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  • Drew Dowdell
    Drew Dowdell

    Choice Hotels Signs Agreement with Tesla to Install Chargers

      Participating Hotels will be able to install four or more Tesla Universal Wall Connectors

    Choice Hotels has announced a deal with Tesla to install chargers across its range of properties.  Participating brands Radisson, Quality Inn, Cambria, Comfort, Country Inn & Suite, and other Choice brands can add four or more Tesla Universal Wall Connectors for guests to use.  Guests are able to filter their hotel search to find properties offering charging inside the Choice Hotels app.  Customers who have one of Choice Hotels' branded credit cards will be eligible for points bonuses when used for charging at Choice Hotel locations.

    The Tesla Universal Wall Connector is a 240-volt unit that uses a 48-amp circuit and can provide 11.5 kW of power. Its primary connector is the North American Charging Standard (NACS) format while a J1772 adapter is stored in the unit itself.  While not a fast charger, the availability of these units at a hotel solves the issue of charging while traveling.  For a Tesla Model-3, this charger can add up to 44 miles of range per hour. The Tesla Universal Wall Connector costs $595 per unit at the time of this writing and is natively compatible with virtually all new EVs on the road today.  Owners of the Nissan Leaf and other older EVs, however, are out of luck.

    The Cambria brand of Choice Hotels has been aggressively expanding its EV charging availability, with 41% of properties already offering at least one charger and a goal of 100% by the end of 2024. The Choice Hotel footprint includes over 7,500 hotels in 46 countries.

    Choice Hotels joins the Marriott and Hilton hotel chains' similar recent announcements of expanding EV charging access.

    Our take: Charging while you sleep has always been one of the selling points of EVs, so charging while you sleep away from home makes perfect sense.

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    Read More:

    Hilton Adding EV Charging to Over 2,000 Hotels in North America
    Marriott and EV Connect Partner to Install EV Chargers in North America

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    This is awesome news and a great way to ensure you are always starting the day fully charged for driving rather than having to stop by a gas station to fuel up.

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    I imagine in 5 years time, all the big hotel chains will have charging, we see Wal-Mart doing it, Target and other big box stores will do it, McDonalds I think is putting chargers in.  Plus the Ionna charge network should be up and running by then.  I don't think range anxiety is an issue, it is charger anxiety, and soon that will go away.  Plus there will be EV's that aren't super expensive and I think the flood gates open for EV sales.

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