Range Rover model portfolio featuring a seductive body design and a supremely refined interior. “The Range Rover SV Coupe is a highly compelling design with peerless refinement and uncompromised sophistication from its breathtaking exterior proportions to its sumptuous, beautifully appointed, interior. This is a vehicle that will resonate on an emotional level,” said Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer. The SV Coupe is a celebration of the Range Rover bloodline, with a dramatic two- door silhouette which alludes to its unique heritage – the Range Rover launched as a two-door in 1970 – while being thoroughly modern and contemporary. The interior image released today illustrates that traditional skills have combined with the latest technologies throughout the cabin to exquisite effect. Stunning to the eye, sumptuous to the touch, it is a light, contemporary space where attention to detail has been paramount. Land Rover Design and Special Vehicle Operations have created the Range Rover SV Coupe, which will be hand-assembled at the SV Technical Center in Ryton-on- Dunsmore in Warwickshire, UK. Production will be limited to no more than 999 vehicles for worldwide distribution. “Land Rover created the luxury SUV sector with Range Rover almost 50 years ago. In launching the new Range Rover SV Coupe, we will offer clients an alluring combination of peerless luxury and rarity,” said John Edwards, Land Rover Special Operations Managing Director. “Unveiling this special vehicle at the Geneva International Motor Show in March, during Land Rover’s 70th Anniversary year, will be a defining moment for Land Rover, the Range Rover portfolio and Special Vehicle Operations.”
  8. Luxury crossovers and SUVs were a dominant feature at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show. Here is a recap of the releases from the show. 2018 Lexus RX-L The Details: Lexus has been the leader in the mid-size luxury crossover segment since it was birthed. Where Lexus missed was in offering a 3-row version of their hot seller. Surprisingly belatedly, Lexus finally came through by extending the RX 4.3 inches and updating the roofline to stuff a 3rd row in the back. Powertrain carries over from the standard RX with a 290 hp V6 standard for the RX 350L and the 308 hp Hybrid available only on the RX 450hL. Why it Matters: It is surprising that Lexus took this long to add a commonly sought after option in this segment. Ten years ago, this would have been bigger news, but with the industry pivoting towards smaller crossovers, I expect response to be mutted. The RX does two things, it gives Lexus an entry into the 3-row segment at minimal development and marketing costs, and it puts Lexus in the same league with BMW for absurd model trim names. Click here for more information on the 2018 Lexus RX-L Competitors: Volvo XC90, Infiniti QX60, Acura MDX, Buick Enclave, Lincoln MKX/Nautilus 2018 Lexus LX 570 Two-Row The Details: The Lexus version of the Toyota Land Cruiser drops the third-row seats in favor of a larger cargo area. Two-row option only comes in a single trim level Why it Matters: It really doesn’t unless you’re a wealthy DINK with no friends. As far as vehicle platforms go, the LX and Land Cruiser are ancient, debuting back in 2007. Already on its fourth remodel since arriving, we don’t see much life left. Lexus only sells about 600 LXs per month. Competitors: Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Mercedes-Benz GLS, Audi Q7, Infiniti QX80 (all come with 3-rows) Up Next: Lincoln Nautilus and Lincoln MKC 2019 Lincoln Nautilus The Details: The Nautilus is a refreshed Lincoln MKX, but the most refreshing part about it is the return to a real name. Power changes include a switch to an all turbocharged engine lineup. Base engine is a 2.3 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder producing 245 horsepower, optional is a 2.7 liter V6 with 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque. Both engines are coupled to a front-wheel drive 8-speed automatic with all-wheel drive standard. Automatic stop/start is standard. Why it Matters: The MKX was already an excellent entry in the segment. While overall dimensions are unchanged, the Nautilus looks longer and sleeker than its MKX predecessor. Bringing the MKX up to date with the new Lincoln look was essential, but going back to a real name shows that Lincoln is ready to carve out a firm identity for itself. Click Here for more information on the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Competitors: Lexus RX, Audi Q5, Cadillac XT5, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Acura MDX 2019 Lincoln MKC The Details: MKC moves to the new Lincoln look, but product planners didn’t come up with a name in time. Aside from that, the interior and mechanical features carry over. Why it Matters: This one is a head scratcher. I can only think that for some reason Lincoln didn’t think there were enough changes to the MKC to warrant a name change. People are inherently visual though, so even if there wasn’t an engine change under the hood, the visual change is distinctive enough that now is probably time to do a name change like the Lincoln Nautilus. The MKC sells well, and with this handsome new update, I expect it to do even better. Click here for more information on the 2019 Lincoln MKC Next Up: Infiniti QX50 and QX80 2019 Infiniti QX50 The Details: Infiniti finally replaces the old G37 based QX50, but that necessitates a move to front-wheel drive. The QX50 is the launch platform for Infiniti’s revolutionary new engine that is capable of a variable compression ratio. The new 2.0T with VC can change the compression ratio from 8:1 to 14:1. Why it Matters: I’ll be sad to see the old QX50 go. In spite of its aging platform and interior electronics, it had a butter smoothness and great handling. It never really got a foothold in the market. But auto enthusiast feelings aside, this new QX50 is likely to be the bread and butter of Infiniti’s lineup for the foreseeable future. It hits right in the bullseye of the compact luxury crossover market and does so with a compelling performance argument and a fantastic looking interior. Click here for more information on the 2019 Infiniti QX50 Competitors: Lincoln MKC, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Acura RDX, Lexus NX, Audi Q3, Land Rover Evoque, Jaguar E-Pace 2018 Infiniti QX80 The Details: QX80 gets an updated front clip and a massaged interior Why it Matters: Like the Lexus LX650, the QX80 rides on an older platform from a mass-market brand, in this case, the 2010 Nissan Patrol. The 2017 Armada had a face only a mother could love, but with the update for 2018 it has grown substantially more handsome. The interior has been coiffed with attractive new quilted and stitched leather, though technology has not been updated to include the likes of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Mechanically, the QX80 still uses the old 5.6 liter V8 producing 400 horsepower / 417 lb-ft of torque routed through a 7-speed automatic. Fuel economy is a 1997 like 15 mpg combined. Competitors: Lexus LX560, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Mercedes-Benz GLS, Audi Q7 Next Up: Volvo XC40 and Land Rover Range Rover SVAutobiography 2018 Volvo XC40 The Details: The XC40 is the first vehicle on Volvo’s new CMA platform. It features a 248 hp 2 liter turbo four cylinder routing through an 8-speed automatic to all four wheels. People familiar with the controls from Volvo’s larger SPA platform vehicles like XC90 and S80 will feel right at home as most of touchy stuff is lifted straight from them. You will also be able to subscribe to the XC40 rather than buy or lease. Basically a 15,000 mile a year lease that includes all maintenance and insurance. Why it Matters: Another entry straight at the heart of the compact luxury crossover market. The recent Volvos have been a hit and I expect this one to be as well. The floor display had a few questionable interior materials and some visible exterior manufacturing defects, so I hope those get sorted soon as these XC40s are rolling down the manufacturing line already. Volvo’s policy of electrifying every vehicle that make means that a plug-in hybrid version of the XC40 is coming, however the Volvo rep I spoke to refused to confirm. Volvo’s subscription idea is intriguing and it will be interesting to see if it takes off. Click here for more information on the 2018 Volvo XC40 2018 Range Rover SVAutobiography The Details: An Ultra-Luxury Range Rover Why it Matters: Are you a Russian Oil Tycoon or an NBA star? If so, then it matters. If not, just look at it and dream from behind the velvet ropes while the booth attendants sneer at you. It has power close rear doors, executive seating, and a new infotainment system. There is a hidden refrigerator in between the rear seats that holds two wine bottles plus two glasses and opens with the touch of a button. The closest competitor I can think of isn't an SUV at all, but the S-Class Maybach. This is Land Rover's interpretation of the segment. Competitors: Mercedes Benz GLS550 Designo, Bentley Bentaga, S-Class Maybach
  9. Range Rover sits as Land Rover's crown jewel by providing the ability to go anywhere with a number of luxury amenities. But would Land Rover consider adding a model to sit above the Range Rover to take on the likes of the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls' upcoming SUV? "It would strategically be the wrong thing," said Joe Eberhardt, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America. "That car defines the Land Rover brand and the Range Rover family; it is really the epitome of that line, and to dethrone that would not be the right move." Eberhardt explained that by adding a new model to sit above the Range Rover would only hurt the equity in the name. He used the example of Mercedes' Maybach debacle from the previous decade. "That never worked for a whole number of reasons, but one of them was, what does that say about the S class?" Eberhardt said. "And they have — from my perspective — fixed that now by saying, 'Well, within the S class there's actually the highest execution of it that happens to be called Maybach that doesn't sit on top of the S class; it's an extension of it.' " Instead, Land Rover will create "bespoke iterations" of the Range Rover that will allow them to compete with the ultra-luxury SUVs. Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)
  10. Autocar is reporting that Land Rover is developing a new line of vehicles that will be focused more on-road capability and use electric powertrains. The models will still feature some sort of some off-road capability. Called Road Rover, the first model is being developed in parallel with the next-generation Jaguar XJ. Both models are expected to share the same architecture which will be made out of aluminum and have the capability of either being fitted with internal-combustion engines and electric powertrains. The model could debut as early as 2019 at the LA Auto Show. Road Rover has some history for Land Rover. Back in 1950's, the name was used for an experimental model that bridged the gap between Rover and Land Rover. Source: Autocar
  11. Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations has been building up a reputation with high-performance and ultra-luxury models. They're hoping to add capable vehicles to that list with the debut of the Land Rover Discovery SVX. SVX will be reserved for models that can go anywhere and this Discovery fits the bill. The chassis boasts a lifted air suspension with long-travel dampers and new knuckles; Hydraulic Active Roll Control that provides better wheel articulation, and a set of 20-inch forged-aluminum wheels wrapped in Goodyear Wrangler off-road tires. Land Rover's Terrain Response 2 system has been retuned for the SVX to provide maximum traction no matter the terrain. Power comes from a supercharged 5.0L V8 with 518 horsepower and 461 pound-feet of torque. Power flows through a specially calibrated eight-speed automatic with a two-speed transfer box. Outside, SVO has fitted new bumpers with skid plates, grille and side vents finished in black, orange tow hooks, and and an exclusive Tectonic Grey paint. Land Rover says the Discovery SVX will go into production next year at SVO's Technical Center. Source: Land Rover Press Release is on Page 2 NEW DISCOVERY SVX - LAND ROVER REVEALS ALL-TERRAIN CHAMPION AT FRANKFURT IAA Land Rover has revealed the Discovery SVX – the ultimate Discovery for off-road enthusiasts seeking epic adventures. New Discovery SVX revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show is a production preview of the ultimate all-terrain Land Rover Discovery, with a 525PS 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol powertrain Most extreme Land Rover yet, with go-anywhere capability – increased ground clearance, body and suspension lifts, more wheel articulation and large all-terrain tyres Specially tuned Terrain Response 2 system and Active Roll Control are firsts for new Discovery Discovery SVX will be the first Land Rover assembled by hand at the SVO Technical Centre when production begins in 2018 Prospective customers and Land Rover enthusiasts are invited to register their interest in new Discovery SVX at www.landrover.com Frankfurt, Germany, 12 September 2017 – Land Rover has revealed the Discovery SVX – the ultimate Discovery for off-road enthusiasts seeking epic adventures. Discovery SVX, launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, adds extreme all-terrain capability to the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) product triangle. SVX will sit alongside the acclaimed Range Rover Sport SVR and Range Rover SVAutobiography, which are hallmarks for outstanding on-road performance and supreme luxury respectively. Discovery SVX will be the first Land Rover hand-assembled by expert craftsmen at the SVO Technical Centre in the UK when production begins in 2018. John Edwards, Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Managing Director, said: “SVO designers are embedded within the Land Rover team and have worked with our engineers to unleash their own passion for adventure to create another truly desirable and versatile vehicle in the Land Rover line-up.” Discovery SVX embodies the design excellence and engineering integrity that are core values of every Land Rover, building on the legendary Land Rover all-terrain capability and adventurous spirit to deliver the ultimate in off-road performance and desirability. Since its launch in 2016 the fifth-generation Discovery, built on Land Rover’s strong, safe and light aluminium architecture, has won admiration as the world’s best full-size versatile SUV. That makes it the perfect base for SVO’s first SVX vehicle. New Discovery is the first modern Land Rover to wear the SVX badge. Mark Stanton, SVO Director, said: “The SVX product line gives us a fantastic opportunity to deliver the ultimate Land Rover all-terrain capability in a dynamic and distinctive manner, creating a rugged and versatile SUV that the whole family will love: effortless, unstoppable and connected, whatever the terrain. “Discovery SVX is designed to reward off-road driving enthusiasts with the next level of all-terrain capability, without compromising comfort and practicality.” SVX takes Discovery versatility to new levels through further development of its formidable off-road ability. It will be offered exclusively with Jaguar Land Rover’s 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol powertrain, tuned to deliver 525PS peak power and 625Nm torque, along with suspension modifications to enhance driver confidence when tackling the toughest terrain. Hydraulic Active Roll Control (H-ARC), is new to Discovery on SVX. It gives increased wheel articulation and improved body control, enhancing extreme off-road traction while also reducing body roll for smooth and sure-footed on-road driving. Discovery SVX has improved approach, departure and breakover angles, achieved by raising both the lightweight aluminium monocoque architecture and the four-corner air suspension system, employing long-travel dampers and revised knuckles, and fitting larger 815mm diameter 275/55 R20 Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain tyres on forged aluminium alloy wheels. Tyres with higher side-walls reduce contact pressure and improve performance on soft surfaces. Combined with a more aggressive tread pattern, this improves grip in muddy conditions. Discovery SVX is also equipped with active centre and electronic rear locking differentials which work with the specially tuned Terrain Response 2 system to optimise traction on all surfaces. Complementing these hardware upgrades are unique software calibrations for the eight-speed automatic transmission with twin-speed transfer box, and Discovery’s dynamics systems including Hill Descent Control, Electronic Traction Control (ETC), Adaptive Dynamics, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) and variable ratio electric power-assisted steering (EPAS). Discovery SVX also features a model-first Pistol Shifter in place of the Drive select rotary shifter to offer the driver optimum control of gear selection in off-road manoeuvres. To visually reflect Discovery SVX’s inherent robustness and go-further ability, Land Rover designers have referenced features of iconic Discovery off-road challenge vehicles, such as those used for Camel Trophy and G4 Challenge events, to give SVX a distinctive, aggressive and purposeful appearance inside and out. Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer, said: “The combination of design excellence and engineering integrity inherent in every Land Rover is the foundation of everything we do. The Discovery SVX reinforces Land Rover’s unrivalled reputation for building vehicles with true all-terrain capability for customers who desire the ultimate in off-road performance.” The production preview SVX at Frankfurt IAA features unique front and rear bumpers with protective skid plates and exposed Rush Orange-finished metal recovery eyes – each rated to enable recovery of more than six tonnes, an anti-glare bonnet finish and an integrated rear-mounted electric winch system. Discovery SVX also stands out through its exclusive satin Tectonic Grey paint finish, a unique colour and material combination of Lunar and Light Oyster with Rush Orange accents inside, and ‘X’ logo perforations on the SVX-branded seats. Unique Narvik Black side vents with V8 badging, a Narvik Black Dynamic grille, Black roof rails and a roof-mounted unit with two additional light pods for improved low-light visibility complete the transformation. The first Land Rover SVX from SVO makes its world debut on the Jaguar Land Rover stand at Frankfurt IAA, 12-24 September, alongside a comprehensive range of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles including SVO stablemates the Range Rover Sport SVR, Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic, Jaguar F-TYPE SVR and Jaguar XE SV Project 8.
  12. Land Rover is considering building a halo model for their Range Rover lineup to give the Bentley Bentayga some competition. "Why not? We've realized that the Range Rover has got this big expanse across its price range, so it's not a very big step to get into Bentayga country," said Gerry McGovern, Land Rover's design chief to Automotive News Europe. McGovern said that a Range Rover competitor to the Bentayga would have the edge as they have been doing the luxury SUV for much longer. "Bentley doesn't have the pedigree and authenticity in that particular sector. We've got unquestionable pedigree." McGovern went on to say that he would like to see the Range Rover family expand. Currently, there are four models in the lineup - Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Evoque, and the upcoming Velar. The plans for expansion could cause some overlap, but McGovern doesn't see a problem with this. "I would argue you could have two Range Rovers exactly the same size but if they had two personalities then they would both have equal appeal but to different customers." Source: Automotive News Europe (Subscription Required)
  13. Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division has only been around for few years, but it has been making a mark in the industry. The division has launched a number of models such as the Range Rover Sport SVR, the F-Type Project 7, and recently, the XE SV Project 8. But SVO has big dreams as it wants to create its own bespoke model. “Deep down we want to make our own model. Just look at the success of the [Mercedes] AMG GT,” said John Edwards, JLR’s managing director of Special Vehicle Operations to Auto Express. But this is something that will happen down the road. Edwards emphasized that SVO needs to get their Project vehicles just right before moving on to a standalone model. Possible candidates for the next project could be either the F-Pace or upcoming Range Rover Velar. Source: Auto Express
  14. Ever since the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal broke, the fuel has been demonized by the media. governments, and even automakers. But someone is standing up for diesel. Speaking with Autocar, Jaguar Land Rover boss Ralf Speth said the company would be ramping up efforts on promoting modern diesel vehicles. “The latest diesel technology is really such a step in emissions, performance, particulates; it’s better for the environment when compared to [an equivalent] petrol. Diesel has to – needs to – have a future,” said Speth. Speth tells the publication that the issue of diesel isn't just for the automotive industry, but the entire transport industry. Diesel is the primary fuel for commercial fleets such as buses and semi-trucks, which contribute more to the overall pollution problem. He said, "the complete automotive industry needs diesel to fulfill legislative requirements”. Not helping matters is the public perception of diesel vehicles has taken a huge hit. Speth said some of this can be laid at the hands of the media as they have exacerbated certain misconceptions by combining images of old diesel vehicles with sooty black smoke coming out of the tailpipe with modern vehicles. “Anyone can see the black smoke coming out of old diesels is bad. We need to replace them with newer ones.” Speth also lays blame at Volkswagen for kicking off this current mess. “This kind of manipulation software is not acceptable. Unfortunately, the whole automotive industry suffers, not just Volkswagen,” said Speth. “Nobody believes the automotive industry anymore. They see us as offenders and not giving the right information. We have to show our technology is the best you can buy, to reduce the damage to health and the environment.” Source: Autocar
  15. Next month at the Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover will unveil the newest member of the Range Rover family. Called the Velar, the model will slot between the Range Rover Evoque and Sport models. Rumor has it that Velar will look somewhat similar to the Sport with a more rakish roofline. It is also speculated that the Velar will use the underpinnings of the Jaguar F-Pace. "We call the Velar the avant garde Range Rover. It brings a new dimension of glamour, modernity and elegance to the brand. The Range Rover Velar changes everything," said Land Rover's chief design officer, Gerry McGovern in a press release. If you're wondering about Velar, it is derived from the Italian word 'velare' meaning to cover or veil. Velar also has some history with Land Rover as it was the codename for the original Range Rover. Source: Land Rover Press Release is on Page 2 Introducing the Range Rover Velar New addition to the Range Rover family, filling the white space between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport ‘Velar’ name derived from the original Range Rover prototypes of 1969 World premiere on March 1, 2017; US debut at the 2017 New York International Auto Show (MAHWAH, N.J.) – February 21, 2017 - In 1970 Land Rover launched the original Range Rover. Almost half a century later that spirit of innovation continues with the introduction of the fourth member of the Range Rover family, to be unveiled on March 1, 2017. Elegant simplicity, a visually reductive approach and all-new consumer technologies are the hallmarks of the new Range Rover Velar. Land Rover Chief Design Officer, Gerry McGovern, said: “We call the Velar the avant-garde Range Rover. It brings a new dimension of glamour, modernity and elegance to the brand. The Range Rover Velar changes everything.” Refined for every occasion and for various terrains, the Range Rover Velar uses unique sustainable materials and advanced engineering to continue Land Rover’s drive to go Above and Beyond. The origin of the Velar name (pronounced vel-ar) dates back to the first Range Rover prototypes of the Sixties: the pioneers of the luxury SUV landscape. When development engineers needed to hide the true identity of the 26 pre-production Range Rover vehicles, they chose the name Velar, derived from the Latin ‘velare’ meaning to veil or cover. Full details of the Range Rover Velar will be announced on March 1, 2017.
  16. In 2016, nine brands sold 20 diesel models in the U.S. But in light of the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal, a number from Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche have been sidelined. But there are diesel models from GM, FCA, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Land Rover still being offered. But the only 2017 models you can buy at the moment are from Jaguar and Land Rover. Where are the rest? In limbo thanks to a new battery of tests being doing by the EPA. Automotive News reports that since last October, the EPA has been subjecting diesel models to new tests to determine if other automakers are pulling any sneaky cheats. The EPA hasn't said anything publicly about the tests aside from them keeping the vehicles and testing them in unpredictable ways. So far, the new tests haven't uncovered any cheating. "It is true that diesel vehicles are getting extra scrutiny and that has extended the certification process longer than normal. In general, manufacturers have been supportive of this additional testing and have adjusted their timing to account for the additional test duration," EPA spokesman Nick Conger said to Automotive News. Case in point, BMW will not be launching their 2017 3-Series and X3 diesels until the end of the year, with the X5 following in January. Meanwhile, sources at GM tell Automotive News they're awaiting approval for 2017 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon diesels before they start sending them out to dealers. FCA doesn't have any 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ram 1500 EcoDiesels at the moment despite press details saying they would be offered. An FCA spokesman declined to comment to Automotive News - our guess is that FCA is waiting. Mercedes-Benz could be the big loser with this extensive testing. The German automaker was planning to sell four diesel models; C-Class sedan, GLC, GLE, and GLS. Mercedes-Benz spokesman Robert Moran tells Automotive News in an email that the priority for the moment is getting the certification for the GLS. Moran declined to say if Mercedes is planning to offer diesel versions of the GLC and GLE. However, the C-Class diesel has been taken off the table due to "product strategy reasons." This model was supposed to go on sale at the beginning of this year. Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)
  17. Jaguar Land Rover hasn't been doing very well for the past few years. Numerous issues such as poor sales in China, demand for diesel powered vehicles dropping, and the pandemic have put the automaker in a difficult place. This morning in the United Kingdom, Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bolloré announced plans to make Jaguar an electric only brand by 2025; Land Rover to launch six electric models; and to become a net-zero-carbon business by 2039. "We are harnessing those ingredients today to reimagine the business, the two brands and the customer experience of tomorrow. The Reimagine strategy allows us to enhance and celebrate that uniqueness like never before. Together, we can design an even more sustainable and positive impact on the world around us," Bolloré said in a statement. Jaguar Out of the two brands, Jaguar is hurting the most. Sales have dropped like a rock due to people stepping away from sedans and diesel powertrains. Bolloré's plan has the brand moving to an all-electric lineup by 2025. Not many details were released or talked about during the press conference this morning. What we do know is, Future models will utilize a new modular electric platform, known as the Electric Modular Architecture (EMA). The planned XJ replacement, rumored to go electric has been canceled. Likely reason for the cancelation is the platform that was going to be used for this model likely didn't scale to other models. Jaguar did say the XJ name could appear again on a future model. Automotive News (Subscription Required) reports that Jaguar will also move away from SUV-styled vehicles, likely meaning the end of the E and F-Pace. Land Rover Land Rover isn't going to dive in quickly as Jaguar into EVs. The plan is to continue offering a mix of powertrains, but with a heavy focus on electrification. Six all-electric models are planned to be launched by 2030, with the first model coming out in 2024. No word on what that model would be, but our guess is possibly a Range Rover EV. Land Rover will use Electric Modular Architecture for EVs, alongside the Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) for hybrids. The goal is to have 60 percent of Land Rover sales be for electrics by 2030. Other Details Jaguar Land Rover said that it would keep all three of its U.K. plans open, but the Castle Bromwich plant(home to Jaguar XE, XF, and F-Type production) has a unclear future. “First we will continue production of our existing nameplates built there to the end of their lifecycle. Then we will explore opportunities to refurbish the plant, which could benefit from the consolidation of businesses scattered across the Midlands,” said Bolloré. Jaguar Land Rover is also planning on moving their executive team and other major management positions to a centralized location in Gaydon, and work more closely with their parent company, Tata Group. Source: Jaguar Land Rover Jaguar Land Rover reimagines the future of modern luxury by design New global strategy – Reimagine – announced for the British company under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, Thierry Bolloré A sustainability-rich reimagination of modern luxury, unique customer experiences, and positive societal impact Start of journey to become a net zero carbon business by 2039 Reimagination of Jaguar as an all-electric luxury brand from 2025 to ‘realise its unique potential’ In the next five years, Land Rover will welcome six pure electric variants as it continues to be the world leader of luxury SUVs All Jaguar and Land Rover nameplates to be available in pure electric form by end of the decade; first all-electric Land Rover model in 2024 Clean-hydrogen fuel-cell power being developed in preparation for future demand Streamlined structure to deliver greater agility and promote an efficiency of focus Global manufacturing and assembly footprint to be retained, rightsized, repurposed and reorganised Collaborations and knowledge-sharing with industry leaders, in particular from within the wider Tata Group will allow the company to explore potential synergies on clean energy, connected services, data and software development leadership On a path towards double-digit EBIT margin and positive cash flow, with an ambition to achieve positive cash net-of-debt by 2025 with a value creation approach delivering quality and profit-over-volume Gaydon, UK - Monday 15th February 2021: A vision of modern luxury by design Jaguar Land Rover will reimagine the future of modern luxury by design through its two distinct, British brands. Set against a canvas of true sustainability, Jaguar Land Rover will become a more agile creator of the world’s most desirable luxury vehicles and services for the most discerning of customers. A strategy that is designed to create a new benchmark in environmental, societal and community impact for a luxury business. “Jaguar Land Rover is unique in the global automotive industry. Designers of peerless models, an unrivalled understanding of the future luxury needs of its customers, emotionally rich brand equity, a spirit of Britishness and unrivalled access to leading global players in technology and sustainability within the wider Tata Group. “We are harnessing those ingredients today to reimagine the business, the two brands and the customer experience of tomorrow. The Reimagine strategy allows us to enhance and celebrate that uniqueness like never before. Together, we can design an even more sustainable and positive impact on the world around us,” said Mr Bolloré. Two distinct modern luxury brands with sustainability at the centre At the heart of its Reimagine plan will be the electrification of both Land Rover and Jaguar brands on separate architectures with two clear, unique personalities. In a Land Rover, vehicle and driver are united by adventure. By breaking new ground, confronting new challenges and not being content with the expected, Land Rover truly helps people to go ‘Above and Beyond’. In the next five years, Land Rover will welcome six pure electric variants as it continues to be the world leader of luxury SUVs through its three families of Range Rover, Discovery and Defender. The first all-electric variant will arrive in 2024. By the middle of the decade, Jaguar will have undergone a renaissance to emerge as a pure electric luxury brand with a dramatically beautiful new portfolio of emotionally engaging designs and pioneering next-generation technologies. Jaguar will exist to make life extraordinary by creating dramatically beautiful automotive experiences that leave its customers feeling unique and rewarded. Although the nameplate may be retained, the planned Jaguar XJ replacement will not form part of the line-up, as the brand looks to realise its unique potential. Jaguar and Land Rover will offer pure electric power, nameplate by nameplate, by 2030. By this time, in addition to 100% of Jaguar sales, it is anticipated that around 60% of Land Rovers sold will be equipped with zero tailpipe powertrains. Jaguar Land Rover’s aim is to achieve net zero carbon emissions across its supply chain, products and operations by 2039. As part of this ambition, the company is also preparing for the expected adoption of clean fuel-cell power in line with a maturing of the hydrogen economy. Development is already underway with prototypes arriving on UK roads within the next 12 months as part of the long-term investment programme. Sustainability that delivers a new benchmark in environmental and societal impact for the luxury sector is fundamental to the success of Reimagine. A new centralised team will be empowered to build on and accelerate pioneering innovations in materiality, engineering, manufacturing, services and circular economy investments. Annual commitments of circa £2.5bn will include investments in electrification technologies and the development of connected services to enhance the journey and experiences of customers, alongside data-centric technologies that will further improve their ownership ecosystem. Proven services like the flexible PIVOTAL subscription model (which has grown 750% during the fiscal year), born out of Jaguar Land Rover’s incubator and investor arm, InMotion, will now be rolled out to other markets following a successful launch in the UK. Quality and efficiency Reimagine will see Jaguar Land Rover establish new benchmark standards in quality and efficiency for the luxury sector by rightsizing, repurposing and reorganising. Central to that journey, and in order to establish different personalities for the two brands, is the new architecture strategy. Land Rover will use the forthcoming flex Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA). It will deliver electrified internal combustion engines (ICE) and full electric variants as the company evolves its product line-up in the future. In addition, Land Rover will also use pure electric biased Electric Modular Architecture (EMA) which will also support advanced electrified ICE. Future Jaguar models will be built exclusively on a pure electric architecture. Reimagine is designed to deliver simplification too. By consolidating the number of platforms and models being produced per plant, the company will be able to establish new benchmark standards in efficient scale and quality for the luxury sector. Such an approach will help rationalise sourcing and accelerate investments in local circular economy supply chains. From a core manufacturing perspective that means Jaguar Land Rover will retain its plant and assembly facilities in the home UK market and around the world. As well as being the manufacturer of the MLA architecture, Solihull, West Midlands will also be the home to the future advanced Jaguar pure electric platform. Key partners including Trade Unions, retailers and those in the supply chain will continue to play a vital part of the extended new Jaguar Land Rover ecosystem and its journey towards reimagining the future of modern luxury. ReFocus to a more agile operation As evidenced with the latest financial results, Jaguar Land Rover has a strong foundation on which to build a sustainable and resilient business for its customers and their communities, partners, employees, shareholders and the environment. Driving this transformation is the recently launched Refocus programme, by consolidating existing initiatives like Charge+ with new cross-functional activities. Reimagine will see Jaguar Land Rover right-size, repurpose and reorganise into a more agile operation. The creation of a flatter structure is designed to empower employees to create and deliver at speed and with clear purpose. To accelerate this efficiency of focus, the company will substantially reduce and rationalise its non-manufacturing infrastructure in the UK. Gaydon will become the symbol of this effort – the ‘reactor’ of the business - with the Executive Team and other management functions moving into the one location to aid frictionless cooperation and agile decision-making. Leapfrog to leadership with Tata Group In order to realise its vision of modern luxury mobility with confidence, the company will curate closer collaboration and knowledge-sharing with Tata Group companies to enhance sustainability and reduce emissions as well as sharing best practice in next-generation technology, data and software development leadership. Jaguar Land Rover has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Motors, in which Tata Sons is the largest shareholder, since 2008. “We have so many ingredients from within. It is a unique opportunity,” said Mr Bolloré. “Others have to rely solely on external partnerships and compromise, but we have frictionless access that will allow us to lean forward with confidence and at speed.” Bringing all these ingredients together, Jaguar Land Rover is on a path towards double-digit EBIT margins and positive cash flow, with an ambition to achieve positive cash net-of-debt by 2025. Ultimately, Jaguar Land Rover aims to be one of the most profitable luxury manufacturers in the world. Mr N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons, Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover Automotive plc commented: “The Reimagine strategy takes Jaguar Land Rover on a significant path of acceleration in harmony with the vision and sustainability priorities of the wider Tata Group. Together, we will help Jaguar realise its potential, reinforce Land Rover’s timeless appeal and collectively become a symbol of a truly responsible business for its customers, society and the planet.” Mr Bolloré concluded: “As a human-centred company, we can, and will, move much faster and with clear purpose of not just reimagining modern luxury but defining it for two distinct brands. Brands that present emotionally unique designs, pieces of art if you like, but all with connected technologies and responsible materials that collectively set new standards in ownership. We are reimagining a new modern luxury by design.” View full article
  18. Previous Page Next Page The previous two generations of the Land Rover Discovery went by different names in the U.S. - LR3 and LR4. But tonight at an event in Paris, Land Rover introduced the next-generation Discovery and that it what it will go by when it comes to the U.S. next summer. Let's begin with the big story. Land Rover was able to drop 1,000 pounds out of the new Discovery. To put that into perspective, the current LR4 has a base curb weight of 5,655 pounds. How did they do it? Well, it comes down to the Premium Lightweight Architecture (PLA) that is currently underpinning the new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. This architecture features a large amount of aluminum in its construction. Power will come from two engines: 3.0L Supercharged V6 - 340 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque 3.0L Turbodiesel V6 - 254 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque Both engines come paired with an eight-speed automatic and a full-time four-wheel drive system. As for going off the beaten path, Land Rover has a made a number of improvements. Overall ground clearance has been increased by 1.7 inches to 11.1 inches. An optional air suspension can raise it slightly higher. The Discovery will feature All-Terrain Progress Control - basically its a low-speed cruise control system for off-roading. Other off-road bits to be aware off include the latest version of the Terrain Response 2 system and an available two-speed transfer case. The exterior mimics the Discovery Sport with a smaller front grille, reshaped LED headlights, sculpting along the doors, LED taillights, and a one-piece tailgate. The interior is handsome and features a 10.2-inch touchscreen with the latest version of Jaguar Land Rover's InControl infotainment system and three-rows of seating. A clever trick that the Discovery features is the abilty to fold the second and third-row seats by using the infotainment system or an app on your smartphone. Safety-wise, the Discovery will be available with adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, and a surround camera system. Pricing for the 2017 Land Rover Discovery is as followed: Discovery SE - $50,985 Discovery HSE - $57,945 Discovery HSE Td6 - $59,945 Discovery HSE Luxury - $64,945 Discovery HSE Luxury Td6 - $66,945 Discovery First Edition - $74,945 Prices include a $995.00 destination charge. Source: Land Rover Press Release is on Page 2 LAND ROVER UNVEILS THE FIFTH GENERATION FULL-SIZE DISCOVERY The all-new full-size Discovery embodies the Land Rover brand’s drive to go Above and Beyond, combining British desirability with an unstoppable spirit of adventure. It’s an authentic, three-row, seven-seat(1) SUV that brings new levels of capability and versatility to the Discovery family. A full-sized, three-row, seven-seat SUV(1) with characteristic Land Rover capability and versatility The embodiment of the Land Rover brand’s drive to go Above and Beyond, combining British desirability with an unstoppable spirit of adventure On sale from mid-2017, priced from $49,990(7) The Seven Wonders of Discovery: Seven principles describe the essence of Discovery and have guided its creation: 1. The Magnificent Seven: every seat is the best seat in the house The new Discovery features a flexible interior, with seating – up to seven full-sized adult seats(1) – that’s instantly configurable from Apple and Android smartphones using the world-first remote Intelligent Seat Fold technology(2,5) 2. A much loved member of the family for the last 26 years Advanced driver assistance technologies(4) provide the driver and occupants peace of mind Premium interior combines leading design with durable, high-quality materials and space for the whole family 3. King of the hill: a true Land Rover with the brand’s characteristic capability on a variety of surfaces, terrains and weather conditions Full-sized Land Rover SUV architecture delivers impressive all-terrain capability Lightweight aluminum construction cuts approximately 1,000 lbs(3) from the weight of the outgoing LR4, delivering enhanced on- and off-road performance 8,201 lb. towing capacity(10) and Advanced Tow Assist(4) take the stress out of difficult reversing maneuvers 4. British creativity: designed with charm and sophistication loved by the world Design retains key Discovery family cues, adding optimized proportions and sophisticated surfaces 5. Storage addiction: discover the space for everything 82.7 cu. ft. of luggage space and clever storage to satisfy an active lifestyle and family needs alike 6. Connects every generation: Smart features that make life easier All-new Discovery comes equipped with up to nine USB ports, six 12-volt charging points and an in-car 3G WiFi hotspot for up to eight devices(12) 7. After the roads end: reaching threatened habitats and vulnerable people New Discovery will continue the Land Rover brand’s work in humanitarian aid and conservation projects around the world (PARIS) – September 28, 2016 – The all-new full-size Discovery embodies the Land Rover brand’s drive to go Above and Beyond, combining British desirability with an unstoppable spirit of adventure. It’s an authentic, three-row, seven-seat(1) SUV that brings new levels of capability and versatility to the Discovery family. Everyday ingenuity has been at the heart of the Discovery for the last 27 years. The new Discovery signals the transformation from cogs to code with more than 1.2 million owners with us on every step of the journey. The fifth-generation model benefits from the strong and light full-size Land Rover SUV architecture, delivering comfort and adaptability like no other. The all-new Discovery is ready for the digital age. Smart technology features keep families connected and confident on a variety of surfaces, terrains, and weather conditions; ensuring their destination is reached. Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer said: “The all-new Discovery redefines the large SUV. The Land Rover design and engineering teams have revolutionized the Discovery DNA to create a highly desirable, extremely versatile and hugely capable premium SUV. We truly believe the result is a radical departure in design that will introduce the Discovery Family to a new, wider customer base.” Revolutionary design The all-new Discovery was previewed by the Discovery Vision Concept, which showcased the future direction of the entire Discovery family when it debuted at the New York Auto Show in 2014; it represented a radical departure for the most versatile SUV from Land Rover. The revolutionary design gives Discovery a dynamic appearance with sophisticated surfaces and precisely engineered details designed to resonate with customers on an emotional level. Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer said: “Design creates an emotional connection between our customers and our vehicles. Our clear design strategy means our vehicles are instantly recognizable and communicate the values of Land Rover that our customers love. The flawless volume and proportions, sophisticated surfaces and precise detailing of the all-new Discovery, beautifully combine with engineering integrity to create a premium SUV that will resonate with today’s customers.” The Discovery family has always had a spirit of adventure. The new model provides a dramatic reinterpretation of the 27 years of heritage and practical DNA Discovery is best known for, and combines it with a sophisticated design that pays homage to previous models without being restrained by them. Trademark design features include the stepped roofline, which has identified each of the four previous generations of Discovery and provides an elegant solution to a practical need. The stepped profile optimizes headroom for passengers travelling in the third row of seats(1). It also accommodates the customary stadium seating configuration Discovery is best known for, which sees each row of seats positioned higher than the one in front, ensuring every seat is the best seat in the house. Design and engineering integrity from Land Rover ensures the fifth generation Discovery is able to accommodate seven full-sized adults in an SUV body measuring just over 16 feet in length (4,970mm). Most similar-sized competitors provide 5+2 seating, but the new Discovery is designed for 95th percentile adults to sit comfortably in its rearmost seats, providing complete interior flexibility. Each of the third-row seats(1) incorporate ISOFIX mounting points (four in total), so families with children have the freedom to put child safety seats in the most appropriate location for any journey(13). Inside, the all-new Discovery continues the design revolution started by the Discovery Sport, where customers can specify a range of premium materials including luxurious Windsor leather upholstery and natural oak veneers. A limited-run ‘First Edition’ model showcases the very best of the new model. Only 529 examples will be available in the United States with exclusive features including unique etched map detailing on the aluminum trim for the doors and dashboard, unique badges, bold color choices and a comprehensive list of standard equipment. The optional Dynamic Design Pack gives the fifth generation Discovery a more purposeful, clean appearance both inside and out, with features including a contrast roof, athletic front and rear bumper designs, luxurious leather upholstery and a sports-inspired steering wheel and pedals setting it apart. Connecting every generation of the family The all-new Discovery offers an available world-first Intelligent Seat Fold technology, allowing owners to reconfigure the second- and third-row seats with minimal effort; using controls at the rear of the vehicle, the central touchscreen, or even remotely – via a smartphone app – as part of the Land Rover InControl® Touch Pro services(2,5). The innovative feature allows owners to rearrange the seats from inside the store while they wait to pay for large or bulky items, ensuring the vehicle is perfectly configured to accommodate their purchases when they go to leave. All three rows are available with heated seats – heated and cooled in rows one and two – while massage seats are available for the driver and front passenger to optimize comfort on long journeys. Enjoying the spacious interior of the all-new Discovery is made easier by another thoughtful Land Rover innovation. On vehicles equipped with air suspension, Auto Access Height technology reduces the ride-height by up to 1.57 in. as passengers prepare to enter or exit the vehicle. Alongside the spacious and flexible seating layout, the other key to the new model’s versatility is the optional Land Rover InControl® Touch Pro infotainment system(6,11). Vehicles equipped with InControl Touch Pro benefit from a large 10-inch touchscreen positioned high on the center console(5,8). This development enabled Land Rover designers to reduce the number of switches on the center console by a third, delivering a clean and uncluttered appearance. Crisp graphics and easy-to-navigate menus incorporate the latest navigation and entertainment technologies including door-to-door navigation, which can share directions to a paired smartphone to help owners complete journeys on foot(8). Seamless iOS and Android connectivity combine with a 17-speaker Meridian digital surround system and 3G WiFi to provide the ultimate listening experience, whether streaming songs online or playing music directly from a connected device. Up to six 12V charging points ensure the new Discovery is perfectly equipped to cope with the demands of the most connected owners and their passengers, while as many as seven USB sockets (up to nine when the rear seat entertainment is fitted) allow passengers in each row to power their smartphones or tablets simultaneously. Another technology feature for active families is the Activity Key wristband – first debuted on the 2017 Jaguar F-PACE – which allows customers to enjoy sports and active hobbies without having to carry the standard key fob and worry about the risk of damage or loss. Holding the waterproof Activity Key up to the ‘D’ in the Discovery badge on the rear tailgate simultaneously locks the vehicle and disables the ordinary key, which can be left safely inside. This leaves customers free to run, swim, ride or play without worrying about the security of their vehicle. Storage addiction At every stage of its development Land Rover has designed the all-new Discovery around the needs of its customers. This is evident when you look around the cabin. Design and engineering teams at Land Rover have an addiction to storage; this resulted in a host of convenient interior storage solutions for owners, including: Storage in the central console capable of holding pair of two-liter beverage containers. A central armrest cubby large enough to house five tablet computers with a lid that hinges through 180 degrees to function as an armrest even when open Small-item stowage behind the fold-down Climate Control panel A flush-fitting, push-operated, bag hook in the front passenger footwell capable of securing shopping bags The effort put into developing the first-rate cabin storage in the all-new Discovery has been matched by the thought put into its luggage space. The premium SUV provides 82.7 cu. ft. of load capacity, or 45 cu. ft. behind row two, and the new optional dual-purpose Powered Inner Tailgate provides all the versatility expected from a vehicle wearing the Discovery badge. When raised, the fold-down panel at the leading edge of the load area operates as a practical load restraint, but when lowered, the 11-inch overhanging section doubles as a useful bench for event seating or changing muddy footwear, all under the shelter provided by the new one-piece tailgate. This simple device replicates the functionality of the horizontally split tailgate fitted to previous Land Rover vehicles. Comfort and capability The all-new Discovery retains renowned Land Rover all-terrain capability thanks to its combination of excellent off-road geometry and advanced driver assistance technologies(4); together, they enhance the everyday usability of the new model. Ground clearance is rated at 11.1-inches – an increase of 1.7 inches from the LR4 – while a maximum wading depth of 35.4-inches – an increase of 7.9-inches – provides unrivalled confidence when tackling waterlogged trails(4). A comprehensive suite of available off-road driving technologies ensures the all-new Discovery maintains its supreme all-terrain capability and is easy to access for even inexperienced drivers. The Land Rover multi-mode Terrain Response® 2 system optimizes a range of settings, from throttle sensitivity to gear change characteristics, suiting the driving conditions at the turn of a rotary controller(4). Terrain Response 2 can even select the optimum setting automatically if drivers are unsure of the best choice. When tackling particularly challenging terrain, All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) can be programed to maintain a suitable crawl speed as chosen by the driver. The clever technology allows the driver to concentrate solely on steering the vehicle as they negotiate obstacles, without the distraction of operating the throttle or brake pedals, and can also be used from a standstill to help when pulling away on slippery, low traction, surfaces(4). The all-new Discovery also benefits from lightweight and durable Land Rover aluminum architecture. Similar to the construction on Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, the all-new Discovery cuts more than 1,000 pounds from the weight of the outgoing LR4, which used steel ladder construction(3). This weight savings, coupled with an advanced integral link rear suspension, delivers improved handling characteristics and on-road performance without compromising the superb ride comfort that has defined generations of Land Rover vehicles. Another Land Rover trademark carried over into the all-new model, is a Command Driving Position which helps owners enjoy the vehicle’s enhanced breadth of capability with confidence, on variety of surfaces, terrains and weather conditions, by providing excellent visibility(4). This confidence extends to towing capability, which has been a hallmark of every generation of Discovery since it was used to tow a train at its original launch in 1989. In the US, the all-new Discovery has a maximum towing capacity of 8,201 pounds(3). This figure is enhanced with the introduction of some clever technology developed to make the towing with the Discovery more accessible than ever. Advanced Tow Assist allows owners to complete potentially difficult reversing maneuvers when towing trailers with ease(4). The driver’s assistance feature manages the tricky counter-steering required to position trailers accurately when reversing. The driver simply guides the trailer into the desired space with the rotary controller for the Terrain Response 2 system; this is done using responsive guidance lines overlaid on the rear-facing camera feed which are displayed on the central touchscreen, taking the stress out of an otherwise tricky task(4). A choice of powertrains The all-new Discovery is powered with the option of both a petrol and diesel engine familiar to the Jaguar Land Rover line-up; each of which is paired with a smooth and responsive ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox. They include: The 340-HP supercharged 3.0L petrol V-6 carried over from the LR4. With 332 lb.-ft. of torque on demand, the petrol V-6 delivers high-end responsiveness and excellent passing power. Shared with the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, the all-new Discovery benefits from the introduction of a 254HP turbocharged diesel V-6 that delivers 443 lb.-ft. of torque from as little as 1,750 rpm. The all-new Discovery will be on sale at North American retailers from mid-2017, starting at $49,990(7). For more information, visit a local retailer or log on to LandRoverUSA.com. (1) Third row seating is an optional feature on select Discovery models. (2) The Intelligent Seat Fold feature is included on vehicles equipped with optional seven position power seating. (3) Depending on the selected Discovery vehicle trim and options. (4) These systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances, speeds, weather and road conditions, etc. Driver should not assume that these systems will correct errors of judgment in driving. Please consult the owner’s manual or your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for more details. (5) Land Rover InControl® Remote™ app and data plan with a mobile network operator is required to remotely interact with your vehicle. Intelligent Seat Fold feature on app is included on vehicles equipped with optional seven position power seating. (6) Do not use Land Rover InControl® features under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. (7) All prices shown are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Excludes $995 destination/handling charge, tax, title, license, and retailer fees, all due at signing, and optional equipment. Retailer price, terms and vehicle availability may vary. See your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for details. (8) Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Do not operate, adjust or view the navigation or multimedia systems under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Only use mobile phones and other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. (9) Discovery vehicle equipped with the 340HP petrol V-6. (10 Land Rover InControl® Touch Pro is standard on the HSE trim level and above. (11) The Wi-Fi hotspot is intended for passenger use only. Land Rover InControl features may require an additional subscription with separate terms and conditions. (12)Please consult owner's manual or your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for details regarding installation of child safety seats Previous Page Next Page
  19. PSA Group is starting to sound a bit desperate for a merger these days. First they bought GM's Opel Unit for $1.54b, later demanding a roughly 50% refund due to issues stemming from extra rosy sales forecasts and emissions regulations trouble. PSA has quickly turned around the Opel unit into a profit center instead of the loss-maker it was under GM control. More recently, Peugeot was seen to be dancing with FCA only to be rebuffed when it came to light that any merger between the two companies would come in the form of PSA stock. Now PSA Group CEO Carlos Tavares says that he would be interested in a merger with Jaguar Land Rover, saying he would be interested in having a more premium brand above their current DS line. Jaguar Land Rover is struggling with sales declines, but parent company Tata has said "There is no truth to the rumor that Tata Motors is looking to divest its stake in JLR". So it is back to the dance floor for PSA without a partner. Lets see who they come up with next.
  20. Land Rover's ambition of building an ultra-luxury Range Rover to take on the likes of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga has been canned. “We have taken the difficult decision to inform our customers that the Range Rover SV Coupé will not proceed into production. Instead, Land Rover is focusing its resources and investment on the next generation of world-class products," Land Rover said in a statement issued yesterday. Shown at last year's Geneva Motor Show, the SV Coupé was going to be a special model built by Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations. Almost all of the panels were unique to the model. The interior was quite plush with seating for up to four and special leather upholstery. A supercharged 5.0L V8 punches out 557 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Land Rover was planning on building 999 models costing a cool $295,995 (includes a $995 destination charge). A Land Rover spokesperson said the cancellation isn't due to the lack of demand, though the person wouldn't say how many were sold. Top Gear speculates it may come down to JLR's plan to cut 2.5 billion pounds by 2020. Source: Land Rover, Top Gear

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