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Ugggh - good grief!


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Well, the wife called about 45 minutes ago to let me know that the AURA was struck by ice flying off a tractor-trailer on her way into work this morning on I-295 North. She wasn't able to swerve into a different lane, but was able to brake without being rear-ended. The damage? The front bumper is heavily damaged, as it took the brunt of the force. She drove over the ice, so I'm hoping nothing underneath is damaged. She didn't stop and check the car out, rather she drove the rest of the way to work, said nothing seemed wrong with the car. When she got out though she noticed the damge to the bumper. I'm glad she's okay and that the ice didn't hit the hood/windshield, but I'm not thrilled with having to file another claim and paying another deductible to fix my 2nd Saturn. I'll take pictures either tonight or tomorrow, depending on when she gets home. BTW, is this a sign that I'm not suppose to own Saturns?!?! :rolleyes:

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Argh! That's horrible! Somebody out there is out to get your Saturns.

I think my mother-in-law's van has become a snow plow magnet this month. At the onset of the massive blizzard we're having up here, she found the rear quarter window on her Venture busted. We think a plow might have kicked something up and broke the window, but there's no way we could prove it. So now she needs to replace the window.

And yesterday, she was forced to park on the street to visit a patient due to lack of available parking spaces. A plow sideswiped her van and took out the mirror in the process. She can't get a settlement because street parking is illegal during snow storms like this.

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Yeah, we've already had several snowbank damaged cars. One kid did over $800 worth of damage to his Milan just by pulling up onto a hard snowbank in a parking lot. When he backed up, the ice caught his bumper and destroyed it.

Winter is a hard season on vehicles for a lot of reasons. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, GMTG74.

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Thanks guys. Well, the damage isn't as bad as the wife made it out to be. Don't get me wrong, it will still need a new bumper. But I was expecting for the darn thing to be all mangled up and the damage is hardly noticable when you're viewing the whole front. Attached are some pictures.

Since I'm off tomorrow for President's Day, I scheduled an appointment at a different Saturn dealer's body shop (I won't be going back to my Saturn dealer after the SKY fiasco). Plus their body shop is one of those "preferred repair shops" by my insurance company, so no inspection by my agent is required and all I have to pay is my deductible. Hopefully it will be a quick repair job. The downside is that my insurance company only gives me $20 per day for a rental car through Enterprise... I have a feeling that an AVEO (or similar car) will cost me more than $20 per day. The wife said take the cheapest car they have, so I already informed her that she'll be the one driving it and not me!!! :lol::lol::lol:



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Hmmm... bumper cover, LH blank cover, lower valance. Paint to match. :scratchchin:

When I came out of the grocery store today... there was a cart against my right fender! I was mad for a minute, but it didn't leave a mark that I could see. *whew*

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People who do that should have their naughty parts either filled in with cement (females) or cut off entirely (males).

And thats my two cents of those not putting carts in cart corrales.

Tell me about it...I try my best to give people daggers when I see them doing it, but they usually jump in their car too quick before I can say anything. Lately, with the cold, there are carts EVERYWHERE and it's like a dodgeball game in the parking lot. I love lazy morons, really.

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