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NAIAS pictures from Jan 22

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I was at the show with buddies polish_kris and Andrew on January 22.

While its a great event, we thought it wasn't as awesome as last year. Some thing intangible was lacking.

But, fortunately for those who didn't go, pictures are not lacking. I took a lot, and just now have been able to parse through them. Here we go!
















more next post...

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Thanks Ted!

The Riviera is beautiful!

GM needs to make all of the sub-compact triplets for Chevrolet: Groove-Trax-Beat

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Oh hell yeah! That Riv is spectacular in person! :thumbsup:

I still have much more pictures, but this is a nice condensed overview of GM.

I will add the rest of the show later, as I sort though it.

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Great pics Ted. The CTS Coupe Concept is gaujesus gorgeous! I still really like the Beat, Groove, and Corsa.

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Ted, in person, how big does the Riviera appear to be? Is there another coupe on the market that's similar in size?

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Saab: The 9-4 Concept looks very conservative but nice. I think GM was reluctant to do anything really different but I think it'll do well. I loved the Aero X as well as the concepts before it and was hoping to see more influence from them.

Saturn: Wow, the Flextreme seems more boring in these pics and it really does literally "crap segways" as Chris said. The Volt looks much, much better and will appeal more to the american market. I'd probably buy the Volt but not the Flextreme; I'm not saying it's a bad design, just that it doesn't fit me well. The interior of the Astra seems so bland, but over all it's a sharp piece!

Hummer: The HX looks even better on the floor than it did in the publicity shots. If this is the future of Hummer, I'm definitely a fan and I'll definitely be shopping the division. I LOVE the HX (Even more that the H3T)

Cadillac: Oh my god, the CTS Coupe is the closest to sex that an automobile has ever come. It really is orgasmic! The Provoq looked good in the PR shots, but the front 3/4 reminds me A LOT of the Vue. I think it has potential if GM executes it right. But it could also spell disaster for Cadillac if GM cheaps out or just rebadges a Vue. The CTS-V is a looker and it has the goods but it needs to sit about an inch lower. :)

Buick: The Riviera is very appealing, but it doesn't seem to have the same elegance as Buick concepts designed in the states (Lacrosse, Enclave, Signia, etc) I really can't wait for the new Lacrosse. I noticed that it still sports the red, white and blue Buick logo. It's a shame that americns connotate color logos with "bad quality" or "cheapness" (When the opposite is usually true as color indicates detail) I always loved the red, white and blue shields.

Pontiac: The Vibe looks VERY good in these shots! The design seems to be very cohesive and well put together; it has the potential to be a big hit for Pontiac volume-wise if GM gives it any promotion. The only thing I don't like is the huge blobish taillights and those seem to be a staple on EVERY asian designed or related car. (Boring, blob-like HUGE tailights) I can see the similarities between it, the G8, the Solstice SD290 and the G6. It seems that what little design language Pontiac now has is at least coming together on all thier offerings. As for the G8, the jury is still out on both the interior and exterior.

Chevrolet: God forbid that Aveo 5 is ugly... It seems that all of the automakers are racing to see who can make the ugliest small car on the market. The HHR SS is nice, but I still can't get over the bumper and grille. I bet the Panel version will be very cool and might change my mind. The ZR1 is simply stunning.

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How was the G8's interior?

I'm curious too... from the pic Ted provided, I'm concerned about the plastics. The design looks nice enough, but PCS's comment saying the plastics were no better (if not a little) than the Grand Prix may have some merit.


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Awesome pics, Ted!

Thanks for sharing them with us.

Man alive ... I really want to see that G8 in person ... along with a few other of those cars, too ... like the Riviera and that Caddy CTS Coupe!

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