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  • William Maley
    William Maley
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    Ford's GT Application Process Will Be Screening Possible Owners

      Not Everyone Will Be Able To Buy A Ford GT

    With 250 Ford GTs up for grabs at the end of this year, Ford is going to make sure they go those buyers who have the passion and will drive them.


    The Detroit News reports that when Ford launches their site to apply to purchase the GT, there will be an extensive vetting process. To start, buyers will need to sign a document stating they will own the vehicle for a certain time - this to prevent an owner to quickly flip their GT for a nice profit. Then comes the application process which will take a bit of time and include questions such as how many Ford models they have owned, how active they are on social media, and how much they plan to drive it.


    “There’s a loyal following to the car. We want to prioritize people who are going to care about the car, keep the car and drive the car,” said Raj Nair, Ford’s product chief.


    If you are one of the lucky few who get approved for the first batch of GTs, you get VIP treatment throughout the process of building and be able to finish the purchase at a certified dealer.


    Source: The Detroit News

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    Ford is going to make sure they go those buyers who have the passion and will drive them.




    That describes me alright!



    Not Everyone Will Be Able To Buy A Ford GT





    Passion dont matter. 

    Money talks, bullshyte walks, baby.

    And I aint gots any!


    No amount of scams and rackets could fetch me a Ford GT.


    Ill just have to settle for a Corvette, then.


    Vettes did go 1-2 at the 24 hour Rolex/Daytona race...who needs a chump who cannot finish a race...


    oooops....too soon to make jokes.  :smilewide:


    Before I get downvoted by anybody, adjust your knickers, I LOVE the Ford GT and I have deep passion for it.  I was disappointed about the results, but quite happy that there were issues so by the time LeMans comes along, the Ford GT camp will have addressed these seemingly minor issues and  the cars might be perfect! 




    I just wanted to sound like an eye-talian wise guy....you know...Goodfella.

    Yeah, like a tuff guy!


    Watcha gonna do aboutit???!!!

    Ill make a couple of phone calls,  you mudderpoquer you! :explode:

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    Hey there Olds! The GTs both finished! :P  They did not win nor were they on the lead lap but they both were running when the clock struck 00:00. ;)


    Transmission issues( on both cars) and tire issues kept them back. The silver lining though, they were fast when they were on the track. Like one of the GT engineers said," it's better to have the speed and work on reliabliity than have a car that you can't find speed in but will run forever". Okay that's not a direct quote but that was the jist of it. 


    Okay, I found the quote I was looking for before posting this but I decided to keep ^ anyway..lol


    "“We certainly had our share of reliability issues, and that is not uncommon in a brand new car’s debut,” said Raj Nair, executive vice president, global product development, and chief technical officer, Ford Motor Company. “As we have said, the first time these two particular cars hit the road was literally at the Roar (Before the Rolex 24) test here a couple weeks ago. Aspects of our total testing program had gone very well, so I think we’re a little surprised at some of the reliability issues we have had. As we get into diagnosing the issues, some of them are very specific to what is going on in a race…coming in for a tire change and the wheel hitting a brake line and breaking it. Running three hours under our caution engine calibration (when the car is under yellow flag), and then finding out that is actually causing a problem. We’re still diagnosing some of the stuff that was happening. Maybe even the aspect of the way the in-car TV cameras were wired, which we obviously don’t run during testing, and that may have impacted some of our power feeds and noise in the system. Those kinds of things you aren’t going to find except in a race environment.

    The good thing about it all, and the thing we are pleased about, is the car is showing some pace, it is showing some opportunity, and overall we are happy that we have a fast car and we need to work on reliability. That’s a lot better than having a slow car that’s reliable, but you don’t know how to get speed out of it."

    Read more: http://autoweek.com/article/imsa/gearbox-issues-dog-ford-gt-debut-rolex-24-daytona#ixzz3z32vsY77

    Edited by ccap41

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    Ey o stronzo!


    Are you talkin' to me?

    Are YOU talkin' to ME???!!!


    Where do YOU get the ballz to talk to me like that???!!!


    If I says the Ford GTs did not finish the race, they did NOT finish the race.

    I made sure of that!


    I called my cousin Vinny who knows a guy who knows some guys and they arranged it!  

    Its like that! Okay???!!!



    OK...Im back to earth, sorry CCAP, I must have been watching too many  mafia flicks as of late.

    I did not see the race, I assumed they were done for.


    Its GREAT news that they were actually still running!

    I cant wait for LeMans!

    Edited by oldshurst442

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    Hahahaha you're great Olds! 


    Nahhh they both went off pretty early(I think some time after hour 3) with some issued but kept going back out. It was an on and off the track type of thing. You missed one heck of a good race though. 


    I'm actually stoked about Sebring first to see how the GTs do or do not iron out their kinks. 

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    The race was not televised for where I come from.

    I dont have Fox Sports, nor is it offered in my selection of cable or satellite providers...


    TSN (1,2,3 and 4 possibly 5?) and  Sports Net (1,2 and 3) probably dont have any rights to the IMSA races, so I was and continue  to be screwed.


    I was also out and about but when I tried using the good 'ol internet when I came home, I was shyte out of luck there too!


    PS: Thanx for the link.


    PSS: I bought myself a Goolge Chromecast doohickey over the Holidays. Maybe I should activate it...I might gain some luck there.

    Edited by oldshurst442

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    Yeah it was on FS1 and FS2 here(they went back an forth I think 4-5 times). 


    I missed almost all of "day 1" but I got to watch a lot of "day 2" when I woke up all hung over and just lounged around all day, lol. I was busy Saturday at the STL auto show where they DID NOT have a GT350, Raptor, or GT(didn't expect a GT) but they did have a black on black RS. I was super surprised they didn't have a GT350 because they're actually for sale now but I guess with the demand high enough(knowing they'll sell out) there's no point in showcasing them more... Oh well.. I got to see a new Camaro and sit in one. Okay I'm getting quite off topic here I should probably just start a new thread or put it all in Random Thoughts lol. 


    OMG chromecast is wonderful. We have one at our house and it's pretty bad-a. 

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    STL did NOT have a GT350?

    What kind of B.S. is that?


    We even had one, not that anybody noticed it while I was there, that is besides the point...


    Chromecast is bad-a???!!!


    Why in the hell did you keep that kind of information away from me???!!!


    Im writing you up in that Nevada Gaming Control Board black book...you aint allowed talking to me no more...

    Just kidding...


    So...this Chromecast thing is worth a shot you say...OK, Ill probably start tinkering with it before the week-end....or maybe right after this week-end...


    SUPERBOWL..I aint missing the Superbowl!!!


    How did you like the Camaro?



    Lets get this thread back on track...


    Ill get it back to where I started saying I got passion for the Ford GT...


    This is the kind of passion I have for it.




    Anybody else out there with that amount of passion for the GT?


    Yeah..I didnt think so!

    Edited by oldshurst442

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