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Lately I've been in this strange mindset of trying to change things to get it all fresher. What do I mean? Well, last month I got this grand idea to completely re-design my entire bedroom (except the paint on the walls.. it's a badass paint job). I mean, I'm going so far as having my dad make me a bed (I designed it, he's making it) along with us making me a new desk. Then, we're getting new carpet (thanks, in part, to the money I'm getting from selling the Camaro.. yes, it's sold(!!) to a friend of mine from college) through the entire house, including my room.

Okay, well that's just one part.. an almost completely different room. Well, last week I was thinking about it, and went ahead and had my mom cut almost all my hair off. Well, not exactly, but it's much shorter than before, with the sides being faded up to a longer top that's messy. Also, I've been tanning a lot more the last month or so. When I get my 2 week vacation, I plan on getting my teeth whitened (the one place is offering free "Zoom Whitening" so I'm thinking about taking them up on the offer) and working out a lot. Every night for the last week or two I've been doing various types of crunches and pushups along with some stretches so that I can jump into a routine when I get back into college. The guy that's buying the Camaro agreed to run and workout with me when we get back, so that should be sweet. I also plan on eating much healthier, too, so we'll see what happens.

So, I'm not sure why I made this thread, but I'll update it once we're done with my room with pictures of before and after. It should be awesome.

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My schedule is too booked to do any radical changes...even if I wanted to. Between college, work on weekends, my girlfriend, and homework...there's very little time to even hang out with my friends. As I type this I'm also doing homework.

But uh, yeah...fun stuff you're doing (I think?). That's cool that you're making your furniture.

By the way, tanning is bad for you (causes skin cancer) So if you're trying to go for the healthy thing...tanning should not be part of it.

Also..teeth whitening can damage the enamel on your teeth depending on how they are being whitened.

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Being in a rut is a pain in the butt. The periodic urge for renewal is strong, at least for me. Enjoy yourself, Nos. If you're re-doing your room, make sure there's nothing in there that could cause embarrassment, like a half-inflated sheep in the back of your closet.
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