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I must be insane

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At the beginning of the school year for my kids, my wife was talking to one of the district supervisors and was told that they don't have enough people to take care of the custodial positions within the district.

I thought about that for a bit and decided to help out. The idea was that I would work as a substitute custodian doing the 4 hour evening shift and then head up north to work my normal 9 hour graveyard shift working on airplanes. It started out working pretty well, the district substitute coordinator had me working most everyday like that.

Then, last week, she called me at home and asked me to work on of the 8 hour shifts at one of the schools. She was pretty much desperate since there wasn't anyone to do it. Being tired (I had just gotten home), I wasn't thinking and agreed to work 7 hours Tuesday and Wednesday (since normal quitting time is 11PM and I have to be at McChord at that same time) and then 8 hours on Thursday and Friday. Thursday was a half day for the school and I started an hour early and Friday I have the night off from my normal job.

OK, now to make it more interesting, there is supposed to be two people working the school in the evening, one 8 hour person and one 4 hour person. Last night, Thursday, there wasn't anyone to work the 4 hour shift so I wound up cleaning the whole school by myself.

Now, its Friday morning and I am about out of steam. One more night of this and then I won't be working the 8 hour shift anymore. Never again.

Oh, and I have my Air Force Reserves this weekend. So no days off.

Am I nuts or what? Hey, at least I know the kids have a clean place to learn.

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yep i know how you feel!

Im in almost the same situation as you. work from 5:30 am-(2:30-5:30) or even some times 8:00 pm. Then since i rarely get somthing called sleep since i dont need it really at all. So i took a part time On Call deal from 11:00pm till 5:00am. well its not on call anymore its basicly "oh show for the full time". and the normal work hired a Driver so now i cant get the stuff done and chill at the house from 10am till 2 and goof off and say i got stuck in traffic anymore. So I guess Im on the crazy train too.

Time=No money

Money=No Time

But that Future Lotus Esprit might make it in the Garage...

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Boy, I hope your not driving far. Ill agree with "never again", you cant buy back your life. Regardless of how good your gas mileage is :AH-HA_wink:

I think Im up to 50 hours this week,so far, I know I had two twelves but one 8.75 and I forget the other two days but it sounds like tomorow will be at least another 7 or 8, its supposed to be 4 or 5 hours.

Im going to make a Tshirt that says "Dont say, Saturday" or "I work on Saturdays At Home and on the seventh day I rest !"

Be careful

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Well, that week is basically over. I had a 75 work week plus my reserves (another 16 on the weekend). Got off duty at 4PM and back at work at 11PM (same night).

I'm going to sleep good today.

I am on lunch right now at my normal job and feeling real awake.

The substitute supervisor asked Tammy if I could work 8 hour shifts again this week and thankfully, my wife was watching out for me. So, I will be pulling 4 hour shifts at the high school and then showing up at the regular job. To make things better, it is my short week. I normally work one week with five 9 hour days and the next week with three 9 hour days and one 8 hour day. This is that easy week. So, I will only be working 55 hours this week and then have a nice weekend off.

Oh, as for driving, I drive 35 miles to work. The schools are only between 7 and 11 miles from my house but the base is a ways from home.

I guess being activated last year got me used to long days. A deployed work day usually ran about 14 hours and some of the days I was working as a flying crew chief were well over 24 hours.

Caprice, I know what you mean about time and money. Family is expensive 8)

Anyway, I am looking forward to an easier week and then spending time off with Tammy and the kids. We have a car club meeting coming up on Saturday in Federal Way and those are always a blast. Hmmm, that reminds me, I need to update the club's event calendar.

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I have also been upping my hours over the last few months, thru both increased time on Job #1 and taking on partime Job #2... tho not yet to the level of hours you're pulling, z.

I hate sitting around and I already spend a lot of time with the family.

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Well, last week won't happen again.

I got a phone call from the supervisor and offered a permanent 4 hour a day job. No more long shifts at the schools. A slight increase in pay. And a bunch more stability. I'll actually be working at the school my daughter goes to.

So between the two jobs I'll have either 55 or 65 hours per week plus my reserve weekend. Definately doing over the long term.

And the extra money will be nice.

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