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I... am... addicted...


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Just watched the first few episodes of DEXTER on OnDemand.

Boy am I hooked to this show. Not often do I get sucked into

a TV show. I've actually always considered people who are

addicted to television to be sad. I like to LIVE life, not just

experience life vicariously through a two-dimensional media.

That being said I love this show. It's such an awsome premise

to have a dark hero "serial-killer-killer" or perhaps it's more

like "serial-serial-killer" or is it "serial-killer-killing-serial-killer"?

Thoughts? Other fans of the show?

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Have you been watching it Fly?

It's so much better than L&O, I think L&O-SVU (NY) is an

alright show and all, the rest I barrely watch but DEXTER

is the most entertaining TV show since I can remember,

honestly the last time I was this excited about TV it was

the 1980s and the show was KNIGHT RIDER. :P

I love the inner narration and the dark humor. I'm not

sure if I should be worried that I feel like I understand

this Dexter character better than any other personality

on TV. Don't worry I've never killed a human being &

I am not about to, ever. What I mean is that Dexter's

O.C.D. like obsession with his "hobby" is very simmilar

to how all-consuming the car hobby is for me.

The irony is that Dexter has no love for cars.

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Haven't seen it. Might check it out, though.

Law & Order hasn't been the same since Jerry Orbach passed away. Dennis Farina was pretty darn awesome, but now he's gone, too. WTF, mate? SVU is my new franchise fav, mainly because I remember Dann Florek from his old school L&O days, the general awesomeness of Richard Belzer, and the total hotness of Mariska Hagarity.

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Mariska Hagarity


Yeah... she's a pretty sexy Eastern European broad, huh?

Hungarian actually.

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When I see that title I'm reminded of a cartoon from Cartoon Network...



Why does the name Dexter always get pinned to a nerd?

Can you visualize Stallone in a movie where he goes around breaking Viet Cong's necks, stomping on Russian Communists and kicking Cambodian ass with huge assault rifle's, and his name is Major Dexter?

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I even love the credits... taht great imagery.

Now I want some pork and a sunny side up

egg with Frank's red hot sauce.

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