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What's going on in Canada?

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A human foot was discovered partially submerged in the water near Westham Island in Ladner, B.C., Delta police said Monday.

It's the fifth human foot police have found in the province in less than a year.

"As far as it being linked to other partial remains found, we haven't dismissed that. We're considering all possibilities," Const. Sharlene Brooks told CBC News.

A couple out for a walk in the 2800 block of Savage Road spotted a shoe floating in the water around 10:30 a.m. and called police, she said.

Investigators said it's a left foot. "Right now we're working very closely with the B.C. coroners service to identity the person whose remains we have recovered," Brooks said.

Four right feet, each wearing a sock and sneaker, have been discovered in the province since August.

A woman's right foot was found on the uninhabited Kirkland Island in the Fraser River in May, just a few kilometres from Westham Island where Delta police found the fifth foot Monday.

Three other men's right feet washed up in the Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. In August, feet were discovered on Gabriola and Jedediah islands and, in February, another foot was found on Valdes Island.

B.C.'s chief coroner told CBC News Monday night that investigators have been unable to determine who the four right feet belonged to.

Terry Smith said DNA profiles have been completed on the feet but no matches have been made.

"We'll continue to try and identify known profiles that we can compare them to until we have a match," he said.

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A sixth was found, but it was a hoax. Some moron put a dead animal's foot in a sock and shoe.

It's kinda creepy hearing it first thing on the news. Some theorize that they may belong to a group of people whose small aircraft went down in the area in '05, or so. Some other ideas were that the feet were connected to organized crime, or they had something to do with our shipping traffic. Last I heard, the feet don't seem to be 'chopped off' , so there doesn't seem to be much evidence that it was foul play.

Whatever it is, it's killing our B.C. 'Buzz' , dude.

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I understand there's a possibility they could be naturally detached limbs from a plane crash a while back or people dumped overboard from human trafficking boats, however since they all had running shoes on, I have my own more sinister suspicions (no poor Chinese boat people have Nikes, and I'm not sure that I buy the other story.)

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I suspect this is a run up to Dion's carbon tax plan, whereupon he will want an arm and a leg instead.

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I suspect this is a run up to Dion's carbon tax plan, whereupon he will want an arm and a leg instead.


Yeah, I sent a letter to my MP about that a couple days ago... The bad news is my MP is Rob Anders so he was probably too busy using scare tactics and subverting democracy to read my concerns about Dion's idiot plan. I don't know why they keep signing that guy's nomination papers.

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