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  1. They never had any in stock anywhere... of course they weren’t selling
  2. You wont see me march toward hybrid or full EV until the adoption rate is over 50%.. still a lot a variables to be ironed out!
  3. The Issue is battery technology, Lithium is not a renewable resource nor is it environmentally friendly to mine. The batteries themselves degrade over time and need replacement after 5 yrs. I know 13 years is a long time but long strides need to be made if we want to sustain our current standard expectations from our vehicles.
  4. I suspect fuel prices are playing into this as well. I believe that Midsizers are going to whittle down going forward and eventually be a niche.
  5. The Cruze number is huge... and the Impala is selling like hotcakes too?
  6. I would have to say my cruze diesel has been great so far! Only 1400 KM on it but its roomy enough and gets amazing mileage.. even when it was -20C at the beginning of March. The Clatter? What clatter.. I can't hear it idiling next to my Cummins!
  7. Don't worry guys, GM will bring a diesel to market in the 1500's after Ford, Toyota and Nissan have them!
  8. They could have phased out all the Dodge cars and kept the dodge ram!
  9. It shows how well the W Body completed at the time. Its too bad that they seats sucked so much and it was until the Impala Debuted that the seats improved at all.
  10. Bout time you get snow, Its been falling since the beginning of November here !
  11. I have liked the one they have been using in Canada for the last few years "Driving our World Forward"
  12. I want my next car to be a 335xi Coupe, 2013 maybe?
  13. I just love the Silverado, I never drove the 6.2 but I owned an 07 with a 6.0 and it moved!
  14. ^ I agree with the review, we'll have to wait a few years to know for sure tho!
  15. Congrats man! Too bad about the Cruze, they are great cars.. but it is a car.
  16. It is continued improvement, love the mustang

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