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  • William Maley
    William Maley
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    Chevrolet Cruze Getting A Plug-In Hybrid In 2014

    Chevrolet is adding new models of the Cruze left and right. Earlier this year, CEO Dan Akerson announced a clean-diesel version of Cruze was on it's way next year. Now, we've learned about another high-mileage Cruze.

    Jim Federico, GM's Executive Director, Group Vehicle Line Executive/Vehicle Chief Engineer for Global Compact, Small, Mini and Electric Vehicles told Australia's GoAuto, “The plug-in Cruze has a place and it will be a hybrid.”

    Federico went on to say, “Plug-in Cruze doesn’t make Volt redundant at all. Plug-in Cruze would have a different powertrain. Plug-in hybrids use both the engine and motor all the time.”

    GreenCarReports says the Cruze Plug-In Hybrid will use a front-wheel drive version of GM's Two-Mode Hybrid system, which is currently offered on GM's full-size trucks and SUVs.

    A source tells GreenCarReports the Cruze Plug-In Hybrid is due out in 2014.


    Source: GoAuto.com.au, GreenCarReports

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    This could be for the next generation Cruze.

    I think so....and I have a feeling it is going to follow along the lines of the Malibu there.....

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    2014 seems awfull soon to see a new Cruze.

    GM has been on 4 to 5 year model cycle lately.

    Malibu 2004-2007, 2008 - 2011

    Cobalt 2005-2009 (technically a limited run of 2010 coupes as well)

    Aveo 2007 - 2010

    The Cruze started hitting dealers in Sept of '10 as a MY'11, so a refresh for 2014 as a MY'15 doesn't seem out of line.

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    The way the news reads, I think Cruze will possibly get a parallel hybrid like Prius plug-in rather than a series E-REV like Volt.

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    Mild Hybrid is a hybrid where there is a small amount of assist added to the gas engine torque to help move things along. If the car is moving, the gas engine is running. The Malibu Hybrid and Civic Hybrid fall under this catagory.

    Full hybrid like the Pruis the electric motor and gasoline engine work in tandem while the transmission blends the power from each source. Sometimes the car can be moving on just one or the other, but rotational motion is provided independently and blended later as needed. The "plug-in" aspect just means that the car gets a much bigger battery for longer electric operation and greater amounts of regeneration able to be captured in storage for later.

    The Volt isn't a hybrid in this sense because rotational motion is never "blended" Except in one specific driving condition, your forward motion is always coming from the electric motor even if the gasoline engine is running. GM found out that above 70mph, if the battery is dead, the engine and generator spin at about the same RPM, so for efficiency reasons, it was better to lock them together. That is the only situation where the Volt can be considered a hybrid. Drop below 70mph or recharge the battery a bit (from a long downhill run) and the connection will be broken and you will be back to electric only propulsion.

    When you are in your Volt with a fully charged battery, you can accelerate at full throttle all the way up to 100mph and never use a lick of gasoline. It is purely an electric vehicle at this point.

    In the Plug-In-Pruis, above 45 mph, the gasoline engine kicks on regardless of battery status because the electric motor alone is not powerful enough to propel the car above that speed without assistance from the gas motor.

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    Trust me i understand the Volt (mostly...)

    I already new that the volt is (Not exactly, but along the idea of) a leaf that has a gas generator built in, It's electric when it can.

    I meant i was under the idea that what the volt is, is called a "Plug in hybrid"

    Like the Plug in prius or the fisker

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    GM avoids calling the volt a hybrid because it really isn't. It is an EV with a built in regenerator. Being an EV first kind of negates the need to call it a plug-in.

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    I also expect some major styling changes to the Cruze in 2014. GM will not let this car get stale. With near 200,000 sold as of Oct they will want to keep it selling in this competitive segment.

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