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Spy Shots! 2008 VW Scirocco

Guest YellowJacket894

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Guest YellowJacket894

SPY SHOTS! 2008 VW Scirocco For U.S. After All?
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Link to Original Article @ Autoblog

Amongst rumors that we will not see VW's sporty new Scirocco here in the United States, and also at the beginning of talks of a retreat from the U.S. market, spy photos of VW's new Scirocco have recently been taken in California.

One would most certainly hope that Volkswagen is going to bring the Scirocco here to the United States, seeing as how it does showcase the direction VW should be headed in: sporty, affordable cars with plenty of the funk that made them a great alternative to more bland mainstream cars.

Spy photos are at the link above. Enjoy and discuss! 8) Edited by YellowJacket894
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The Scirocco was a low to the ground, lift-back, sporty coupe,

this just looks like a riced Golf GTi but the french ass & cool

interior actually blend well, the angry nose needs a different

grille but is not horrible.

I kind of like the CRX (kammback) profile but if they use the

Scirocco name then it should LOOK like a Scirocco, this looks

like it should be called "Rabbit Type-R" :lol:

It would be like Honda making a 5-door anc calling it Prelude.

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As the old saying. Nothing beats the original, but this one was one of my better concept cars that I've seen. Sure, it needs some work in styling-wise, but I sure miss the Scirocco. It deserved to be returned. Can't wait until they build it, and hopefully, they'll bring it here. To me, it's a winner. Though, I agree that the styling isn't for everyone, but I personally like it. It's unique, and.... Different, unlike so many cars on the road today that look alike to one another.

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