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    VW Q1 Delivers 474 ID.4 EVs to customers in the Month of March on a 21% Overall Sales Increase

      VW has started off 2021 in America with an outstanding sales increase of 21% compared to 2020 sales. VW also started delivery of their first electric auto, the ID.4 started customer deliveries in March hitting 474 ID.4 sold and delivered into the hands of customers.

    21% overall sales increase is nothing to ignore and while the sales numbers for themselves are impressive across the whole VW family as is shown by this chart, the focus is on VW moving forward into an EV world of sales as they delivered 474 during the Month of March to customers.


    The VW ID.4 is an all new electric SUV for 2021 and kicks off the start of the EV onslaught for North America. Already the ID.4 is getting critical praise from the press. The ID.4 made Autotrader's 10 Best Car Interiors under $50,000 for 2021. 

    The ID.4 delivers on the following:

    • MSRP starts at $39,995 for ID.4 Pro before potential $7,500 Federal tax credit
    • Compact SUV will launch with rear-wheel drive 201-hp 82 kWh models; all-wheel-drive 82 kWh configuration available later this year
    • EPA-estimated 250 miles of range on Pro S and 1st Edition RWD models
    • Three years of fast charging with Electrify America at no additional cost
    • Modern design pairs with high-tech features, like IQ.DRIVE® advanced driver assistance technology and a smart infotainment system, using voice and touch

     The ID.4 1st Edition model which has sold out was priced at $43,995 before Federal tax credit. There are additional models coming from the base RWD Pro starting at $39.995 to the Pro S @ $44,995 and the AWD Pro S starting at $48,175 available later this year.


    VW is offering a lease option on the ID.4 EV @ $379.00 a month with 10,000 miles a year for 36 months with an EPA certified range of 250 miles. This gives you 104 MPGe city, 89 MPGe highway, combined 97 MPGe. The ID.4 has a .28 drag coefficient, sits squarely in the middle of the Compact SUV segment with all types of tech features from the Dash to the rear seats with modern USB-C ports for charging portable electric devices including a 30 color ambient lighting system with pre-set mood lighting.


    Warranty is 4yrs / 50,000 miles bumper to bumper with a 8 years / 100,000 mile battery warranty and includes a 2yr / 20,000 mile scheduled maintenance and a 3yr / 36,000 mile roadside assistance program.


    VW has stated this will compete against the Honda CR-V, Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4.

    Additional details of the ID.4 can be read at the Volkswagen US Media Site, link below.

    Volkswagen of America reports Q1 2021 sales results - Volkswagen US Media Site (vw.com)

    Volkswagen US Media Site (vw.com)

    Volkswagen ID.4 EV named to Autotrader list of 10 Best Car Interiors under $50,000 for 2021 - Volkswagen US Media Site (vw.com)

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    33 minutes ago, Drew Dowdell said:

    But.... it only just started on the market.

    Overall sales is up 21% over 2020 and the ID.4 delivered 474 EVs in their first month of production to customers. Thought it was clear, but my bad.

    Excited that it is out and on sale.

    9 minutes ago, Robert Hall said:

    Didn't realize it was on sale yet in the US.

    You can now play I SPY ID.4 :P 

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    4 hours ago, David said:

    ID.4 delivered 474 EVs in their first month of production

    That was a QUARTER, not a month.

    iD4 + e-Golf = 0.005% of all VW sales. 

    When is VW claiming to be 100% BE??

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    38 minutes ago, balthazar said:

    That was a QUARTER, not a month.

    iD4 + e-Golf = 0.005% of all VW sales. 

    When is VW claiming to be 100% BE??

    Yes it was for the Q1, but the ID.4 only started shipping mid March, so that figure was for a single month only.

    Bigger yet is looking at the global picture rather than just the US which this is about and for that VW is on track to sell 1 million EVs by the end of 2023 per their own info.

    2019 (Full Year) Global: Volkswagen Electric Car Sales Worldwide - Car Sales Statistics (best-selling-cars.com)

    For 2020 only, VW was almost equal to half of Tesla in EV sales. 231,600 sold and delivered in 2020 globally. 

    VW Group sold almost half as many EVs as Tesla in 2020, and it's just getting warmed up (motorauthority.com)

    Both Audi and VW have more models coming which will only help to increase those sales as to why they believe by the end of 2023 they will have 1 million in EV sales and 1.5 million in EV sales by the end of 2025. 

    VW Executive mgmt. has stated they expect global auto sales of between 6% to 8% for 2021 being equal to Tesla in EV sales a big increase from the 3% they had in 2020. As per the Bloomberg story, VW sold 9.3 million auto's globally in 2020 and if they remain flat in sales but have 8% of the 9.3 million auto's sold be EV that is 745,000 EVs.  

    Tesla sold almost 500,000 EVs in 2020 and is projecting a 50% increase in EV sales for 2021 or 750,000 EVs sold.

    As you have stated, a company can only sell at a loss for so long before they get pinched by the Legacy OEMs and this year could be a bit of hurt on Tesla by VW. VW sold more EV's in 2020 in Europe than Tesla, so VW is positioned to truly make a big change in the auto industry. The next 3 quarters of ID sales will be telling here in the US and especially as Ford and GM ramp up their EV production.

    VW’s EV Sales Target Suggests Tesla Gap Could Close This Year - Bloomberg

    While the US is slow to catch up compared to the rest of the world EVs are catching on as more and more countries support the change over to EVs.  2020 had 3.2 million EVs sold globally.




    EV-Volumes - The Electric Vehicle World Sales Database (ev-volumes.com)

    The US is no longer the Leader in Auto tech / auto production / sales. We need to get production of critical parts back in the US and then move forward with the auto tech revolution.

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    Mach-E and Model Y are much better.  VW should have done more here, or else priced this more like the Bolt EUV, because this is more a Bolt level performance and range and interior, although it is bigger than a Bolt.  Also unless you get the upper trim, the only colors are white, gray and black.  I think there are better EV's than this out there now, and in a year or 2 when the market is flooded, the id4 will be way lost in the shuffle, sort of how the Passat is lost in the mid-size sedan segment because there are about 8 better options to pick from and the Passat doesn't stand out.

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