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    Honda Prologue SUV, Next American Chapter in BEVs

      Honda America has announced the Prologue EV based on the Ultium Powertrain and battery packs of GM will go on sale in North America as a MY2024 with the functionality and quality that Honda customers have come to expect.

    2024 is a New ERA of electrified Honda vehicles that are coming. The start is the all new 2024 Honda Prologue SUV, offering versatility and driving range on par with Honda's current lineup of ICE SUVs. Honda Prologue is the first in a series of EVs leading to a global leading lineup of 100% zero-emission Honda lineup by 2040.

    Honda USA says that more details will be forthcoming about the Prologue and other future BEVs and to start for those that want to get updates on the Prologue, to follow this web site: 2024 Honda Prologue – Fully Electric SUV | Honda

    In addition to the BEV Prologue that goes on sale in early 2024 as a MY 2024 SUV, an all-electric Acura SUV will also join the companies portfolio of products as a MY 2024 SUV at Acura dealerships. Both SUVs will utilize the highly flexible global EV platform powered by Ultium batteries and power train based on the companies strategic partnership with General Motors. This is the start of a major change with Honda launching a new series of BEVs under Honda and Acura in the second half of the decade based on a new e:ARchitecture global platform with development led by Honda.

    Honda Global CEO Toshihiro Mibe has announced a carbon-neutrality for the global company that see's sales ratio of battery -electric and fuel cell electric vehicles in North America to progress from 40% by 2030 to 80% by 2035 and 100% by 2040. Details of that road map can be read here: https://hondanews.com/en-US/honda-corporate/releases/release-32797eaea7316f1bed4bfcd27919f703-honda-targets-100-ev-sales-in-north-america-by-2040-makes-new-commitments-to-advances-in-environmental-and-safety-technology

    Honda has a long history of electrified vehicle leadership with the initial EV Plus electric auto in 1997, followed up by the 1999 Honda Insight Hybrid. The Honda FCX in 2002 as the industry's first fuel cell vehicle in the hands of individual owners and followed this up with the Clarity series in 2017.

    As Honda prepares to launch the Prologue, the company has announced that they will introduce hybrid-electric systems to all core models to continue to reduce CO2 emissions and bridge customers from the Volume ICE auto's to Volume BEV auto's now in development.

    Honda in the last three years has achieved record sales of electrified vehicles with sales momentum continuing in 2021. Led by CR-V Hybrid and Accord Hybrid, Honda has recorded its best-ever first-half year of electrified vehicle sales.

    Check out the current lineup of Electrified Vehicles here: Here


    New Honda Prologue SUV Begins Next Chapter in Brand’s EV Direction in North America (hondanews.com)

    2024 Honda Prologue – Fully Electric SUV | Honda

    Honda will call its GM-based EV the Prologue (autonews.com)

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    18 hours ago, smk4565 said:

    Is their 2nd EV going to be called the Chapter 1?  Maybe their last gasoline car will be the Epilogue.  

    I like how they are starting off their change over to pure BEV with their first SUV being the Porlogue!


    1. a separate introductory section of a literary or musical work.
      "this idea is outlined in the prologue"
      • an event or action that leads to another event or situation.
        "civil unrest in a few isolated villages became the prologue to widespread rebellion"
      • (in professional cycling) a short preliminary time trial held before a race to establish a leader.
      • the actor who delivers the prologue in a play.
      Prologue is better than any of the synonyms
      introduction · foreword · preface · preamble · prelude · preliminary · intro · exordium · proem · prolegomenon · prooemium · prooemion
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