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    Chevrolet SS Says Good-Bye After 2017

      This news shouldn't really come as a surprise

    Most of us knew this was going happen, but there were some that hoping that somehow the Chevrolet SS would continue on after production of the Holden VF Commodore ended. To those who fall into this camp, it is time to move on as the SS will be no more after 2017.

    Alan Batey, head of GM North America confirmed this yesterday at the Detroit Auto Show. Batey also said there would not be a replacement for the rear-drive sedan.

    “Obviously it’s unlikely there is anything to follow because of what is going on in Australia. It was an optimistic play from our perspective and it’s played out well and been a nice addition to the range. It’s not mainstream. It’s small volume,” said Batey

    In 2016, Chevrolet moved 3,013 SS sedans.

    Source: Motor Trend
    Pic Credit: William Maley for Cheers & Gears

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    36 minutes ago, Frisky Dingo said:

    A damn shame. High- very high- on my list of cars to one day own. Fantastic cars.

    Me too... This was one reason I wanted to pay off my Escape and just keep it so I could have a gnarly daily like an SS one day.

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    While I hate to lose a RWD sedan I really just never fell in love with this car no matter how hard I tried. 

    It has a nice chassis and a great engine but the styling left me cold and the weight and ability of the chassis just left much on the table. 

    This would have been a great car in 2008 but now it is old and over weight. Pricing because of where it comes from and content made it difficult for Chevy to sell. 

    It just never had that mean inspired look of the Impala SS of the 90's. It looked like someone took a cop car and tried to make it look nice. They did a better conversion with the G8. 

    My hope is they do a global model for Chevy and Holden on the updated Alpha with Camaro underpinnings. Then toss in the Turbo 4 and V6 for the people just wanting a non sport model at a lower price. Sell it globally down under, N America, China, S Africa, South America and the middle East to leverage out the volume of scale. Replace the Impala with it. 

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    even though this was a good deal for the level of it performance, i can't help but think if it were 10k cheaper it would have seen any increased sales volume.

    styling i think is the major miss here.

    i think now with so much crossover market, to consider a new SS in the future would be pointless

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    We must remember that performance has come and gone over the years. In the early 70's they all dropped the Muscle cars like the plague.  But yet there was a few lingering and then they came back.

    To be honest the prospects of Autonomous cars proves to be more of a challenge to performance cars as their whole existence is counter to everything a performance car is. Along with much more baggage few ponder as we are being marketed heavily on them.  Few consider that you can be told when and were you can go. To control traffic for the common good you may get off work at 5 PM but you will have a slot to go home at 6 PM because that is what you are given. Some one takes over a Government they could control who goes where and when. You may be restricted to travel in your vehicle any time you like. While there are many positives there is also much we will have to give up for this boring generic utopia. 

    To die with out experience is to have never lived.  

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    Kia is bringing the Stinger, and I think the GT might be a good enough replacement of the SS in terms of market positioning of a conventional branded performance sedan. Though the turbo six is no LS3....but it might cost just about the same..

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