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Got my DL back almsot have my new car...

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Hey everyone been super busy lately. I got my license back after having it suspended for a DUI which I got because i was a complete idiot and drank and drove and I ran into a checkpoint. I sold my 2006 malibu SS to pay for the legal bills and to pay off the ballance of the car and a few other debts since I wasn't going to be driving for about 4 months. So I got it bacl about 3 days ago and I don't NEED a car right now but it ould be convienient to have and I WILL need a car come next school year.

So thought about what cars I wanted for a good long while. First I wanted RWD, I was tired of FWD cars. For GM that left me the CTS, since I scratched a sky or solstice off immediatley since they were too impractical. It would obviosuly be used because my limit is about 20 grand. I then dropped the CTS because I don't see myself driving a Caddy yet, I love them but I'm not even 22 and I'd feel silly driving one.

So I was watching Transformers and I started drooling over the camaro again. I thought it would be great to buy a $h! box for six months and then get a 3.6 DI camaro but It would still be out of my reach price wise. Then I thought what's american and like a camaro that I can afford?

This thought process has lead me to buying (in the process of closing the deal. Should be done by midweek next week) a 2005 Ford Mustang GT. It's black, has the 3.55 lsd rear end and has a manual. about 40k miles plust extended warranty to 85k miles included. It has the classic heritage wheels which are cool and tan leather interior as well as a kickass shaker 500 watt system. Really fun car to drive, not crazy fast but it is legitimetley fast and it looks good. Interior isn't made with great materials but it has high quality assembly is comfortable and ergonomic.

I wish i was driving a GM but they don't make anthing I can afford that I really want right now. In wa few years I'll get a camaro I imagine but till then I think I'll be happy with this.

I'll post pics on monday.

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Fun choice anyway--and a looker, for sure--especially a few years old with decent mileage and an extended warranty. That's generally a very attractive proposition, and I hope it works out well.

Just NO more DUI or anything remotely close to it, for sure--but you know that now;)

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The new-style Mustangs are hella sweet.

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