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Camino LS6

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My family has pretty much bought strictly Chrysler products for years...so the only story I have is while I was looking for a new car I considered a last gen Grand Prix...I like the styling of that car a lot. When we went to the car auction where I bought the Intrepid, there was a black GP there. I did look at it and sit inside of it, but was turned off by the horribly cheap interior. I meant to test drive it anyway, but never got the chance to. I think I remember hearing someone run it though, and it didn't sound too good, so it would have been a no go anyway.

I know, not a very interesting story.

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When the '73 Camaro was my primary source of transportaion I came oh so close to trading it for a black '76 Corvette. Test drove it and everything.

Then I almost traded it on an orange and white '69 Camaro RS. Couldn't afford that one but ultimately bought my orange and white '68 SS a couple of years later.

Before I bought the '73 I was looking at a '91 Chevy truck or a 89-ish Camaro convertible.

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1996 Roadmaster Limited. Leather, CD, teal blue metallic. I was intending on buying it, but they already sold it. But a beautiful Aurora caught my eye and, well, the rest is history. I'm actually happier I didn't get the Roadie; the Aurora is infinitely cooler.

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2002 Express Explorer Limited SE conversion van

2003 Venture LS

2003 Suburban 1500 LT 4x4

2003 Venture LT AWD (exactly the same as the one we have now, only Redfire instead of black)

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1996 Roadmaster Limited. Leather, CD, teal blue metallic. I was intending on buying it, but they already sold it. But a beautiful Aurora caught my eye and, well, the rest is history. I'm actually happier I didn't get the Roadie; the Aurora is infinitely cooler.

...and prettier.

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I answered an ad for a '68 Buick Sportwagon and went to check it out. Well, the garage where it was was stuffed full of distractions, one being a v8 -powered S10 and the other a big block '71 or '72 CaminoSS. I got so lost in trying to make the numbers on that Camino work for the year that I let the wagon slip away. I could have had it for about $1,200 - 1,500. Ended up not buying anything.

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It was November 1990 and I was on the hunt for a new car to replace my 1977 Bonneville I really wanted another Bonneville for the size, big motor and the style. That was along time ago and I was short on cash but anyways on with the story. My local Pontiac dealer had a white over tan 1991 Bonneville SSE with leather and and no moonroof and body colored white 16inch "swooshy rims" white wheels, that I made him move out of the show-room so I could drive it. I really loved it we talked numbers and almost bought it via a loan, but ultimately my wife said we need to own the WHOLE car. So guess what we paid cash for all the Grand Prix, that we are getting closer to retiring. It was a great car tho for us. No major problems yet, knock on wood. I wish I would have gotten the SSE because I would need to keep to add to my Bonneville collection. Yes collection if I ever get rid of that car my son will get it and keep it forever no doubt. If that isn't love and a passion for Pontiac's and GM cars what is?

What my son say's he would own today if he only could have five cars... (Five cars plus my SLE)

2008 Cadillac DTS Platinum Performance Package

2008 Buick Enclave CXL FWD or Torrent GXP FWD

2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Ext. Cab Short Box 2WD Vortec 6.0L

2008 Pontiac G8 GT

1987 Buick GNX or 1972 GTO 455 ci. H.O. with Sports Stripe

2005 Bonneville SLE (my car!)

I told him to get a good job... And said I agree almost perfectly with that list...

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Taken from the toher thread on this subject...

Nearly bought:

1965 Buick Riviera GS

1979 Cadillac Fleetwood

1967 Oldsmobile 442

1979 Oldsmobile 442

1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

1992 Oldsmobile Trofeo

1993 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Touring Sedan

1991 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight ( same as NINETY EIGHT'S sig)

2001 Cadillac Eldorado ETC

1999 Oldsmobile Aurora

2003 Oldsmobile Aurora

1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

and a whole bunch more I can't think of...

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Thanks for the responses folks, but I was really hoping for some good stories rather than simple lists.

You know, like " I never owned a GMC, but I came close when..."

I couldn't even begin to list all the cars I've considered and not bought, but it seems to have happened with Buick the most (of the brands I've yet to own). I remember being sooo close but it never seems to happen.

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Well, here is a story for you, Camino:

In September 1996, I had traveled to Nashville TN looking for work ... hoping to move down to that area permanently. I drove my '79 MC Landau, which at the time, had the old 267 V7 engine (#1 cylinder was not compressing). Well, while I was down there, the engine finally conked out. I was staring at a choice of getting rid of the '79 altogether ... or having a new engine installed.

I, obviously, went with the new engine. But, while I was deciding, I was looking at newer GM cars at the time. The ONLY car I kept coming back to ... was a 1996 Corsica ... that reddish/orangish "rust orange" of the day. I absolutely LOVE that color ... no idea why ... just do. [Love the orange on my parents' current '06 Cobalt, too.] Anyway, I kept going back to it ... it was a used model, of course...had been a rental car. The deal was good (no, don't remember the numbers, just remember really giving it some thought at the time) ... and included a year warrantee.

But, and this will sound weird, one of the reasons I didn't get it ... I hated the gray interior.


Besides, I couldn't see myself giving up on a Monte Carlo.....

Ironically, a year later ... I bought a brand new 1997 Corsica ('malibu') ... aye.

Other cars I've considered in the past:

late 90s Riviera

mid 80s Riviera



...and a few others.

Cort:33swm."Mr Monte Carlo.Mr Road Trip".pig valve.pacemaker

WRMNshowcase.lego.HO.model.MCs.RT.CHD = http://www.chevyasylum.com/cort

"Now & then what might have been interferes with what might be" ... Mark Chestnut ... 'I Just Wanted You To Know'

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Thanks for the responses folks, but I was really hoping for some good stories rather than simple lists.

You know, like " I never owned a GMC, but I came close when..."

I couldn't even begin to list all the cars I've considered and not bought, but it seems to have happened with Buick the most (of the brands I've yet to own). I remember being sooo close but it never seems to happen.

Well, what about a Buick?

When I got rid of the s-10, I really wasn't looking for a new car. I went with a friend and his dad to the local Biuck dealer.

His dad was looking for new car to reaplce his aging 91 Lumina. So he test drove a fully loaded biuck Century. All 3 of us took it for a good long drive. I have no clue why, but I really liked the way it drove. His dad bought the one they they test drove, and were trying to talk me into the white one I had my eye on. Even the monthly payments weren't too bad. After getting about 15 min to think about it, I passed.

I think I would have actually enjoyed the car. It was a simple, easy to drive car.

Sadly, a few months later I caved in and bought the wife a 2003 Cavalier..... <_< (though it was too good of a deal to pass up)

And I few weeks ago I almost got talked into replacing my wagon with a 99 Accord...I really thought about it....decided that the miles (96k) were too high....

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Thanks for the responses folks, but I was really hoping for some good stories rather than simple lists.

You know, like " I never owned a GMC, but I came close when..."

I couldn't even begin to list all the cars I've considered and not bought, but it seems to have happened with Buick the most (of the brands I've yet to own). I remember being sooo close but it never seems to happen.

Oh. Well, here's one.

Back in October, 2000, we had a Jasper Green/Storm Gray '99 Regal GS and were pleased as punch with the car. Our only intention was to refinance it under the then-unprecedented 1.9% interest rate going on at the time. We went to Dick Norris B-P-GMC in Palm Harbor and while they were running the numbers, my father stepped outside to have a cigarette and I joined him (not in the smoking part - I don't - just hanging around outside). We sat there next to two cars, one a black 2000 Trans Am WS6 with everything - high-end stereo, chrome wheels, T-tops. She looked sexy. Needless to say, we both liked it. Alot. Of course, we talked about insurance, the financing, and the fact that we really can't do anything with a Trans Am but burn tires and gas and slowly the dream became a cold reality.

Next to it was another year 2000 leftover that my dad liked. I thought it was ugly as hell. In fact, I told my father, that I remember getting a little calendar, brochure, and video about that car the year before and how I thought it was horrible, horrible, horrible. I told him how GM made this car the year before and it looked pretty handsome, but now they smacked it with an ugly stick. What the f@#k is wrong with this thing? No wonder why its still here! A few minutes later, another salesman who came out for a smoke mentioned, man, what a great deal on those right now. 0%. ZERO! "They're trying to get rid of these. And I'll tell you, 0% will never happen again on a car like this." We then figured out that, though being several thousand more than the Regal we had, the payment would actually stay the same and insurance would drop thanks to side airbags and stability control.

My dad was sold. We cleaned out the Regal, thanked it for a great time, gave it a kiss goodbye, and drove home in our Bonneville. That's right. It was butt-ugly when I first laid eyes on her, but I love her to death now.

More of a "One that DIDN'T get away" tale. :)

Years and years prior, though, we were in not-so-good financial shape. My father was going to buy an old Daytona, a Datusn Z car, and some Tempo before getting the cheapest car at Bert Smith Olds - a 1979 LeSabre Limited coupe. We had that for years.

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My near misses:

I was in the market for the first time in 2000. The banks won't finance anything after a certain year. I tried to be nice and give business to this local Cadillac dealership. They had five Oldsmobile Ninety Eights on the lot. Two of them had digital gauges, and the other three did not. The silver one was quite nice. They had all been owned by older buyers. The manager was willing to work with me, but it was the salesman "deacon John" as I refer to him who kept saying "give me the money". The reason I refer to him as "deacon John" is because if you have ever attended church, there are church elders or members who are long standing members or high in the church. He looked like one of those people who sit up front in church.

Anyway.. He was not willing to sell me a Ninety Eight because he was trying to pawn this red Oldsmobile Intrigue off on me which had been on that lot for months. I told him I want an Oldsmobile, but not that one. I am not a fan of analog gauges and bucket seats and I hate red cars. I was sort of mad because of what was going on with Oldsmobile at the time. When I declined on that, he was then trying to pawn a 1997-1999 champagne Buick Park Avenue off on me. I felt like I was boxed in, and almost settled for the car even though I did not want it. The Park Avenue reminded of why I thought it was not fair the Oldsmobile Ninety Eight was not around in 1997 with the new design. I did go to a Volvo /Oldsmobile/Buick dealership and look at a Regency. The Oldsmobile Regency was around for two years(1997-1998). The Regency was very close to a Ninety Eight, but it was still an Eighty Eight. It did not offer digital gauges and it reminded me of what Jon Rock did when he ran Oldsmobile. He said the Regency was the last shot for people who liked Oldsmobile the way it was. If digital gauges were offered, I would have bought it. They knew a newer vehicle would mean higher payments and more money for them. I was not going there. The dealership tried to do everything to get me to buy there. The salesman came and picked me up from my job in a Cadillac Eldorado. He was trying to put me in that car. I liked it, but that gas mileage was not so hot, plus it had bucket seats and analog gauges too. It was white too.

In the end, I got approved, but I walk away.

I looked a 1999 Bonneville SSE. I figured I could tolerate it because it had heads up display( digital) and the seat controls were on the console. These people at the Pontiac dealerships were total fools. That is why it was a lower performing dealership. How are you going to tell someone you need to put 10,000 down on a car?? Come on!!


I looked a local Buick dealership. They had a Roadmaster there. I could not get past the interior and lack of luxury features and the headlight design. I looked at a Buick Riviera that was the new design at that time, and the salesman said someone had bought that one. Even though I do not care for the 1995-1999 Buick Rivieras, the interior was quite cozy.

I looked at the burgundy Oldsmobile Aurora that was a 1999. The console was too intrusive to me and it was not as roomy as I thought it would be. I liked the control layout, but that console was too wide and too in your face. This was at a Chevrolet dealership. He was about to put me in a 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera. I remember because it was light blue. I was like I want Oldsmobile, but not that one. He then showed me a Monte Carlo and was willing to put me in it, but it felt stripped to me. Something was missing. I liked the interior room. I also thought 29,000 for a Chevrolet Monte Carlo was a bit much.

I then kept trying to get approval for Ninety Eights in other states. No luck. Banks said they were too old and I had to go newer.

I ended up at a Oldsmobile dealership that was about to be phased out as they were selling Nissans. I walked in with my money and they did the deal. I got the first Ninety Eight I owned that was the 1994.

Never give up, do not settle.

If you want to hear the tale of the Toronado, I will tell that too.

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When I leased my '87 Shadow, I also looked at the Regal 2 door. The Regal was a bit out of my price range at the time. When the Dodge lease was nearly up, Chrysler was off the radar: two head gaskets, rack and pinion steering, PCM, two water pumps, ignition linkage, a/c condensor...I could go on - all in 4 years. No Chryslers, for sure. It was January 1991. My heart wanted the Thunderbird SC - midnight blue, navy leather. She was a beauty. Even at 29 years old (the first time I turned 29), and single, the thought of a 2 door scared me. What's the point of a sexy car, if nobody will ride with you?

Now many of you are going to laugh (even gag), but my (then) local full-line dealer (that's right: Chevy-Pontiac-Oldsmobile-Buick-Cadillac-GMC under one roof!) had a brand new white on white Pontiac Transport on their front lot: white mags, white trim, white everything. Yes, the highly revered, old dustbuster. My mother had just bought the new 2nd generation Chrysler minivan and I had driven it and was drawn to the utility nature of the minivans - but no Chryslers!

I went into the show room to ask about the Pontiac, when I stopped dead in my tracks: there was a silver and burgundy all new Caprice in the middle. I really, really liked the look of that car, especially from the front. I never liked the way they finished off the back, though. The rear quarter window and the wrap-around tail lights didn't do it for me (the Roadmaster was better). I asked the salesman if the car came in a wagon. He said they had just started production (the '91 sedan had been in production for quite a while already). I saw a picture (they didn't have one yet) of the wagon and I was smitten. There was a snag because you could not get alloy wheels on the Chevy - only on the Buick. I hated the fake whire wheel covers, so I went with the basic pie plates. I considered the Roadmaster wagon, but again, too much money. And I didn't care about leather.

Now, my friends at the time thought I'd flipped when I factory ordered the wagon. However, once I had the windows nearly blacked out, put American Racing mags on it and ripped the (awful) Delco Cd out of it, replacing it with Apine speakers, bazookas under the floor at the back and a Panasonic Cd - my reputation was restored.

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Oh there are so many:

Almost bought a Dk. Red 1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV LS and a White 1999 Chevrolet Venture LS from this one guy (not the regular salesman that we've done business with for decades), he offered us a better deal than our friend, but lied to us both times and my father figured that we could trust our friend better. He was right, we bought a 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport and the Green 1999 Venture LS. We went back, and bought four more cars from the guy since.

In 2005 we almost bought a new Navy Blue Uplander LT AWD, for 36,000$, but instead, got a Navy Blue 2005 Venture LS carryover with all the same equipment except AWD for 28,000 after incentives.

Parents almost bought a 1989 Pontiac 6000, but bought a 1989 Grand Am instead.

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The car I almost bought for no reason because in my house you buy a car out of need not want. It was my Bonneville nothing was wrong with my other 3 cars at the time I just wanted it... My son found it on the net at a local dealer for over 14K off of sticker with 3,800 miles on 'er. Went down to the dealer wife tried to talk me out of it, but bought 'er anyways. The first car I bought in one day without testing drivinga anything else. I just was in love. Also the first and last car I will just go and look at then (just wanted to see it) but ended up falling in love and buying. I was nuts but so glad I got haven't seen one without leather and a moonroof stuff I didn't want in SLE trim I mean. It was meant to be.

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Circa 1996...

My family owned 5 cars at the time; a 1987 Chevy Truck (V6) a 1994 Corsica, the 1982 Toyota Starlet (which we still own) a 1989 Jeep Cherokee and a 1967 Chevelle.

We have horses as well as a camper and had decided that since the Chevy truck was racking up mileage it was time for a trade. My dad had the Jeep for his job and mom always had the Starlet to fall back on, so we decided to trade both the '87 truck and the '94 Corsica on the new truck. (Consolidate costs by reducing insurance and maintenance) Mom would drive the new truck daily while both her and dad could still use the Starlet as a fallback car.

Off we went to the dealership to test drive a new extended cab Z71 Chevrolet. They had one in the color we wanted (Emerald Green Metallic) with virtually all of the options we wanted. Dad and I decided to test drive it because mom happened to be working at the time. We headed out in this brand new truck with, I think, around 5 or 6 miles on it. We made a loop through town, down to where my dad worked to get a few co-workers opinions on the truck. Everything went well until we began our trip back when all at once the truck started missing REALLY bad, the oil pressure dropped to 20 psi and all of the other gauges started going crazy. (Back and forth/up and down) We limped the truck about 5 miles back to the dealership and, obviously VERY upset by the last part of the drive, got out of the truck.

When our saleperson (whom we had dealt with before) came out to asked us how things went we proceeded to tell him what had happened. After about 15 minutes of checking he came back with this explanation: "We sold a new Tahoe about 2 weeks ago and the computer went out on it. When the owners brought it back in we didn't want to keep them waiting for parts, so we just switched the computer in this truck with the bad computer in the Tahoe. Had I known the swap was made I wouldn't have sent y'all out in this truck."

We did not buy that truck for reasons other than the bad test drive, but did in fact end up buying one just like it, except with the few missing options that we wanted. Unfortunately the truck we DID end up getting was a HUGE lemon that caused a big stink and resulted in GM eventually refunding us some of the maintenance/repair costs invested into the truck. After MUCH talking by me and Ford Super Duty interiors just not measuring up, we traded the '96 on our present '99 Z71 (In 1999) which has been an EXCELLENT truck in every aspect.

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