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Dreams- Off the Wall; I "Met" Someone


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I had a really odd (to me at least) dream a couple of nights ago.

I met BV!

I have no idea where it came from because usually my dreams have something that relates to something that I know of or have experienced recently or in the past, and here I am, hanging out and getting along with someone that I have never even me before.

Anyway, just thought I'd share this bizarre occurence with the rest of you (rest being as in not myself only).

Anyone else have some totally random dream that one doesn't know where it came from?

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I dreamt last night that I had clean dress socks for work today when I knew damn well I didnt. I realized this is silly there is no way I have clean socks so I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm to check. Sure enough no socks! Had to wear longish Kakis and athletic socks.

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I always have random dreams.

In fact, on Friday night I had one of my first mostly-coherent dreams in a long time. Those who have been browsing this board over the past week might know where it came from.

I bought a revolver. I was using it in various target practice situations, but suddenly I saw someone walking on a bridge in the distance and I had the instinct to shoot him. It was a pretty long range shot, so I was both surprised and horrified that he actually went down. No one saw me except for family, but the kid received ambulatory care almost immediately.

Later that evening I wound up sitting at the dinner table with my wife and family, and the guy's parents. I hadn't killed him, but apparently he was some sort of athlete and I shot him in the leg. I did not kill him, but rather I took away his life as he knew it. The parents did not know that I had done this. I didn't want to confess because I knew the consequences.

Meanwhile, someone points out to me "oh, you dropped your gun". I look behind me and on the floor was the revolver, still loaded with one bullet in an off-chamber. I picked it up, and the man took it from me. He examined the gun, and he even looked at the bullet. He gave me a suspecting look, as if he were to say, "why do you have this?" He had all the evidence he needed right in his hands to have me charged and convicted. But he handed both the bullet and the gun back to me. We continued conversating.

My extreme anxiety eclipsed the conversation. I woke up shortly after he gave the gun back to me.

That'll keep me away from the gun shop for awhile...

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Ya never know, Mr. Shift, maybe BV will turn out to be the love of your life. :)

Lol. That tickles my humour (in a good way, no ill will or what not ;))

What's really strange is that good dreams never seem to last long enough, while worse ones (or just plain bad) seem to drag out forever.

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Last night I had a dream that was weird to me...

Very early in high school I had a girlfriend, but I wasn't a good boyfriend. I didn't know what it was to be a boyfriend, and I didn't hang out with her or call her at all. It was an in-school relationship and I was stupid for not actually trying to broaden the relationship past that. Well, it seemed that this girl's best friend (let's call her best friend Tina for the sake of the story) couldn't stand me after that. I had never done anything to Tina, but it seemed that she didn't like me because I didn't know how to be a boyfriend. Well, meanwhile, I was being compared to Tina's boyfriend, who she had been going out with for like a year (I don't know.. maybe longer, maybe shorter). Well, I obviously didn't understand what being a boyfriend was, so it was an unfair comparison.

But it's not that Tina was a bad girl. Being her best friend, she was just like my (ex-)girlfriend. Well, a few years later in my senior year, Tina and I started talking more because we shared a common class, AP Lit, which was more like a small, tight knit learning community than a class. She and I had many laughs, and by the end of the year I began to realize that I was really starting to like Tina. She is absolutely gorgeous, classy, very smart, fun, and she defines "my type of girl." Well, I saw Tina about midway through summer at her work, and I gave her a hug, talked to her for a minute or two, and left. I haven't seen her since. However, a few weeks ago she sent me a message online saying she visited our AP Lit teacher and they were talking about me, and the way she made it sound, she really enjoyed the conversation about me. So, she messaged me, and we decided that I'll come up to her school sometime on a weekend to visit. Well, another one of our friends asked to go, so we said it was fine. I think it's just great that I'll be able to see her again. I plan on visiting sometime in the spring.. I'll have to message her to update the situation.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic. I haven't talked to her in a few weeks and there's definitely nothing serious going on between she and I. However, last night I had a dream and she was in it. I guess we were dating, and for some reason in the car with my mom driving. But it was just a great feeling throughout that entire dream. Everything seemed right and it was like we fit each other like a glove. We just laughed and talked through the whole dream and my mom playfully made fun of me.. very typical. You know how you can usually go back to a dream and think about it and realize there's something that was completely obscure? Well I can't find a damn glitch with that dream whatsoever. It's crazy. Anyway, I just woke up, and as I jumped in the shower (I was reviewing the dream from the time I got out of my bed), and I thought that I'll never be with a girl of that caliber, let alone her, and it just made me feel really sad for the moment.

Strange how dreams are sometimes, isn't it?

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I suppose I believe dreams to be the brain processing all received information ever, and that's why the past may come up. It is during sleep in which the brain is surprisingly active. I also feel that dreams may indicate some subconcious desire.

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