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2011 Lincoln Town Car

March 3, 2012 - Drew Dowdell - CheersandGears.com

September 15th, 2011 marked the end of an era as the last full size body on frame car rolled off the line a Ford Crown Victoria destined for sale in Saudi Arabia. Just 16 days prior, the last Lincoln Town Car rolled off the line with no press or fanfare from Ford. The Lincoln Town Car along with its Ford and Mercury Panther chassis sisters failed to evolve with the environment and have now gone extinct.

The Panther platform they were built on was first sold in 1979. While it received numerous styling re-designs in the intervening years, but the overall formula remained the same; a large, traditional, 3 box design powered by a V8 with RWD. The body-on-frame part gave the Panthers a toughness advantage loved by Police departments, taxi companies, and limousine builders as more and more competitors move to unitized bodies for their full size cars.

I visited New Haven, CT on assignment from my day job. Upon arrival I found that my regular reservation of a Buick Lacrosse had been questionably “upgraded” to a Lincoln Town Car. As I have already driven nearly every flavor of Lacrosse and never have driven a Town Car, I figured “Why not?” After I posted a picture of my rental in Cheers and Gears forums, the comments were unanimous that I should actually write a review on it. Since the Town Car is already out of production, we won’t be taking this review too seriously.


The Lincoln Town Car; proof that 239 hp is all you need, regardless of weight.

This car was well overdue for a death and the price was perhaps thie biggest joke about it. Compared to other cars near $50k, the Town Car really falls short. And there are many better options for the livery and fleet markets, at lower cost, Genesis and Chrysler 300 are two of them, before even getting to the MKS and XTS. And the Deville was front drive and livery services bought them, so MKS and XTS should do fine for those markets.
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AWESOME REVIEW!!!!! :metal:

I have to say that while I know this car is old and I hate the float ride, I do miss the LARGE amount of room inside.

My pet peev with todays cars is the damn floor mounted shifters and plastic crap eating up my leg room. Put the shifter back on the steering column where it belongs if it is NOT a Performance Auto.

This car shows just how roomy and comfy it is and when you are 6'6" tall 275lbs, leg room is a requirement. One reason I have not bothered to trade in my 2006 Escalade ESV for a new one is they have less interior room in the New GMT900 platform Escalades.

Oldsmoboi my hate off to you for a fun, enjoyable review. Nice job on this piece of automotive history. I think you hit everything pretty dead on including that Ford could have continued to make a solid earning of this platform by just spending a little bit of time to updating the car.

One thing I had forgotten about what just how much room there was under the hood to work on these cars, you could fit a v12 in that engine bay. When was the last time you saw the ground due to space between the front of the engine and the radiator?

Thank you for doing this, :D
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"The heated seats have two setting, “I just farted” and “Hell fire”. Want something in between? Too bad"

I almost died on the floor after reading that one. Good review!

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I have been a long time fan of Cadillac, since 1957. I never really cared for a Lincoln but I do like the Town Car. I rented one and drove it to California. It was comfortable, rode very well, and had plenty of room. I hate these new cars and would never consider a Genesis, or even the XTS. I currently own 3 Cadillacs and this DTS will probably be my last Cadillac. I have been driving them since 1970. In fact, I do not plan on ever buying a new car again. The styling on these newer cars is hideous.
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The Lincoln Town Car; proof that 239 hp is all you need, regardless of weight.

You are accidentally right in this case. With 278 ft-lb of torque, all the Towncar really needed to have a more modern feeling acceleration is a 6-speed auto. The gap between 2 and 3 is just too large.

But hey, I'm only saying that as a guy who drives a 148hp with 250 ft-lb of torque pushing through a 3-speed automatic.

which reminds me... I have to finish that article about how irrelevant horsepower ratings are anymore.
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I have to finish that article about how irrelevant horsepower ratings are anymore :yikes: Say it is not true, Horsepower and Torque are always relevant. :fryingpan:
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You read something I didn't write. I said that horsepower ratings are no longer relevant. Torque, however, is the new horsepower. It just doesn't know it yet.

Of course, I'm speaking in almost strictly marketing terms here.
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