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    Tesla CyberTruck 2021 Productions, Nope, 2022, Nope, now 2023 MAYBE?????

      Tesla Cybertruck that has been talked about as a crucial auto for their portfolio is delayed again as the legacy OEMs close in on shipping trucks behind Rivian who is building and delivering them now. Will they make it?

    December 2021 possible customers and existing customers noticed that the production date for the Cybertruck had dropped off the reservation page at Tesla.com. The CEO later sent out on social media that he would have an update in the near future.

    Seems Reuters.com got the 411 on this info as now per a person familiar with the matter informed Reuters yesterday that production is pushed back to the end of 2022 with initial deliveries to be done at the end of the first quarter of 2023.

    Tesla as an electric car and suv builder has talked about electric semi-trucks and in 2019 revealed the Tesla Cybertruck to a much-flawed introduction, but a very successful reservation of the truck. Production was originally to begin in 2021 with deliveries by the end of the year. Due to the pandemic, Tesla delayed the truck as well as the semi to 2022. Now we learn that the removal of production dates means at the earliest 2023 with some insider revealing that production is supposed to begin at the end of 2022 with deliveries by the end of the first quarter of 2023 or end of March 2023.

    Yet, no test mules have been seen, the Texas assembly plant that is to be used for the Tesla Y and Cybertruck is still under construction. Latest picture from 1-11-2022, and as folks know, having the walls up is one thing, installing a production line, testing it and starting production has not been a smooth thing for Tesla.

    Rivian has started to in small numbers build the R1T truck and R1S SUV in limited numbers as they look to avoid the quality flaws that Tesla is still dealing with. Ford Motor company is on track to start deliveries of production trucks this spring as they fine tune things with the vast number of F150 Lighting pickup mules they have out. GM has started production of their Hummer pickup mules with production to start fall 2022 with deliveries planned before xmas 2022. Chevrolet and GMC will then have their F150 competitor out in 2023 around the same time as Tesla.

    This begs many questions that could be asked as Ford has seen their company stock for the first time ever breach the $100 billion market value surpassing GM at a time that GM is also reaching to break this major company milestone.

    CEO Elon Musk has now stated that a detailed product road map will be presented Jan 26th, 2022, at the earning call.

    Musk has blamed much of the FAILURE TO LAUNCH on the supply chain nightmare as he tweeted in late November 2021.

    Musk has also stated that Model Y production will begin at the Texas assembly plant in early 2022, yet as Tesla has proven, that could mean June 30th which would still be early 2022 as it falls in the first half of the year based on how Tesla tends to stretch things out.

    Exclusive: Tesla delays initial production of Cybertruck to early 2023 - source | Reuters

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    We can drive it home
    With one headlight
    Tesla Cybertruck walkaround video shows the absurdly huge windshield wiper  in detail - The Verge
    Through this maze of ugliness and greed
    Elon Musk may have violated Tesla conduct policy by smoking weed
    It feels just like a beat up truck
    I turn the engine but the engine doesn't turn
    Oops! Elon Musk stunned by armoured glass windows shattering in live Tesla  Cybertruck demo | National Post
    Tslaq Tesla Inc GIF - Tslaq Tesla Inc Demo - Discover & Share GIFs
    Well it smells of cheap wine and cigarettes
    Reefer Madness: Elon Musk's Viral Blunt-Smoking Photo Comes Back to Haunt  Him | Vanity Fair
    Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk | Elon Musk | Know Your Meme
    Sometimes I think I'd like to watch it burn
    S 3 X Y
    So hot and sexy, they are on fire! 
    Tesla Model S Plaid Catches Fire While Driver Was At Wheel - Vehiclesuggest
    Tesla on fire in Towson requires large emergency response | WBFF
    Tesla Model X On Fire In California: Video
    Tesla owner watches Model Y catch fire in driveway - Drive Tesla
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    • This is good stuff, I am glad Ford is expanding and helping the push to eV, the faster we go all EV and EV costs come down the better.  Also it is good they are investing the education side, because this country as a whole needs more people in Manufacturing, auto repair, auto body repair and trades in general.  We kind of got away from making things here and a lot of the people doing trade jobs are older, once they retire we are screwed if there aren't young people doing it too. 2 million EV's by 2026, Tesla is already there.  GM and Ford will probably have a good battle for #2 EV maker, what I don't see from Ford is the volume vehicles outside of F150, which the Lightning as it now is far outsold by the ICE version.  Mach-E isn't a volume product, Ford needs the $30k Escape EV that can sell huge numbers.  Lincoln is a dead brand, you aren't getting volume there.  Ford could do well with pickups and vans for the commercial market.
    • @surreal1272 Common Man, your popping his conspiracy bubble of false narrative about pricing on items that are not Tesla or Mercedes AMG Fan boy crazy prices cause an American Company has built auto's that are collectors items. 🤣 Here is just a portion of what I found in my neck of the woods and I see no price reduction like SMK is saying.
    • Good lord. Did you miss the limited production part of the Demon or do you somehow think there will be millions of them 20 years from now? It should be noted that the other cars you mentioned are all less than 20 years old too so maybe (skipping the fact that I routinely see CTS-V Wagons going for right at their original sticker with low miles), pick a spot and sitka with it because you can't have it both ways. A low mile limited production Demon will fetch above original price 20 years from now. They start at $69K and the Redeye starts at $76K so...go ahead and explain this...   And this...
    • Ouch another FORD Recall. They forgot to put in the proper circuit to allow Trailer Towing. Recall Alert: The 2023 Ford Maverick Can’t Tow (msn.com)
    • Used Hellcats right now are $50-85k for the most part, nothing is going to make those go up in value.  So I don’t see the last call demon selling for like $200k 20 years from now when there will be a ton of cheap hellcats and prior demons out there All the prior CTS-V’s, Camaros, Shelby Mustangs all depreciated.
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